Top 10 Best Pool Tables in 2023

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Throughout history, people have enjoyed billiards in their homes and pool halls around the globe. Finding the fashionable, best pool tables out of the thousands available can be challenging, and it may also be difficult to determine which one would meet your needs. Families, friends, and other individuals gather to rejoice and have fun.

Furthermore, billiards is played with small billiard balls that are round and solid. So a participant has to punch the ball with a long stick to get it into the holes or pockets. Numerous categories of tables, each with its distinct features and materials, are available on the market; however, it is not that easy to purchase from anyone directly.

To understand the good quality pool tables in detail, read the entire article. We at Jeux Arcades have pool table reviews to decide the best option for you or your kids.

Top 10 Best Pool Tables Reviews 2023

We have reviewed the best billiards tables currently available on the market. Most of them are good, and we love them as well. We have also reviewed some other tables which give you more fun. It would be best if you gave them a try to use in your home, office, or bar.


1. EastPoint Sports 87 Inch – Best Rated Pool Tables

EastPoint Sports 87 inch Pool Table

The 87-inch size of the Eastpoint Sports Billiard pool table allows you to enjoy good pool gameplay on a luxurious surface. Providing exquisite style and high end performance have been the main features of this table. It has scratch resistant top rails and built-in durable leg levelers. 2 wooden billiard cues, a billiard triangle, two chalks, and a table brush are the parts of the order.

This table has a long lasting, shiny finish that gives it an extra attractive look. You can keep it there comfortably, no matter how rough or plain your surface is. It’s most suitable for use as a family game room, a rec room for adults, a basement, or a garage.

  • Ideally suited for use in a family game room.
  • It can best fit on any surface thanks to its durable leg levelers.
  • All the necessary everything you need.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use because it doesn’t have waterproof materials.
  • The top is uneven and rolls the balls to the sides.

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2. Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft – Good Quality Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

Hathaway’s Fairmount portable pool table is the preferred choice for those who wish to learn pool cues without spending much money. It is suitable for beginners but not for advanced or pro level players as it is a little bit less expensive than others because of the lack of luxurious touch in manufacturing a pro table.

Furthermore, with its 6-foot body, sturdy design, high quality construction, kids can get it to learn the pool game. This pool table is the finest one for polishing your billiard skills. It is a decent indoor option but only available in one eye-catching blue color. It is a good pool table for kids who love to play with it.

In addition to the table, a nylon carry bag is included to prevent scratches. Steel legs are foldable for easy transport and storage, and they’re made from durable steel. In addition to the nylon carry bag, you receive 48-inch two piece pool cues, chalk, big sticks, a table brush, and a racking triangle.

  • Easily foldable steel legs
  • Suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Fast action cushions are attached.
  • All pool accessories come with the table.
  • It may not properly suit the adults’ playing style.
  • Not lightweight.

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3. 87″ Masterton Billiard Table Green – Perfect Billiard Table

87" Masterton Billiard Table Green Billiard Table

Billiard table Masterton is the ultimate in entertaining your family or guests, and also for your family rec room, basement, man cave, or garage. 

With its stylish design, this is an elegant piece of furniture that will enhance the appearance of your home. Unlike many other felt shoes, these uppers are scratch resistant, durable, and strong enough to satisfy most families.

There are many snooker clubs in our town, and each club has many types of pool ball tables & you must also know how to maintain your pool tables. When I played on this table, the usage and smoothness of this table were great in my experience.

Additionally, the table has a traditional ball and claw foot. The parlor style drops pocket design, premium K66 rubber bumpers, and slightly smaller than regulation table size of 7 feet 3 inches make it an excellent option for kids and young adults.

  • The scratch resistant finish is strong.
  • The tabletop is durable.
  • Built-in legs levelers.
  • It comes with multicolored balls.
  • Balls don’t roll properly on the table.
  • Poor built-in quality.

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4. Hathaway Spartan 6-Ft Pool & Table – Best Affordable Slate Pool Table

Hathaway Spartan 6-Ft Pool & Table

Spartan’s 6-foot pool table instantly transforms your game room into a stylish and functional entertainment center thanks to its aesthetic appeal. With plenty of quality features and a tight size, the Spartan table can fit in any room in the house.

