8 PDP Afterglow Deluxe Wireless Switch Controller

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One of the most important elements is controllers and headsets for gaming. They decide how well you connect on-screen with the characters, and it diverts attention from the actual gaming experience if they don’t fit well or feel good. Afterglow Controller will also increase the pleasure and satisfaction in the gaming experience.

If you’re aiming for something less pricey than the official Pro Controller of Nintendo or a pair of Logitechs but want it to feel still comfortable in your grasp, you should consider the gaming goods of PDP.

PDP is a leading video game accessories company that manufactures high-performance goods to improve the gaming experience. Easy on the pocket but heavy on your gaming experience.

8 PDP Afterglow Wireless Switch Controller in 2023

1. PDP Gaming Wired Controller: Revenant Blue – Xbox

PDP Gaming Wired Controller: Revenant Blue - Xbox

PDP Gaming Wired Controller is one of the best 3rd party controllers, which offers unique features for great gaming experiences on Xbox One & Windows 10 and comes in a wide range of colours for you to choose from.

The Controller has an overall brilliant design. It has fine grip friction with a textured trigger, shoulder buttons, & installed vibrations to convert your every match into a thrilling one.

It comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack for an easy headset plugin, and the audio control buttons are located in front of the Controller for easy access during any fierce battle.

PDP presents you with a wide range of colours in their wired Controller. Blue Camo, Blue, Red, Black Camo, Phantom Red, Purple Camo, Royal Purple, White Camo, Black, Arctic White, Crimson Red, Ghost White, Midnight Blue, Phantom, Purple, Raven Blue, Raven Black.

Built-in Audio Support

The audio button is installed in the front of the Controller for easy adjustments during a match without interruptions.

Customizable with a Free App

You can adjust all the button settings according to your comfort level with the help of the PDP-free app. You can even remap the buttons according to your liking and much more.

Detachable Cable

It comes with an 8-foot micro USB cable, giving you plenty of room to play comfortably.

  • It comes in a wide range of colors
  • It gives off the same feeling you get with a slim Xbox 360 controller
  • With a 3.5mm audio jack, you can plug any headphones into it
  • It is not a wireless controller
  • Moderate quality
  • The audio gets interrupted sometimes while playing

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2. PDP Nintendo Switch Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller – Neon Blue Camo

PDP Nintendo Switch Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller

A wireless controller promises 40 hours of nonstop gaming with just a single charge. PDP Nintendo Switch Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller has a wireless range of 30 feet.


PDP Nintendo Switch Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller is licensed to take your gaming experience to the next level. It features programmable buttons to change the settings according to your liking and comfort level.

With its interchangeable skin, you can customize the Controller by replacing it as much as you like. PDP offers an additional analogue stick and the Controller, a perfect way to enjoy shooting games.

Skin Color Variety

PDP Nintendo Switch Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller comes in various colours like Blue Camo, Black Camo, Pink Camo, Yellow Camo, Purple Camo, and Red Camo.

Interchangeable Variety

You can easily change the skin of the Controller. So be creative as much as possible and customize the Controller according to your taste.

Motion Control Experience

PDP Nintendo Switch Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller features motion control to enhance your gaming experience.

Longer Playtime

This Controller can run up to 40 hours with just a single charge for an unlimited fun time with friends and family.

  • A perfect and effective display of performance
  • It is comfortable to use and has a nice touch to it
  • Great playing time and charging quality
  • It has back buttons, programmability
  • It has a mute mic button as well
  • You sometimes experience distorted audio when you volume it up to the maximum.
  • You will face some difficulties with the audio jack.
  • Either plugging in or plugging out, you will have to reconnect the Controller every single time.

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3. Afterglow Prismatic LED Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller: Multicolor – Nintendo Switch

Afterglow Prismatic LED Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller: Multicolor

It’s undeniable that you can’t go wrong with an official Nintendo Switch Pro controller if you prefer playing Nintendo Switch games on the big screen. It’s well-made and easy to hold over long stretches of play.

