Best Affordable Air Hockey Tables To Buy in 2023

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One of the all-time favorite arcade games, “Air Hockey Table,” is sensational as it was released in arcade studios for the first time. You all must be familiar with the rules and gameplay of air hockey table games.

Two players compete for points with the help of a handheld paddle or a striker to shoot a plastic disc known as an “air hockey puck” to the opposite goal on a non-friction table.

The air hockey game tables have a smooth and slippery surface like an ice hockey surface. The friction is reduced by suspending the puck on cushion air, causing it to glide at a constant velocity across the table through many holes.

These air holes need to be timely and adequately cleaned for optimum performance and to prolong the life of the air hockey table.

To win any air hockey table game, you must master agility, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. One of the exciting ways to exercise as well.

The air hockey arcade table is divided into home-based and commercial. There is a massive difference between them based on performance, materials, fan power, etc.

Top 10 Best Air Hockey Tables For Home Use

I love playing air hockey; that is why I know how hard it is to find the right one among the many available options in the market. This blog post will discuss the best air hockey tables and what makes them so great! To ensure that your hockey table remains in tip top condition, learn how to clean an air hockey table.

We will present you with the list of the best affordable air hockey tables and some buying tips to help you buy just the right one for a great, fun experience.


1. Hathaway Midtown 6′ – Best Home Air Hockey Table

Dazzling Blue & White Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table

Hathaway presented you with an enhanced extra thick, scratch free melamine coating and engineered wood playfield with 4 legged lever that offers great durability & stability, dual electronic & manual scoring, and an eye catching design hockey-based theme air hockey table.

It is easy to assemble with its two-tool assembly kit. It has a powerful blower with a steady stream of 110V, providing supersonic speed, a smooth, silky surface, and a steady air stream.

It comes with built-in goal boxes, which makes retrieval of pucks easier. With its electronic and manual scoring system, you can easily keep track of your and your competitors’ scores.

We loved how fast paced and smooth the surface of this air hockey table was. This package comes with high quality 2 strikers, 2 pucks, and an AC adapter along with a two-tool assembly kit to set this machine up easily. Hathaway offers a 180-day limited warranty on it.

  • Enhanced quality of materials
  • More durable
  • Have both electronic and manual scoring system
  • No age limits
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • It has a 180 day’s warranty
  • Air hockey game accessories included
  • The smoothness of gliding & friction will be compromised if not cleaned properly and timely.
  • Not a suitable option for commercial-based businesses.
  • It doesn’t have a conversion top.

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2. Sports Squad HX66 – High End Air Hockey Table

Sports Squad HX66 Conversion Top Air Hockey Table with Table Tennis 66-in

Sports Squad offers a conversion top air hockey table with a Table tennis game. Both tables are crafted with the finest medium-density quality MDF sheets to provide long-lasting, chilling gaming hours.

They practically doubled the fun for us with the contribution of Joola North America LLC, a company best known for building premium tennis tables so that fans can enjoy both worlds simultaneously.

The table has a classy design with a black and white theme. Its high output fan provides decent smooth airflow for the game. An AC power adapter, 3 pucks, 2 pushers, and manual and electronic scoring systems are included in the package. Sports Squad HX66 Air Hockey did its best to entertain our party guests with both games.

  • Easy to setup
  • It has a conversion top to an air hockey table and tennis table
  • Have strong built for durability
  • It consists of a manual and electronic scoring system
  • Powerful AC adapter for a steady stream of air
  • Accessories don’t include tennis rackets and balls.
  • It does not have any warranty.

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3. Atomic 90″ Arcade – Cool Air Hockey Table

Atomic 90" Modern LED Arcade Air Powered Hockey Table 7.5 ft with Light UP Pushers & Pucks

Atomic 90 Modern LED Air Hockey Table upgrades your gaming room with its exciting INDIGO BLUE design installed in the table and its pushers and pucks.

To specie things up, it even has background music. It could also be the best option for commercial-based businesses since it’s big and has LED & background music. You also can turn ON/OFF the music and lights.

This air hockey arcade table is powered by an excellent air streaming system for intense speed and slippery surfaces. It is fully laminated with a poly coat to withstand scratches or damage. Players won’t have to keep track of their scores because of its electronic scoring system.