Most importantly, you can play pool and table tennis in the same place with the included table tennis top. The product will provide hours of gaming fun for you, your family, and your friends.

The Spartan table tennis tabletop is jet black, removable, and made of melamine. A red playing surface and black melamine create a glamorous look for friends and family.

  • Rubber offers smooth and quick action.
  • Lightweight pool table.
  • All accessories included.
  • It saves space.
  • The net is too short and breaks easily.
  • Accessories are of poor quality.

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5. Barrington Urban Professional – Best Value Pool Table

Barrington Urban Professional Pool Table

With the Barrington Urban Collection 8 ft., you can play pool in style and with a luxurious feel. This table combines optimal functionality with stunning craftsmanship that you can keep in any home, office, or rec room.

The design and construction of this universal billboard table are exceptional, featuring a luxurious birch wood veneer finish with chocolate oak support and strengthened concrete support. Featuring concrete-style legs and wooden connecting bars, this billiards kit is easy to assemble and enjoyable to use.

  • Concrete-style legs.
  • All accessories come with the table.
  • High-quality cues with smoother wool felt.
  • Heavy table.
  • The Tabletop felt seems to scratch quickly.

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6. Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5′ – Popular Billiard Table

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5' Pool Table

Traditionally, the best billiard tables are around 7-10 feet long, often appropriate for various gaming rooms. However, on the other hand, the Mizerak Dynasty’s best pool table is only 6.5 feet long.

Disc style leg levelers are ideal for leveling tables on sloped surfaces. The rubber cushions enhance speed and accuracy at the sides of the play bed. It is a better option for those with too much space, but you can still play traditional pool games.

The ball return system on the table’s rails allows the balls to be quickly returned to the table to start another game. A black plastic triangle, a pair of blue cue chalk pieces, a brush for the tablecloth, and two Mizerak cues give more than you want.

  • A small table that fits best in smaller places.
  • Balls roll slower on the table.
  • Stylish pool table for family use.
  • The pan is an affordable table that works well.
  • Unacceptable build quality.
  • Materials covering the sides may get scratched.

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7. Costzon 47″ – High Quality Folding Billiard Table

Costzon 47" Folding Billiard Table

The foldable design makes this pool table highly convenient for players; however, this feature allows users to store the table under a bed or inside a closet. Also, it doesn’t require a game room or basement to play. It is one of the best folding pool tables to save space.

Nevertheless, your children can easily set up when ready to play, which helps their minds and operating abilities develop. In addition, it is a fantastic choice of pool table for kids who want to practice their pool skills. It is a thoughtful gift for children, so don’t hesitate to buy one.

  • It is made of high quality materials.
  • Long lasting and sturdier table.
  • The table is surrounded by black leather.
  • Foldable and can be transported easily.
  • The pockets are loose.
  • Low in standard pool table height.

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8. TRIUMPH SPORTS 72″ 4 in 1 – Multi Game Swivel Table

TRIUMPH SPORTS 72" 4 in 1 Multi Game Swivel Table

Triumph’s 4-in-1 Rotating Game Table provides hours of entertainment, featuring four fun games on one sturdy table. Featuring built-in air hockey and billiards, as well as manual slide-on covers for football and table tennis. This rotating tabletop pool table is suitable for game rooms, break rooms, or recreation rooms.

Its accessories include two red air hockey pushers, two red pucks, two field goals, and a miniature football. It comes with two 48-inch pool cues, two chalks, two brushes, two table tennis balls, two paddles, a net, and a post. The table’s legs are adjustable for level play, and its total length is 72 inches.

  • Four in one rotating game table.
  • Legs can level the table itself.
  • Heavy
  • Slightly challenging to put together.

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9. Mizerak Donovan II 8′ – Best Billiard Table

Mizerak Donovan II 8' Billiard Table

This Neo-traditional style has a soft, slick, contemporary edge twist. Red wool blend cloth makes it easy to roll and resists fading.

With its metal frame and additional rails, this table offers stability and a classic design that will fit into any game room. Top rails are 3-⅝ inches overlay with complete profile K66 rubber for consistent rebound and play. Furthermore, controls are located on a base that provides levels and stability on any floor.

  • The table has leg levelers with different cues.
  • It comes with a contemporary look.
  • Best pool tables with slate.
  • The slate is heavier.
  • Assembly is a little bit tricky.