If a Switch fan doesn’t want to spend close to £60 on a gamepad, PDP aims to entice you with its new Afterglow Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller.

I wanted this, so the gameplay became smooth and great after using it.

As you can already tell from the name, The Afterglow Deluxe+. Only this one is aesthetically pleasing because of its good amount of Prismatic LED lighting. It does that, glowing in various attractive colours once you hook it up and play.

Like the classic Gameboy Colour old consoles, you can see its hardware innards through the transparent plastic.

The PDP controller’s basic design imitates the exact shape of the official Nintendo Pro controller. It is perfect because it has become one of the most convenient ways to play quickly. They have added a “program” button; the only difference.


The Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller Afterglow still feels comfortable and secure. Although the textured grip you would find with the Nintendo Pro controller option may be missing, PDP has been careful to adopt the same shape and simple outline to ensure that keeping it feels equally satisfying.

One significant Afterglow Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller component to not neglect is its 3.5mm sound jack, which extraordinarily supports in-game sound and any USB talk. It’ll uphold any wired headset with or without a mic.

  • Comfortable and safe to hold
  • LED lighting gives a cool vibe
  • Play is amazing
  • Neglected 3.5 mm, Sound Jack


If you used to envy those RBG-lit keyboards in the past, this is a decent method to add a touch of cover to your Switch setup.

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4. Nintendo Switch Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller, 500-137 – Nintendo Switch

Afterglow Prismatic LED Deluxe Wireless Controller

A sturdy wireless controller with personalized colouring, what’s not to appreciate? A decent Wireless Switch controller is extremely hard to find.

Although it is not perfect, it is still an attractive choice, not only because it costs less than the Pro Controller. Let’s look into the afterglow Xbox One controller wireless.


The transparent casing is perfect for someone who wants to see all the wiring and microchips. Within the same Colour, this Controller provides multiple distinct hues. Hold down the function button and push the L or R button to play with rainbow colours.

This Controller beautifully transitions from one Colour to the next when in this mode. Moreover, changing the colour choice is smooth, so you can easily change colours in the middle of your game.

The bright colours look perfect when I look down during a gaming session. Unlike other controllers, this one has no textured grip around the handholds, but it still does not feel like it will slip. The joysticks have a textured centre and raised rings on the ends, making this Controller more sensitive than other models.


It has more sturdiness to it than those AA battery-powered wireless controls. It feels a lot like the Pro Controller without costing as much. There are mappable buttons on the back, meaning that the commands you want are super easy to program.

The trigger buttons sound amazing on top of that. With a gentle click, they push down and sound close to a Pro Controller’s triggers. The battery stays charged for up to 20 hours, which is not as long as the Pro Controller but is enough to last a good gaming session.

The Afterglow Deluxe comes with a USB-to-micro cable to help you charge the Controller. You plug the end of the USB into your Switch Dock, and you’re good at charging the Controller. The cable is not the longest, at a little more than 3 feet long.

Despite being somewhat costly, this Controller does not feature rumble or NFC features. That means that with this Controller, you cannot use Amiibo. NFC functionality is only necessary for a handful of Switch games, so you may not even miss it, depending on the games you are playing.

This is a fantastic controller if these drawbacks don’t bother you. There are motion controls on the Afterglow Deluxe, so it responds to motion in games where this is an important feature.

  • Sturdy
  • Mappable Buttons
  • Good Grip
  • It does Not Have a Rumble Feature Or Amiibo
  • The cable isn’t long enough


All in all, the PDP Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller works phenomenally, in addition to looking fantastic and providing customizable colour choices. It doesn’t have rumble or amiibo features, but it’s an excellent choice unless that’s a deal-breaker for you.

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5. Afterglow Wireless Pro Controller Wii U

Afterglow Wireless Pro Controller Wii U

The Wii U has a range when it comes to controller choices. LIKE THE NINTENDO WII U U CONTROLLER, the PDP Afterglow Wireless Pro Controller is incompatible with any Wii U game. Check the manual for the game in question first.


