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Many of you will remember the golden days of the best arcade cabinets and machines in malls. Life was, in a way, simpler then. You get a few tokens, slide them into the machine, and before you know it, you’re helping Pac-Man avoid the ghosts. Those very arcade malls are the heart of the gaming world today as we know it. All those days are long gone now.

For some, living those days can only be done in their memories. But that’s changing. For the past few years, there has been a rise in the popularity of fighting games. Now you can buy your own best arcade cabinets for your home.

And as these games are rising in popularity, so are the arcade cabinet machine games. There are plenty of arcade cabinet machine games that have made their marks. Now, selecting the coolest arcade cabinets is much easier since you not only have one or two options but rather ten to choose from!

Read along with this guide to quickly decide which types of arcade cabinets are missing from your gaming life.

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9.4/10 Our Score
  • Material: Wood
  • Number of Players: 2
  • Color: Street Fighter

With a cheaper price tag and miniaturized design, this Arcade1UP is the best-selling home arcade machine. It also comes with a coinless mode of operation. For more comfort, an arcade stool and a riser are also provided.


Top 10 Best Arcade Cabinets & Machines For Home


1. Creative Arcades Full Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Table

Full Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine

The third one is slightly different from the previous two, following up on the list. It is a full sized cocktail arcade gaming machine made by Creative Arcades. It is a fantastic choice with a reliable and long lasting design, two player games, and many games to choose from.

This cocktail arcade table has a different design than the traditional cabinet machines. There are three panels, one central and two on the sides.

And as expected, the best arcade games for the home have used SANWA joysticks and buttons, the highest quality available. Good arcade games go the extra mile by providing two leather stools for you.

This machine is our most loved product. We had this in the past and played a lot with friends and team members. After complete analysis, it was one of the best in quality.

This arcade machine has a library of 1162 classic games. Among these titles are both single player and two player video games. On top of it all, this arcade machine offers the choice of tilting your screen. The screen can be flat with the side panels’ two controls. With a trackball, you can play games like Centipede the way they were intended.

The Creative Arcades cocktail arcade table makes use of Jamma based games. It may not be of any importance to some people. However, it does open room for more tinkering for those who know what they want. With another Jamma board, you can do a little bit of tinkering.

Since this arcade machine is not cheap, it been made sure that it is not just a cheap knockoff but has been constructed with special care and top quality products to make it worth every penny you spend.

My experience and users of this arcade machine have found it the complete package with a 3-year warranty. I loved this video game machine myself a lot.

  • Adjustable screen
  • Comes with stools
  • Premium SANWA buttons and joysticks
  • Jamma-based games
  • The operating manual isn’t that user-friendly

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2. 4 Player Upright Arcade Machine – Best Arcade Cabinets

Upright Arcade Machine


Who doesn’t love variety in their arcade machine? This four-player Upright Arcade Machine is an arcade cabinet that provides variety in the game library and customization.

With a 32″ screen, four-player controls, and much more, the second pick for this list is an excellent choice for just about everyone.

To those devoted players for whom the beauty of their arcade machine matters the most, Prime Arcades custom designs this arcade machine, including artwork on two sides, bezel, center, and marque. This arcade machine is designed with surreal artwork that can add beautiful colors to home interiors and a fancy look to your entertainment rooms.

The robust material used to build this machine is a testament to how long it will last. The screen shows vibrant colors and makes the viewing experience more pleasant. On the 32″ screen, up to 4 players can play simultaneously. It is a great bonus that comes with this arcade machine.

Prime Arcades are dedicated to its products and customer satisfaction. The Upright Arcade Machine comes equipped with 3016 classic upright arcade games from the ’80s and ’90s arcade machines. Buying this arcade cabinet machine guarantees lifetime support from Prime Arcades.

Those titles include trendy ones, such as Street Fighter, Sunset Riders, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so much more. One of the most striking features of this machine is the 5-year extended warranty putting arcade gamers at high levels of ease and satisfaction.

Users can put games on Adult Mode in the settings, being as applicable as possible, especially for younger gamers. The full size home arcade systems come with an amplifier and volume control, giving not just one Console Joystick but also an opportunity for four players simultaneously, allowing many players to play together.

