The Ultimate Hitbox Controller Guide

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The memory of a video game arcade is packed rooms with people waiting with their tokens to try out their hands in Galaga and Street Fighter. Arcade malls and centers such as this are not that popular anymore.

However, arcade fighting games still hold an exceptional place in the hearts of dedicated fans. For those, gaming started with the use of fight sticks.

Many prefer to play on their trusty keyboard and mouse of PS4 or Xbox controllers. But these arcade fighting games are designed with the controls of fight sticks.

People who have used joysticks for a long time have got the basics down pretty well. Executing combos by doing “down back,” “Z,” “semi-circle,” etc., is easy for them.

However, not everyone is like that. For many people, it’s just simpler to press keys in the correct order and not worry about learning the controls of a joystick. Enter Hitbox, the mix between a fight stick and a keyboard.

Hitbox Controllers are the new hit on the market. Those who may not know what hitbox controllers are?

They should know that the controllers are used to play PC or other console games. They help to give you an advantage over other gamers because hitboxes can be adjusted within them.

This blog post will provide every detail about arcade hitbox controllers & hitbox fight sticks! Hitbox Controllers are game controller hitboxes that you can use for your video game.

They allow players to hit virtual buttons on their TV remotes, which is more convenient than touching the small screen itself.

They send a signal via Bluetooth or WiFi. Hitbox controllers also have an app that lets you configure them with ease, and it even has tutorials on how to set them up!

What is a Hitbox Controller?

A Hitbox controller is essentially a fight stick but without a joystick. Instead of moving the joystick, which many find hard to do, you have buttons that act like the WASD keys on the keyboard.

Therefore, you have the directional buttons on the left and the standard 8 buttons on the right. In addition to that, there is also typically one larger-sized button that controls the jump.

If the placement and structure of these buttons seem odd to you, then that is because it is. The Hitbox-style controller is designed to show that arcade fighting games are best experienced with fight sticks.

However, not everyone can master the controls of that. Some don’t want to sit through that time to learn an entirely new type of controller. To cater to such people, the Hitbox arcade controller saves the day.

Another similar concept used in the Mixbox controller is considering a Hitbox controller alternative. With the Mixbox, you have the standard fighting buttons on the right side and keyboard directional keys on the left.

Of course, PC players might find it easy to switch on to that; however, many keyboard gamers use directional keys.

You must use your right hand for the keyboard directional keys and assign other main controls towards the right side. That is not the case in Mixbox.

Deciding which one the victor is in Hitbox vs. Mixbox is entirely subjective. If you feel comfortable using the keyboard’s directional keys on the right side, going for Mixbox might suit you better.


Advantages of Hitbox Controllers

  1. The main advantage people can get right off the bat with Hitbox controllers is that it is easy to switch with the keyboard.
  2. Pressing buttons and registering inputs is faster than joysticks, especially when using high-grade Sanwa buttons.
  3. Add that to a bunch of little tricks and shortcuts you can use to buffer your inputs, and you can generally pull off combos and move faster.
  4. 360 degrees move wave dashing, etc., are quicker on Hitbox controllers, provided you can learn them.

Getting used to the layout of the Hitbox buttons will take some getting used. However, it surely is going to be rewarding. If you genuinely want to improve and dedicate your time to arcade fighting games, investing in Hitbox controllers is an intelligent choice.


Disadvantages of Hitbox Controllers

The two biggest disadvantages of a Hitbox controller are the price and the learning curve.

  • As mentioned earlier, Hitbox-styled controllers do not come cheap. And modding them can add to the cost. However, since manufacturers like HORI sell Hitbox controllers, you should not worry too much. These Hitbox controllers are comprised of Sanwa buttons, a high-quality chassis and enclosure, and an otherwise durable design. Therefore, justifying the price is not that difficult.
  • The second disadvantage that I talked about was the learning curve. Therefore, the hitbox layout of the buttons and finger and hand placement can take some getting used to. Even if you’re a keyboard player, chances are you still will need to adjust your finger positioning because WASD is the most common way of gaming via keyboard.

There are very few disadvantages of hitboxes, but some examples include that hitboxes provide an advantage over other players. It can be seen as unfair in certain games!

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Hitbox Controller vs. Arcade Stick

A hitbox controller is different from an arcade stick. A hitbox controller has to be plugged into the computer while it’s turned on, whereas an arcade stick can plug in and play games without any problem at all!


Is Hitbox Better than an Arcade Stick?

It is important to note that different controller types suit different play styles. A PS4 controller might seem impossible to use in an FPS game for someone who has used the keyboard and mouse their entire life. As I mentioned earlier, Hitbox-styled controllers are primarily designed for people who are just now switching to arcade sticks from the keyboard. But the question remains, is a Hitbox controller better than an arcade stick? Let’s find out.

You have to move your wrist around a lot less with just button presses. In the case of a joystick, your wrist is constantly on the move, which can get a little tiring after some time. However, your hands remain fixed with Hitbox controllers, and your fingers are just instantly registering the buttons.