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10. American Legend Kirkwood 90″ – Professional Pool Tables

American Legend Kirkwood 90" Professional Pool Tables

American Legend Kirkwood 90″ Billiard Table will entertain your family and guests for hours. In addition to the rustic finish, the table features weathered grey legs, a weathered charcoal cabinet, and black cloth – a combination that will look stylish in any setting.

As well as two long sticks and a set of cue balls, there are two drop pockets, cushioned corners, two shims for uneven floors, a triangle, a brush, and chalk.

  • Rubber is cushioned and reliable.
  • A great table in this price bracket.
  • Incorrectly drilled holes.
  • The sticks are weak and even crooked.

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11. Rack Drogon 5.5-Foot – Folding Billiard/Pool Table

Rack Drogon 5.5-Foot Folding Billiard/Pool Table

In your game room, war cave, or billiards room, you can bring it pool shark style with several premium regulation grade top pool tables engineered by a longtime table game veteran, enthusiast, and beloved pool shark.

With its classic billiard looks, this mid size billiard table makes a suitable choice for teens, children, and adults, as it can be folded up and out of the way.

  • The table is foldable.
  • It is ideally suited for young players.
  • It can roll from room to room.
  • Breakable triangle.

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Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Pool Table

Do you always encounter difficulties while selecting the best billiards table for yourself? If yes, read some of the most relevant factors a buyer must consider before finalizing the table.

For more information, read them one by one.

1. The Top of the Tables

Let’s explain the most prominent part of the best pool table – the tabletop. No one can understand the pool table without the tabletop, so it is your game’s foundation. However, the table’s construction is indicated by its price and purpose.

Buying a smart item means searching a lot before finalizing the table. A smart purchase is when the buyer knows their needs and wants and represents reasonable value in their particular circumstance.

There are various material types; we will explain each one by one.

2. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Overall, useful, but, unfortunately, it warps quickly; additionally, sudden fluctuations in temperature can be one of the principal causes of warping. Due to the nature of MDF, it isn’t easy to protect a table from being wrapped. Nevertheless, you can find this material even on high quality pool tables.


The surface is composed of layers of hardened plastic, making it relatively sturdier than the upper one. The major drawback is that while it does not warp, the surface is slightly rougher than the other synthetic surfaces.


Also known as Permaslate, it is a layer of condensed and hardened plastic coating particleboard. Slaton is the most durable and expensive option out of the synthetics you can buy; however, you should buy it due to its durability.


Apart from other materials, clay or volcanic ash can also create slate. It is mined, quarried, cut, and leveled into flat sheets designed for billiards and pools. Additionally, the one-inch slate is the most recommended and preferable slate available. A 1″ slate is recommended for better performance and durability for tournament tables.

3. Pool Table Styles

It would be advisable to consider pool style when buying a pool table for yourself. There are three types of pool tables: classic, contemporary, and modern; below, we will explain each in detail.


Classic tables with old patterns and styles people used in the past are typically the type you find in old homes. The tops are made from vintage green or red felt, and the frames are hardwood. These things and the legs may look like what you’ve seen on ancient tables.


Almost like a combination of the old and new designs, with a hint of both. Rather than colored hardwoods, polished black finishes are used, and green and red felts are usually replaced with blue or patterns.


Many young people prefer modern designs that look attractive and luxurious. Compared to the older designs, these modern tables have pedestals replaced with table legs. They have various pocket designs, felt colors, track lighting, and even glass LED top covers to highlight shot angles.

Pool Size and Spacing

Along with the factors mentioned earlier, you should note the available space in your home or where you want to keep it. Numerous people don’t think about the space required for a pool table.

However, table size varies according to the place and situation. A professional table’s standard pool table size is 8′ x 4′, whereas the standard size for a bar table is 7′ x 3′. Consider the cue size you will use and whether a rack or cabinet will hold additional cues.

It is recommended that an 8 feet table be placed in a room not much larger than 14′ x 18′. A 7 feet table would better suit a room no more spacious than 13′ x 17′. We recommend using a slightly shorter pool cue if you don’t have enough space to keep a table.

So, consider spacing and the pool table size by looking at the above statistics.