With this arcade machine by Prime Arcades, your purchase is an investment. You’re guaranteed to have top-of-the-line construction quality as well as durability. With over 3000 games and 4 player controls, this machine is widely appraised everywhere. Its ease of use makes it perfect for an arcade machine as it brings back the old feel and reassures the customers with the performance quality.

  • It comes with 3016 games
  • Four players can play at the same time
  • 5-year long warranty
  • Built-in volume control and amplifier
  • Many duplicate games are in the library

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3. Arcade1Up Street Fighter Classic 3-in-1 – Best Home Arcade Machine

ARCADE1UP Street Fighter


The FGC has come a long way in today’s gaming community. Only a handful of quarters and fighting video game enthusiasts were standing in line to play street fighter arcade machine games when it all started.

Arcade1Up brings that back with these 3 in 1 affordable home arcade machines. Not only that but it has also been readjusted to take up less space than traditional arcade machines.

This arcade machine is relatively lighter than the others. The size makes it about 3/4th shorter. Bringing back the old controls, high quality joysticks, and arcade buttons promise longevity. The screen is a 17″ real arcade screen that brings this machine to life like it used to be.

This arcade1Up machine gives retro vibes and brings back the vintage style of arcade machine games with a touch of modernization. The artwork, as well as just how it used to be original. It is an excellent view of your art or video game rooms. Since it is almost 4 feet, it is convenient for limited spaces and can not afford large machines.

Additional add-ons, such as an arcade stool and a riser for ultimate comfort, make it much more comfortable for long stretches of gaming. It has a two-button/Joystick operation, allowing you to operate in various ways, such as grappling, blocking, or jumping.

This best Arcade 1Up machine provides adjusting volumes and on-screen game selection menus, giving accurate arcade control feel to its player. With many high-resolution screen displays, this gaming arcade machine has many choices open to its players.

Arcade1Up Street Fighter Classic 3-in-1 - Best Home Arcade Machine

Plug this machine into an AC outlet, and you’re all set. There is no need for any prior setups as it fully supports plug-and-play. In addition, this machine by Arcade1Up has a coinless operation so that you can go right into the games.

With a weight of approximately 58 lbs, this arcade machine has a classic cabinet design packed well. Users of the arcade gaming world found its assembly fast and effortless, saving a lot of time rather than the usual time-consuming assembling of products. Although it only has Street Fighter games, it is still quite a great arcade machine with a relatively cheaper price tag.

  • Cheaper price tag
  • Miniaturized design
  • Coinless mode of operation
  • Only Street Fighter 2 games
  • Arcade Buttons and joysticks are not SANWA grade

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4. Cocktail Arcade Machine 412 Classic Games – Best Arcade Console

Cocktail Arcade Machine 412

One of the classics, the fourth on our list, is the ABIVIDEO cocktail table. It is the perfect arcade machine for home, office, and entertainment centers, featuring classic arcade games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man.

ABVIDEO Arcades has made it so that left- and right-handed people can enjoy the games without having to readjust. The placing of the buttons on both sides makes that possible for all.

Bringing back the memories of the ’80s, this arcade gaming machine has expert craftsmanship assuring top-notch quality for valuable customers. Unique in one of the handiest features is that this cocktail arcade table is made for both right-handed and left-handed players introducing availability to all sorts of players.

Every part and installment of this arcade machine, like its screen, has been prepared and constructed with particular expertise. Therefore, it is an ideal product to gift someone for their best home arcades or offices.

With the motherboard quite challenging to reach and operate, tweaking a few settings with these arcade game machines can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re not familiar with what you have to do.

This cocktail arcade gaming machine comes equipped with 412 classic games. From the ’80s and ’90s arcade games machine, just about all the classic games are packed into this machine. Its style and graphics mimic the original arcade game machines, which is excellent.

With such high reviews and praise about this machine, it is one of the best cocktail arcade tables. It arrives just as advertised and contains good quality service on every part and piece it carries.