It has matching INDIGO BLUE LED 2 pushers and 1 puck. With its 30-day warranty, you will have plenty of time to test this professional air hockey table like us. A friendly tip from us, hire a cargo service because IT’S BIG! It won’t fit in small to mid-size SUVs & minivans.

  • The whole gaming air hockey table is LED illuminated along with accessories.
  • It has a 30 days warranty.
  • Robust build for long-lasting excitement
  • Air hockey accessories are included
  • Laminated framework
  • Electronic scoring system
  • It has a large blowing fan than others
  • Built-in background music
  • You can turn ON & OFF both the music and LED lights
  • Only one color is available in the LED system
  • Need a larger space to install
  • Pay extra for cargo service

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4. Triumph Fire and Ice Light Up LED – Top Rated Air Hockey Table

Triumph Fire and Ice Light Up LED Air Hockey Table 54" with illuminated LED pushers and pucks

Triumph Fire and Ice Light Up LED air hockey tables are not so big or small. An ideal size air hockey table for children, adolescents, and adults to play with each other.

The design theme is based on the old rivalry between ice and fire and a tremendous air-blowing system.

I played this in one of the playlands when we visited with family. This product was excellent and durable. 

The complete set and accessories 2 pushers and a puck, have LEDs installed in refreshing colors, blue and red, representing ice and fire, whichever is your favorite team.

The corners of the triumph air hockey table always flashlights whenever a team scores a nerve-wracking goal. With its adjustable legs, you can even have smooth matches on uneven grounds. Air hockey players can keep track of their scores on the electronic and abacus systems.

  • More color variety in it
  • Adjustable legs to make the table stable and even on uneven surfaces.
  • Both the electronic & manual scoring system is installed
  • Ideal size and can be placed anywhere without taking too much space
  • Led accumulated pushers and puck
  • The corner of the lights indicates when a goal is scored
  • No ON/OFF switch is installed
  • No background music
  • It is not fully laminated
  • It does not have any warranty

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5. ESPN 2 in 1 Electric Air Hockey Game Table & Tennis Table

ESPN 2 in 1 Electric Air Hockey Table and Tennis Table

Double your party excitement with ESPN ONE Table TWO Games. It comes with all accessories for BOTH air hockey and tennis games and an accessory holder to keep everything safe in the same place, aprons, and top rails.

A great choice for fun ping pongs games like plastic cups castle, ping pong tic n’ cross, and many more on the tennis top playfield of 1/2″ thick PVS.

Businesses like adult cafes, kids’ indoor playground areas, and bars, where many parties, events, and occasions take place, can install them to raise popularity.

This electric air hockey table with a convertible top has a built-in LED electronic scoring system with sound effects. It lets you know with the sound of the click, ting, bell, or whistle whenever you score a goal.

A classic black and white color scheme is designed to blend in with the table surroundings. The premium airflow system gives excellent airflow all over the glossy playing field, and its durable build lets you have fun matches for a long time.

The air hockey arcade table legs have panel supports to ensure stability and avoid floor scratches. With 1 year limited warranty, buyers have enough time to test its potential.

Other convertible air hockey game tables mainly do not include the tennis game accessories, but the ESPN air hockey table has included each item for both games, air hockey table, and tennis table; the complete kit includes:

  • A tennis top
  • 4″ leg levelers
  • 2 paddles
  • A net
  • 2 balls
  • 2 posts
  • 3 pucks
  • 2 pushers
  • A 2 in 1 electronic air hockey table with a tennis convertible top
  • Have all accessories of a tennis game and air hockey
  • Legs’ have panel support to prevent any damage to the floors and provide even stability
  • 1-year warranty
  • A high and thick PVC tennis top could be used for other party games.
  • No LED illuminated accessories
  • The legs are not adjustable

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6. Triumph Lumen X Lazer 6′ Interactive – Quality Air Hockey Table

Triumph Lumen X Lazer 6' Interactive Air Hockey Table with Built-in LED railing and Game Music

Apart from Triumph Fire n’ Ice Air Hockey Table, check out their Lumen X Lazer 6′ Interactive air hockey table with dual motor power, which gives the puck super sonic gliding speed, making the matches more intense than ever.

The built-in LED rail completes the whole slick look of the table for any gaming room with a tint of background music and an electronic scoring system.