4. The Price of the Best Pool Tables

Buying modern pool tables is an investment, whether you choose a cheaper one or spend a lot of money. A slate table with solid construction typically costs around $2,000, which can be pretty expensive for some customers or users.

5. Legs of a Pool Table

Cabinets usually carry around 90% of a pool table’s overall weight; therefore, very resilient legs are necessary to support this amount. Additional stresses are added when players take shots, incline, or sit against the pool table.

Furthermore, legs are divided into two categories. The first is “perfect legs” and two piece legs. The perfect legs need to be made from solid pieces of wood, from the feet to the slate, so gameplay does not deteriorate or become unstable. However, on the other hand, two-piece legs have two subtypes based on the anchor system: the single anchor system and the quad anchor system.

6. The Frames

A high-quality pool table will come with slate glued to the bottom and cross beams that provide support. Pool tables have slate framed with wood attached to the bottom and cross beams to add support. A lack of support could cause the slate to break and weaken.

Pool tables with ¾ inches of slate can use two cross beams; however, tables with two inches require four. Remember that larger slates will need additional framing, so plan accordingly.

7. Clothes

A billiards table’s cloth is an essential part of the game; the cue balls are placed. Likewise, wool and nylon blends are combined with Teflon to form contemporary billiard cloth on pool tables.

As a result, it is up to the player whether they prefer woven or woven cloth, but speed and traction can be the most serious concern. Worsted cloth, often made from wool, has fibers that have already been appropriately arranged before spinning, resulting in speed and accuracy.

8. Supports Such as Cushions or Rails

There are two cushions on a pool table: synthetic materials and natural gum. The synthetic option relies on clay filler to form the rails; however, it loses bounce and becomes a dead rail when the clay dries out.



We’ve discussed some of the best pool tables in this article, enhancing your pool-playing experience with great features.

  1. EastPoint Sports Billiard Pool Table 87 inches is suitable for home family games.
  2. The Rack Dragon billiards table is foldable, and you can keep it somewhere easily.
  3. However, TRIUMPH SPORTS 72″ 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table is suitable for those who want to have more exciting gaming things at less price. If you’re going to find out what type best suits your playing style, check out the article and buying guide.

Choose the product that’s right for you based on your needs. This buyer’s guide is an excellent resource if none of these products suit you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size of a pool table?

The size of pool tables varies depending on location; however, the standard size of a perfect billiard table is 8 feet with a 44″ by 88″ playfield. But, the measurement for a bar pool table is around 7 feet, and 9 feet for a professional pool table.

How much room do you need for a pool table?

It depends upon the pool table size and the players’ desire, but there should be at least 5 feet of vacant space around the table where players can stand effortlessly.

For instance, considering the size of tables 4 × 9 feet, the ideal space would be 14 × 19 feet on each side. This is so that each participant can stand without hesitation. Thus it clarifies that table size tells buyers the exact room spacing.

How do you clean a pool table?

Using a small brush, clean the larger rails. Then sweep the unwanted dust and debris from the edges and pockets and push them toward the center. However, do so straight rather than sweeping the trash in a circular motion to wrap the upper felt.

The inside of the pockets should be cleaned with a vacuum attachment. If you do not have a vacuum attachment, use a damp, sterile towel to remove it. However, make sure you do it carefully as the pockets may tear when you clean them forcefully.

What are the best brands of pool tables?

There are numerous top rated pool tables available in the market for players, such as; Diamond Billiards, Olhausen Billiards, Brunswick Pool table, Connelly Billiards, and much more. However, Brunswick is considered one of the most reliable pool tables due to its high-quality materials.

How much does a decent pool table cost?

Pool tables vary in price from as low as $1,200 to as high as $3,500, but some fall above or below this range. Prices of affordable slate pool tables usually range between $1,200 – $2,000, while high end hardwood pool tables generally cost between $2,000 – $3,500.

Which is the highest quality pool table for the money?

Best value pool tables with high quality cannot be found easily since less price means low-end quality that will not last for too long. However, Mizerak’s Donovan II pool table comes with two-bed options: slate or slater, priced between $1,285 and $850, depending on which bed you choose.

What is the best size pool table for a home?

Usually, people spend their spare time playing pool with buddies at their homes and in small snooker rooms with 10 foot by 5-foot pool tables. This size is best to use as home pool tables; however, length may vary depending on the place or location where you install the table.