Gamers also enjoyed the classic arcade game variety in this arcade machine, such as Karate Champ, PAC Man, and Tron. Beware, though, as there is a knockoff version of this available. The genuine one is a 150 lb arcade machine, whereas the copy is only 60 lbs.

  • 22-inch tempered glass screen
  • Controls for both left and right-handed players
  • Quarter and free mode to play
  • Solid craftsmanship and genuine parts help prolong its lifetime
  • Only supports single-player


5. Full-sized Commercial Grade Cabinet – Best Arcade Machine

Full-sized Commercial Grade Cabinet


This arcade machine is made for nostalgia and craving retro 90s vibes. This type of Arcade Machine Cabinet is most suitable for home settings of arcades and gaming centers where one has the relaxation of being at home and the thrill of enjoying their favorite classic arcade games.

SANWA Joysticks have a reputation for being the most reliable of them all. Not only were they used back when arcade machines were still a thing, but they are also trendy throughout the gaming industry. Packed with tons of features, coming in multiple variants, and giving the buyers the selection of many games, this one is a gem for all.

The price changes accordingly. It has a wooden frame and tempered glass, making the structure reliable and sturdy. Cabinet arcade machines are pretty large, and thus, you need to have proper space allocated for them. This cabinet arcade machine will require you to set up a dedicated space.

There 2 SANWA joysticks and one trackball in the middle. Due to that, up to 2 people can play on this arcade cabinet simultaneously. You can hook this up and play with your friends, bringing back the old sense of wonder as two people enjoy gaming together.

One of the most significant features gamers can enjoy in this classic arcade machine is the range of 3500 retro games. With so many games at your disposal, you will never run out. This classic arcade gaming machine cabinet, made for comfortable arenas that welcome retro-styled games, carries a 3-year warranty that puts the buyers at ease.

This home Arcade Gaming Machine Cabinet provides two stools convenient for not just one but two players and LED monitors, including a 26-inch and a 32-inch, quite impressively focusing on the sleek design. All of these essential features make this arcade cabinet one of the best.

Another area that makes these machines one of the best home arcade games is the plug-play arcade machine. The gaming community doesn’t need to go through any pains of setting up complicated instructions or manuals and plugging in the machine to enjoy this arcade type cabinet and get the system started.

Its joysticks are high quality SANWA joysticks, and its color-changing trackball does seem to capture a lot of interest from young gamers, who are always thrilled to welcome new designs. It gives the classic arcade cabinets a more classy look.

Those who love classic and original arcade games and still yearn for the touch of their past and therefore make sure you do not miss out on this vintage piece cabinet.

  • 3500 game library
  • High-grade SANWA buttons and joystick
  • Plug and play functionality
  • 3-year warranty
  • You cannot save high scores.

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6. Arcade 1Up Street Fighter II Champion Edition – Coolest Arcade Machine

Arcade 1Up Street Fighter II Champion Edition

This street fighter II arcade machine is a champion edition with 12 games. Therefore, it has been one of the best sellers in the arcade gaming world, being a pretty recent addition to the arcade game machines.

ARcade1up is also our favorite brand for arcade games. Arcade 1Up officially licenses the streetfighter two arcade machine. It plays the original Street Fighter 2 – Champion Edition and Super Street Fighter Turbo arcade games.

It comes stacked with Championship and Turbo editions of Street Fighter 2, utterly playable on the small microswitch joystick and action buttons. At 12 inches tall, it fits effectively on a rack, cabinet, or work area and can do any collectible figures you may have.

The streetfighter’s two arcade machine is tall, with a flat LCD screen placed horizontally and excellent lighting. It has expert-crafted sodden cabinet looks, bringing out the authentic arcade machine as a beauty with the illuminated marquee and amplified stereo audio for all good graphics.

Modern arcade game lovers will love its built-in rechargeable battery that allows unplugged playtime for up to 2 hours. Feature-wise, it is pretty handy with a separate compartment with a window and a transparent door to place your Fight Stick, making its appearance very appealing.

This arcade cabinet lets you set your skill settings, making the game set according to your values and instructions, allowing users to feel better controlled.