This table has an outer space gaming platform theme with pure black and bright blue colors when the lights are out.

This arcade air hockey table comes with 2 ultra-bright blue pushers and one light blue puck. The interactive table is engineered wood with laminated gloss for a silky smooth surface.

The table has 12mm thick legs for solid support and an even surface for continuous, uninterrupted matches. The size and height of the table make it the kids’ air hockey table. A 90-day limited warranty is mentioned in the manual script for this product.

  • Space theme colors
  • An ideal height for pre-teens kids to play comfortably
  • It has an electronic scoring system with background music
  • Dual motor blowers for swift, smooth matches
  • Strong built for excellent stability and longevity
  • Have a 90-day warranty
  • It is just a single arcade air hockey table without a convertible top.
  • Adults can’t play comfortably on it.
  • It does not have an ON/OFF switch for background music

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7. ESPN 60″ Air Hockey Table

ESPN 60" Air Hockey Table

It is introducing a 60″ long by 30″ wide, fine professional table for air hockey players. Striking pucks over this big playing area takes you back to the arcade studio.

Although it’s not the big original air hockey table, it is still 25% bigger than the beginners’. It comes with a simple, easy-to-understand manual book to assemble the whole set of ESPN air hockey tables.

It is sturdy and well-built with solid legs with adjustable leg levelers to set the height at your comfort level and even out the table on uneven surfaces. The real powered fans work perfectly at 110 volts.

Its electronic scoring system is installed in the middle of the board to keep track of all the goals made in a match. The whole playfield area is secured with laminated gloss to avoid scratches. 2 strikers and 2 pucks are a part of the whole package.

  • An ideal size air hockey table.
  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Well working fans
  • Laminated playfield
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • It comes with all the necessities of an air hockey table.
  • An air hockey table with no extravagant features like music and LEDs.
  • The electronic scoring system is difficult to look for scores in the middle of the board.
  • It does not have any warranty.

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8. Best Choice Products 2x4ft 10-in-1 Combo Game Table Set for Home

Best Choice Products: 10-in 1 Combo Game Table 4ftx2 with all accessories over 50 to related game tables

Hockey, foosball, pool, shuffleboard, ping pong, chess, cards, checkers, bowling, and backgammon; you will get all these games at ONE freaking table at a reasonable price.

This combo air hockey game table is made for kids to play and develop their mental and motor skills while creating beautiful and unforgettable memories with friends and families to look back on.

Hours of fun are guaranteed with this dynamo air hockey table. It could be reasonably good Christmas gifts for your child, grandkid, niece/nephew, or any table gaming lover relative.

All the different game boards are stacked on top of one another with well-built legs to support all the boards and save up space and money on buying other game tables. With all the interchangeable board tops, the multi-game air hockey table comes with all its accessories, so you don’t have to buy anything extra.

  • Great for mental and motor development
  • 10 gaming boards on one table
  • Ideal height and length for kids
  • Thoughtful form of gift to giveaway
  • Well built structure to withstand all these interchangeable gaming tops
  • Over 50 accessories for all the gaming tops
  • Not in a suitable size for adults
  • Not air powered
  • No specs like an electronic scoring system or LED
  • there is no warranty on this product
  • No storage box is provided to keep all the accessories safe and in one place.

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9. Sports Squad HX40 – Best Mini Air Hockey Table

Top Air Hockey Table 40 inches Sports Squad HX40 Portable Table, Fun playing on the floor, tabletop, or a dorm room

The sports squad HX40 portable mini air hockey table has a motor fan A/C powered at 12V for a smooth and frictionless playing surface. You can take this table and have fun matches anywhere you like if there is a plug.

This portable air hockey table lets you have friendly matches in more than one place. Play it in your basement, room, floor, or even at your friends’ house. You can store it under a bed or storeroom when no one is playing. It also doesn’t need any assembling.

The portable air hockey table is made of fine-quality plastic and rubber, which is a strong build and lightweight. With its easy peasy setup, attach 2 goal boxes and plug them in, and you are good to go.

Although the mini air hockey table has no warranty, the support team is always there for your 100% satisfaction. Two manual sliding abacus scoring boards are stored at opposite sites for air hockey players to track their scores. 2 air hockey strikers and 2 pucks come along with the whole package.