Unlike the original, this shell is hard plastic with a glossy black/white finish. While the gloss is excellent for show, it’s also a dream come true for any fingerprint, particularly if you have a black one. However, fingerprints are not masked by the clear plastic cover.

PDP is well known for its various Afterglow controllers, and the Pro is no exception. The Controller features seven super-bright blue LED lights uniformly distributed under the shell around the Controller’s front from left to right.

Although it may have a different shell from the original, it is a complete copy of the original Pro Controller’s form and button layout. As well as the symmetrical analogue sticks, the boomerang shape is present, with the D-Pad beneath the left stick and face buttons below the right, with Pick, Home, and Start around the top middle, and shoulder buttons and triggers at the maximum charging port, much like the original.


Nintendo’s D-Pad signature has been replaced with a more D-Pad style XBOX 360; while not bad, it is not as nice as what was seen on the original. It falls short of the original for the overall build quality. All four face buttons are pretty snappy and sensitive.

PDP did a fair job replicating the placement and button shape, but sadly, the battery life couldn’t precisely be replicated. The AG Pro can go for around 40-50 hours on a single charge, a little over half of what the original can do. If you intend to keep the LEDs on, 20-30 hours will end.

  • The polycarbonate casing offers an exciting look
  • Turn the blue lighting on or off manually
  • A very accurate analogue stick, thanks to SmartTrack
  • Not Exact Similar To the Original
  • All Four Face Buttons Are Pretty Snappy


The Afterglow Pro is still a perfect controller, even with its deficiencies. The transparent plastic shell gives it a retro-like look, which is eye-catching, combined with the bright blue LEDs. The face and shoulder buttons are fine, as well as the analogue sticks.

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6. Afterglow Prismatic LED Wired Controller: Multicolor – Xbox One

Afterglow Prismatic LED Wired Controller: Multicolor - Xbox One

We will look into the Afterglow Controller Xbox One, which many gamers will benefit from.


It has a transparent plastic finish that is very cool to see all the insides on display. It makes you appreciate all the work that goes into a controller that becomes our weapons, sword, and steering wheel! You name it, and our Controller becomes that.

When you look at it first, you may think that this Controller is just like a wired controller with some excellent strip lighting inside, two programmable wheels/buttons at the rear of the Controller, and that’s it. But that isn’t it! As it is called, the Prismatic looks very subtle from the outside but has a decent amount of gadgets and features for its mere price tag.


The sticks on the PDP controller are amazing. Firstly, you can run through a variety of colours quickly with the signature prismatic LED feature and have your favourite one picked. Or make the colours change at will. If zero distraction is needed, turn it off—all of this without pulling your fingertips away from the Controller’s favourite buttons.

Surprisingly, they have more grip and accuracy than the original controller sticks. They are also slightly longer, which helps get the game-clinching headshot when you need the extra precision. Dual Rumble drives with Red LEDs that flash when vibration is triggered also add a pleasant touch to games.

The only drawback we can find is that they are wired, but even that is not a turn-off. Wired is not a concern if you play at a desk or sit close to your screen or TV. It is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows.

  • Amazing Sticks
  • Dual rumble adds a nice touch
  • The transparent Colour adds a cool vibe
  • It is wired


It is a very straightforward decision to render. The PDP Afterglow prismatic Controller is a no-brainer if you are in the market for a new controller, and wiring is not a problem! It would be a mistake if you didn’t get this better and cheaper alternative to the original Microsoft controller, and that too with more features.

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7. Afterglow AX.1 Controller for Xbox 360 – Red

Afterglow AX.1 Controller for Xbox 360 - Red

Officially licensed by Microsoft, the AFTERGLOW AX. 1 for Xbox 360 uses the proven ergonomic design of an official Xbox 360 controller. The player can change the LED settings for each AFTERGLOW controller to on, off, or vibration.