  • Room for collectibles
  • Other controllers can be hooked up
  • A rechargeable battery allows unplugged playtime
  • It comes with Riser
  • Two-player controls are not on the arcade machine
  • Keys can sometimes feel sticky
  • It doesn’t have a stool

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7. Prime Arcades – Best Cocktail Arcade Machine


Prime Arcades Cocktail Arcade Machine

This arcade gaming is a full-size cocktail machine. With absolutely zero assemblies required, you can dive right in and play the arcade classics such as Pac-Man and Centipede. With thick tempered glass and a library of 412 games, this machine also packs quite a punch.

These best arcade cabinets have tempered glass on top with a 19″ LED monitor underneath. Following the best cocktail arcade table design, the controls are on the sides. It does support two players.

It also includes two stools, precisely what is needed for modern buyers of the arcade world who enjoy new innovative technological gadgets.

Overall, the build quality is just as durable as you’d want, and the buttons work great without sticking. The product buyers have been exceptionally pleased with the fast loading of games, and the blue lighting around the screen does not make it a monotonous arcade game but adds a surreal look.

The fast loading of games allows gamers to quickly choose their own set of preference skills. You can have it set up to accept coins or be free. And as stated earlier, this machine has a library of 412 games.

Also, it looks great at any convenient spot in the house, whether up against the wall or used as a centerpiece. The buyers have been vocal about how communicative Prime Arcades have been and how fast responses they have given.

Vintage arcade games are making a significant comeback. This Prime Arcades cocktail arcade game table offers a superior retro gaming experience. It comes stacked with many of your preferred exemplary computer games from the 80s and 90s, giving a nostalgic experience.

  • Fast loading screens
  • Excellent customer service is promised
  • No trackball
  • The price is quite high
  • No volume controls

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8. Arcade1Up Frogger – Best Multi Game Arcade Machine


Arcade1UP Frogger Home Arcade Cabinet

It is a classic arcade cabinet dimension. Being a coinless arcade machine that supports 1-2 players, it comes equipped with a frogger, time pilot, and time pilot.

The Arcade1Up Frogger Home Arcade Machine lets you have three arcade classics in your home in one standalone arcade cabinet. Arcade1Up outdid itself with the Frogger cabinet. The marquee over the screen presently illuminates a full-colored logo for the game.

This Arcade1Up arcade cabinet comes in many colors, which you can enjoy. The speakers have been moved to the top board, which delivers a much better sound. The thick flight yoke of the first Star Wars arcade game has reproduced a somewhat smaller and completely plastic. LCDs are fresh, beautiful, and consume considerably less power than others.

This machine also has adjustable volume settings making it easier for users to play at whatever volume level they choose. It also has multiplayer arcade game controls, so not just one but multiple players can enjoy making it a joint gaming party.

Arcade1Up has been applauded for recreating many childhood memories by creating this ¾-scale recreation. It is an absolute must for any good gamer, and players find it worth every penny.

  • Well designed artwork gives it a great look
  • Tall and easily manageable
  • It comes with Riser
  • Keys can feel sticky at times
  • Some advertised artworks are not available
  • It needs to be assembled

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9. Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Class of 1981 Arcade Gaming Cabinet


Galaga Class Arcade Gaming Cabinet

This arcade cabinet is made for games at home and produced by Namco in 2000. It is the reproduction of the 1983 home edition.

Giving the exact feeling of an arcade, this gaming cabinet takes you back to your youth when these arcade games were at their highest peak amongst youngsters.

It has a full-sized arcade cabinet with real arcade controls, and artwork reproduced from the original classic arcade games. Arcade Cabinets range from standard and upright to cocktail types, with the artwork being split into two sides. Ms. Pac-man on the left and Galaga on the right make it a double-sided retro art.

The old-school design of this machine is sure to bring back some old memories of countless hours in the arcade malls. It has a full-sized cabinet, and artwork reproduced from the original classic arcade games with real arcade controls.

Arcade cabinets range from standard and upright to cocktail types, split the artwork into two sides. Ms. Pac-man on the left and the Galaga arcade machine on the right make it a double-sided retro art.