  • Easy to carry
  • Small in size
  • Accessories are included
  • Although it is small, it has AC powered motor fan
  • Rubber pad for surface protection
  • Ideal size for comfortable playing for both kids and adult
  • Easy to assemble
  • Air pressure is light
  • No LED Lightning or electronic scoring system.

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10. Atomic Blazer 7′ Air Hockey Table

Atomic Blazer 7' Heavy Duty Black & White Air Hockey Table with

Atomic presents one of the best arcade air hockey tables with advanced performance features for adrenaline-pumping matches for air hockey enthusiasts.

This black & white air hockey table is combined with a heavy-duty blower of 120V for a sleek playfield area with tremendous air pressure and overbearing rails for reducing puck bounce.

This big table can accommodate a tennis table conversion top, but the tennis board is not included in the package. You have to buy it separately along with the tennis accessories. Its electronic scoring system has an integrated railing system. It comes with leg levelers for extra support and stability. Four black strikers & Four 3″ pucks are included in the package.

  • Powerful air blower
  • Overhang rails updated
  • Extra set of strikers and pucks
  • Can accommodate tennis tabletop
  • It does not come with a tennis tabletop
  • It is too heavy
  • Legs can not be folded for storage

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The Best Air Hockey Table Buying Guide Tips

Air hockey tables are one of the wonderful ways of indoor entertainment to keep yourself & your kid physically active and away from mobiles & tablets.

Since this game is all age rounder because of its simple gameplay and rules, these tables are available in different sizes, styles, accessories, and prices.

The following are a few points we considered helpful buying tips for you. We tested the best air hockey table variations and presented you with the list above.

So before deciding on your big purchase, take a step back and go through these tips. They will help you finalize that air hockey table that fulfills your requirements.

1. Category 

You will find all types of air hockey tables in the market. The first thing you need to think about is which category you need. As we mentioned above, there are two categories of the table: home & commercial based.

The difference between the two categories is the size, horsepower of the motors throwing airflow, heavy build, and eye pleasing designs.

It depends on your preferences and budget which one you want. Home based air hockey tables are smaller than commercial ones, have moderate power motors for a steady stream of air, and are less expensive.

While the commercial is bigger, it has tremendous motor power with catchy designs, but it is more expensive.

2. Size 

These air hockey tables are available in a wide range of sizes. Small, big, standard size, and tournament 84 inches size. It is another pointer to consider whether you have enough space to purchase an air hockey table.

The size of these tables also depends on two players or four players. So be sure about it because you will need enough space for the table and the players to move around easily.

3. Accessories

Check out the table you have eyes on to see if it comes with accessories. Usually, air hockey tables come with their game accessory, but it is not the same as conversion top air hockey tables. Only a few brands offer full game sets with different tabletop conversions like “ESPN electronic air hockey table.”

4. Airflow

Airflow is an important pointer because it gives the air hockey table a smooth, nonfiction surface and a consistent air supply.

A strong and reliable motor with a 100V or 100V+ will provide the table with smooth gliding and consistency.

A handy tip for you guys is that if you want your table to stay in its optimum condition, it needs a regular cleanup so the dust won’t get accommodated in the air holes, thus compromising the airflow quality.

The cheaper air hockey tables don’t have a blower or motor fans. They are quieter, but you need to put more force on your striker to push the puck from one side to another.

5. Plus One Feature

These are what give air hockey tables a premium look for gaming rooms. These features include LED lighting, music on scoring, background music, ON/OFF switches, railings, aprons, a digital scoreboard, an abacus scoring system, and accessory pouches. Ice Air hockey tables with these features sure double the fun and are more interactive.

6. Strong Build

The robust build of the tabletop, legs, screws, motors, and playfield frame prolongs the life of the air hockey table and takes good care of it by cleaning it on time. Usually, the more expensive ones have the strongest build, but the moderates are also good enough with extra care.

7. Material

Air hockey table tops are usually made of MDF sheets. Although they are cheap, they are very good materials for flawless lamination.

The table, which has good lamination, gives a slippery and nonfiction surface for smooth puck gliding. Heavy duty and expensive tables have wood as the mainframe for weight and stability.