The ability to see all the system’s inner workings, down from weighted rumble motors to the trigger mechanisms, is one of the most desirable elements of the design.

By imprinting the Afterglow logo on the outside, PDP added a little extra flair. Bright LEDs in red, green, and blue variants are distributed around the Controller.

The size of the Controller is a bit smaller than the Microsoft controller. It’s not that visible, but it’s important to note. The AX.1 feels lighter and cheaper than the original version because it is.

The AX.1 is $10 less expensive at $29.99 than the wired Xbox 360 controller, and while that is expressed in the design standard, it’s not a deal-breaker.


Analog Stick sensitivity is the biggest issue we have had with this Controller. It also felt looser than the Controller at Microsoft. It may be personal, but we feel we have more control when using a genuine controller. Analog Stick is not terrible; it’s just much looser. Microsoft Analog Stick controller dominates here.

  • Feel Light
  • Transparent Casing
  • Sturdy
  • Loose Joystick
  • Feels Cheap


Afterglow Controllers can illuminate the path to higher scores, unmatched results, and an increased sense of gameplay that PDP can only provide. Each controller casing uses the best available polycarbonate plastic to ensure extraordinary power, crystal clear visibility to the internal LEDs, and color-coded circuit boards. All of this clearly shows it is a must-have. It is the 2nd Gen line of PDP.

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8. Afterglow Wireless Controller: Signature Blue – PS3

Afterglow Wireless Controller: Signature Blue - PS3

The PS3 Afterglow Wireless Controller has a glow that can be switched off, but the effect is fantastic if you play in a dark room.


This Controller is small. Perhaps more unique for PlayStation controllers is that the analogue sticks are not evenly aligned. With the directional pad taking its place – like an Xbox controller – the left is farther up and to the left.

We have never had much preference for positioning the left analogue stick, but this is a good PlayStation 3 option for those who do.

The sticks are concave, and that’s what we prefer. Your thumbs get better positioned on top of the sticks than in some other controls, with the added advantage that the sticks are not rubberized here.

The design of the stick is terrific, so it’s a little disappointing that they’re looser than you would like them to be. These sticks are still precise, but they don’t move quite well.

The R2 and L2 triggers are elongated, making them more curved and like an actual trigger than PlayStation 3 controllers usually do. These are very comfortable and feel very well-constructed with the analogue sticks. However, the face buttons are less “springy.”

It is a wireless controller, and as opposed to using AAs, as we have seen in some other third-party PS3 controllers, it relies on a lightweight internal battery. Overall, this suggests that the Controller is lighter than some of its competitors, and you can use a cable if you need to plug it in to play and charge.

Overall, the PDP PS3 Wireless Controller Afterglow is flashy but has a decent amount of substance. It’s not the best Controller out there, but it’s a good deal that might appeal to anyone who prefers a smaller controller or one with a more Xbox-like feel to the stick style.

  • Concave Sticks
  • Sticks are not rubberized, which adds to the comfort
  • Well-Constructed
  • Very small in size

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PDP Afterglow Deluxe Wireless Switch Controller offers a truly immersive gaming experience for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts. With its wireless functionality, ergonomic design, and vibrant customizable lighting, this Controller delivers comfort and style.

The advanced features, such as motion controls and programmable buttons, enhance gameplay and provide a competitive edge. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, the PDP Afterglow Deluxe Wireless Switch Controller is a top-notch choice that combines performance, convenience, and aesthetics. Get ready to elevate your gaming sessions with this remarkable Controller.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use an afterglow controller?

You have to double-tap the button in the centre and back of the Controller. Then tap again, and it will start blinking.

Are Afterglow Controllers good?

Yes, why not? These controllers are attractive and promising. But mostly they are not good in terms of quality.

How do I make my Afterglow controller light up?

It would be best to press the program button, and then the Blue light of the Afterglow controller will be turned on.