Combining Ms. Pacman and Galaga’s arcade machine has been a splendid experience in this arcade cabinet. And as a cherry on top, you also get a few bonus games that you may not have played back in the day. In conclusion, it seems the perfect grab for friends and family who enjoy arcade gaming evenings and game challenges.

  • Four hidden games
  • Designed exactly like the original
  • A little expensive for the games it offers
  • The sound is quite loud
  • The fire button can sometimes stick and not correctly work

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10. Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Classic Galaga – Best Tabletop Arcade Machine

Arcade Factory Classic Home Arcade Machine

This classic arcade machine takes you on the back by the Doc and Pies Arcade Factory. It is a tabletop machine with 60 old-school games in its library. With a good solid back and concrete design, this arcade machine is specially constructed to be placed on tabletops or bar tops saving a lot of space underneath.

Therefore it can be easily placed either in house gaming arcades or entertainment places that require less space to be taken up.

Adding a touch of the old era, gamers can enjoy classic games on this machine’s 19″ screen. With several additional gadget options, this gaming arcade machine has built-in sound options and graphics, making it more exciting for gaming geeks.

Weighing 50 pounds only, users of this arcade machine enjoy the blast from the past vibe they get after playing the 80’s arcade video games on this arcade machine. This arcade machine carries full-size buttons and a joystick with a two-year warranty. Along with that long warranty period, the Doc and Pies Arcade Factory also promise lifetime customer support for this machine. 

Regardless of age, these classic tabletop arcade games provide unique enjoyment. With an easy and accessible gaming instruction manual guide that is direct and uncomplicated for setting up the game, you can go right into the action.

This machine may not sport the high-res colors and artwork as the previous one, but it does get the job done quite well. There are several retro games that gamers of the ’80s will enjoy in this home-based arcade machine, such as Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Space Invaders, Froggers, Galaga, and many more.

  • Lifetime support
  • Provides additional gadget support as well as volume control
  • Joystick gets unscrewed while gaming
  • The arcade buttons are not as clicky as they should be
  • Few titles in the game library are repeated

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Buying Guide for Best Arcade Cabinets & Tabletops

Pointers That Will Help Buyers Make the Right Choice to buy arcade cabinets and machines in 2022.

Despite the fascinating technological advancements, there is something special about classic arcade games. Why? Because they take us back to the old times of worry-free life. That being said, finding a worthwhile arcade tabletop is challenging.

One has to do a lot of research in the market and trust us, and we know how difficult it is. For that sole reason, we have already presented you with a list of the best arcade cabinets & tabletops in aspects of features, games, and their pros and cons.

We present a few pointers that will make your research easy and help you finalize a choice. Just reconnecting with the memories of your childhood game is not enough, so you need to ponder on these factors to get the most fun out of your final purchase for you, your family, friends, and kids.

Gaming Options/ Number of Games

The more games a tabletop has, the more expensive it is. Usually, the famous classic games don’t come along with other games, but there are a lot of choices of arcade tabletop that come with a combination of games.

The number of games in the arcade tabletop varies from 2 to 1000+. However, a multiple-game arcade machine will be ideal in a gaming room, house parties, clubs, lounges, etc. Go for it if you won’t ever get bored with playing your childhood game. But it does not mean that others won’t.

Knowing which games the machine offers is still advisable, so you won’t end up with an unfamiliar game collection or a big bummer of not having your favorite ones in it. 

Dimensions & Weight of The Arcade Table Top

We are talking about weight and dimension because you need to move and place the arcade table around your house or office, going through doorways and stuff.

If it’s too big and heavy, then space could be another question for you to think about. Usually, arcade table tops weigh around 200 to 300 Pounds. However, the weight and dimensions increase as the arcade machine gets bigger. 

Screen Playing Size & Graphics

Like the number of games available in the arcade cabinet varies, so do the screenplay and graphics quality.

The screenplay gets larger as the size of the arcade machine goes up. It is a vice versa scenario. So remember the person you buy it from, and you will have your answer. 

Warranty & Tech Support

It is important, especially in those arcade cabinets, which are pretty expensive. So make sure the one you are getting has some warranty or tech support to be on the safe side.

We recommend looking at those arcade cabinets with at least 4 to 5 years of warranty. 