8. Portability

As the name suggests, this won’t be doable with large air hockey tables. If you want fun with you, look for portable and lightweight tables for convenient carrying around to parks or friends’ places.

However, the portable air hockey tables don’t have heavy duty motor fans or premium quality top laminated playfield surfaces.

9. Budget

The price and the size of the air hockey tables are parallel. Small tabletop air hockey tables are under $100, whereas large tables with extra features can exceed $1000.

The standard in-between sizes tables come between $500 to $800. Set a budget limit on answers, like how much space you have. How long will you or your kids plan to play with it? Are you okay with or without extra features?

10. Other Customer Reviews

Reading other customer reviews will give you experienced remarks about the product’s quality, durability, etc. You will even find pointers to make things easier for you, and the big of all, you will receive confirmation whether your purchase will be worth it. We also found many solutions to problems worth trying, making it easier for us.



We have prepared this list of the best air hockey tables for air hockey fans who can not resist playing it whenever & wherever they can and are bound to go to an arcade studio. These are the best options among many, which have been thoroughly reviewed for their specs and features to make the best choice according to your needs and space availability.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an air hockey table?

Tabletop air hockey tables are an excellent option for people who want to enjoy this classic game but don’t have space in their homes. These small and compact tables make them perfect for any room or even a dorm room! Best of all? The price point on these little gems makes it easy to get multiple players involved and play simultaneously.

The first thing to consider when looking at tabletop air hockey is the size of your room and how much space you have available for a game table. The last thing you want to do is buy an air hockey table that won’t fit where you want it, so measuring before making any purchases are essential!

Is there any age limit for the air hockey table game?

It is a fun game with no age limit whether you are young or old, girl or boy, athlete or not; a fun table game to create unforgettable memories. A game that you can not resist playing. The whole game collection is incomplete without an air hockey table in the gaming room or gaming studios. Nowadays, there is a massive range of air hockey table games, small, large, portable, DIY, etc.

What is the best air hockey table to buy?

When choosing an air hockey arcade table, it’s essential to consider your budget. While many tables are less than $100, their quality is often subpar, and you will not get as much use out of them.

Best air hockey tables should at least be 12 inches by 18 inches and constructed with a strong frame that can withstand many uses. Good air hockey tables will also feature a scoring system, making scoring easier during play and allowing for multiple players per table!

Consider your budget when choosing an air hockey table – the higher the price tag, the better quality you can expect from these little gems. At the same time, some very high-priced models are on sale.

How much does a good air hockey table cost?

A good air hockey table cost somewhere between $100 – $300. Quality air hockey tables are made of high-grade materials that can handle lots of use, making them a worthwhile investment for years to come!

What is a full-size air hockey table?

Air hockey game tables are typically full-size, meaning they’re at least 48″ long and 24″ wide. The tabletop should be completely smooth, so the puck slides easily over it. Tabletop air hockey tables have a powerful blower underneath to shoot the pucks across the table smoothly.

Why are air hockey tables so expensive?

Air hockey game tables are pretty expensive, usually costing over $100. Good air hockey table brands use quality materials to last longer and keep their value high. You must do proper research before buying because air hockey table costs can be too high. So make sure you have good knowledge about the prices and cost of the tables.

Some cheaper models might be only 30″ long, which isn’t good enough for serious play because it’s hard or impossible to score goals when the puck doesn’t reach one end of the table. Arcade air hockey tables also have a powerful motor to shoot the pucks across the table smoothly, which is why they’re so expensive.

How long do air hockey tables last?

Good air hockey tables should last for many years if used only occasionally. Best air hockey table brands use quality materials to make them long-lasting, and most come with a warranty that covers damage caused by normal gameplay.

What is the best way to clean an air hockey table?

Tabletop air hockey tables should be cleaned only with a soft cloth and mild dishwashing liquid. Table brands recommend wiping the surface dry immediately after cleaning to avoid water damage.

Can you put an air hockey table outside?

Best air hockey tables should not be placed outside because they might get damaged by rain or direct sunlight. Table brands don’t recommend putting them outdoors, but doing so may void their warranty if damage occurs.

What are air hockey pucks and their size?

Air Hockey pucks are discs-like materials in yellow, red, and green colors for better visibility on air hockey game tables. These pucks are usually 2 to 3 inches in size.