Go Through Customer Reviews

By reading other buyers’ reviews, you will know about the tiniest detail not mentioned in the product’s description.

Not only that, but you can find some cool hacks or ideas for yourself. 

Is It Coin Operated?

To let you relive the arcade days fully, some table tops come with coin operated options.

You can excite things by customizing your coins but don’t worry. All arcade tabletops have a free play option that you can set. 

Saves High Score or Not

Believe it or not, this could be a displeasing factor for many die-hard fans of the arcade because we loved to challenge our siblings and friends to break the highest score and even bet on it.

But if it is something you can buy, that’s great but having it in the machine gives you or your family and friends another level of excitement and thrill. 

Design Of the Arcade Table Top

Arcade cabinets have a unique design and build due to their featured game, so you need to look at their design and see if they can easily be placed in your house, office, gaming room, or rec room.

Controls (Joystick Or Buttons) 

Most arcade cabinets have buttons as controls, while others have joystick and buttons to play with. Let us tell you a secret: arcade cabinets with a joystick and buttons as controls will have an extensive library of games.

If you search for those, overlook any arcade tabletop with only buttons as control. Usually, button operated table tops hardly have 2 to 4 game options.


Collecting antique or premium arcade tabletops for your collection will be far more expensive than getting the reproduced ones and ideal for homes and offices. In the end, it all depends on the budget you can spare. 

Extra Accessories/ Plus Ones

You will find these in high price arcade cabinets, including accessories like barstools, speakers, volume controls, a light-up marquee, and a custom riser.

If you consider a high priced one, make sure it comes with one of these accessories.

New or Used

Many arcade fans even try to get their hands on the classic ones, even if they are used. However, the problem with the used ones is that they will not be in their prime condition.

If something goes southwards, the repair cost of the arcade tabletop is high. In contrast, the new ones come with a warranty or tech support in which the company will cover the expense of the technical damage.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Arcade Machine cost?

The answer to that is subjective. The cost can vary depending on the build quality, features, and other aspects.

The price of these arcade game machines can sometimes go more than $2000. However, you can find some affordable and relatively cheaper ones on our list as well.

Where can I buy an Arcade Machine?

Arcade machines are not as readily available as they used to be. The popularity has died down, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if locating them comes off as a challenge.

However, these arcade game machine makers put them up online to buy. The ten arcade machines in this list have links to check and order. You ought to keep in mind the cost and feasibility of shipping.

What is the difference between a Cocktail and a Cabinet Arcade machine?

Cabinet arcade machines are much taller than cocktail machines. They have a standing position with the screen set up vertically. You need to stand up when using them as they are a little high.

On the other hand, cocktail arcade tables are laid out flat and are shorter. You can set up a stool beside the controls and enjoy your games.

How much does an Arcade Machine weigh?

Arcade game machines can end up weighing over 100 lbs. Sometimes, it can go even more than that.

The technology and hardware used in these machines are decades old. Because of the weight and size, finding an ideal location can be a bit of a challenge. Therefore, make sure you have a place decided as moving is quite tricky.

How do I choose the one for me?

Before landing on one machine, you should keep a few factors in mind:

  • Multiplayer or single player
  • Size of multi game arcade machine
  • Dedicated or multi-game system

Choosing one of these and deciding what kind of arcade machine you’re looking for will narrow down the list for you. And that can help you make the final choice as to which one is perfect for your needs.



With the invention of newer means to play arcade video games, the popularity of arcade machines took a hit. However, they still have a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts who know what these machines bring to life.

Purchasing your favorite and desirable arcade gaming machine is now very convenient.

Along with unique designs that bring many colors and joy to the areas where these machines are kept, their vast ranges of vintage and new arcade video games give players many options.

These best arcade cabinets for video gaming are designed to suit all ages, whether admirers of arcade video games from the ’80s and ’90s or the younger growing generation who have a deep connection with video games and technological gadgets.

One of these will surely boost the atmosphere and mood of the room or office, thus increasing productivity. Having read through this list, you should have a good idea of your needs, which is perfect.

These arcade machine cabinets cost a lot, but they are worth the investment as everyone can enjoy them.