Therefore, leaving you with faster response and reaction times. But these things do come at a cost too. For starters, Hitbox controllers do not come cheap. Budgeted Hori arcade sticks can arrive at around $100, whereas most Hitbox-style controllers start with a $200 price tag. In addition to that, these Hitbox controllers have also given rise to controversies in the fighting game community.

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Final Thoughts

Like any other type of controller, there are certain drawbacks and benefits to owning a Hitbox controller. I have talked about them and addressed any questions that you might have. However, the decision to switch ultimately falls on you.

Do you feel like learning to control a joystick and making Z-pattern movements is going to be difficult? Look over at a Hitbox. These are designed for players like yourself and are here to assist you.

If you’ve been looking for a head-to-head, local multiplayer experience, then the new hitbox controllers from Nintendo might be just what you need. The company has released two variants of these gaming peripherals to cater to different players and give them an edge in competitive matches.

Whether you want a simple controller with basic control features or one that offers more customization options, there is something here for everyone. And if none of those things sound appealing, why not try out their newest release – the NES classic edition?


Frequently Asked Questions


What does Hitbox stand for?

Hitbox stands for “Human Interface Device” and is used to help gamers with disabilities.

Are Hitbox controllers good?

They can be! Hitbox controllers are great, depending on the situation. They provide an advantage over other gamers and allow you to play your games with ease, but of course, it’s always best if everyone is playing fair without any assistance of this sort. If hitboxes aren’t for you, there is no need to worry.

Are Hitbox controllers banned?

No hitbox controllers are banned because they are the only advantage over other gamers. But, many games have built-in hitboxes, so you won’t need to use hitbox controllers! Some popular examples of hitboxes include Fortnite/Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

It should be noted that x-Box and Playstation hitboxes are different from PC hitbox controllers.

Why are Hitbox Controllers so Controversial?

Since pressing buttons is a little faster than moving around a joystick, many have argued that that’s essentially cheating the game. You are not playing the game as the developers intended and beating the controls. And if that’s not enough, many are pushing toward banning Hitbox controllers in professional tournaments altogether.

The fighting game community believes that keyboards and Hitbox-styled controllers can assign macros. Via macros, pulling complex moves can be easy since less button input is required. Given all of that, should you be worried?

There has been no official ruling regarding the banning of Hitbox controllers. While it is true that a part of the fighting game community believes that Hitbox-styled controllers should be banned, another very vocal portion argues against that. Hitbox controllers give everyone a chance to push towards an even more significant rise in arcade fighting games.

As for the macros, they can be done with normal fight sticks. In a 6-button fighting game, the two extra buttons in an 8-button fight stick can be used to assign macros. There is no need to worry about the controversy around Hitbox controllers, and you should go for what suits you better.

Should I get a Hitbox Controller?

Transitioning from one controller type to another is the most challenging thing for a gamer. It requires you to rebuild the years of practice and muscle memory you already have developed. If you’re a PC gamer and want to experience the fighting game by playing with the type of controllers they intended, going for a Hitbox rather than a standard fight stick is a good choice. So, what can you go for?

There aren’t as many Hitbox-styled controllers as normal arcade fight sticks. HORI is known among the arcade fighting game community as one of the best arcade stick manufacturers.

Part of the charm of a fight stick is its ability to be customized. HORI lets the people do that with their fight sticks. HORI Hitbox controllers are available, and they are just different variants of their joystick counterparts. When looking for these, you want to make sure that your Hitbox’s enclosure is one of high quality too.

Many manufacturers and custom fight stick enthusiasts sell Hitbox enclosures with different designs. Taking a look at them might prove beneficial to you. Similarly, the artwork for a Hitbox enclosure is other, too, since the case is different. However, you can still find them.

How to connect hitbox controllers?

To connect to hitbox controllers, you can use Bluetooth or a WiFi connection. Use your app to configure them! You can find tutorials to set up everything in its app. It even has game profiles that are compatible with specific games.

How to update the hitbox controller?

If you’re getting your controller and it doesn’t have an update yet, don’t worry! The provider will automatically download the latest firmware when we hook everything up. However, sometimes updates need to be done manually. 

So providers also provide instructions on their website about how this can be achieved. Suppose needed some easy steps for any problems or errors during gameplay.

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Who would use hitbox controllers?

Hitbox players have a wide variety of people who love to play with hitboxes. However, some popular examples include PUBG gamers. Some other games that may benefit from using hitboxes include Call Of Duty and Overwatch!

How are hitboxes in video games created?

A hitbox is a collision detection mechanism used in video games. It determines whether the player has collided with another object, an enemy, or a wall. A hitbox does not have to correspond precisely with the on-screen sprite or 3D polygon model of a character or other object, and in some games, it doesn’t.

In 2D games, a hitbox might be a rectangular area—possibly an irregular shape—surrounding the character sprite. When this rectangle collides with another object’s rectangle, a “collision” or “hit” occurs in 3D video games where polygon models represent objects.

How do I use a hitbox controller?

How hitboxes work is simple. You can adjust the Hitbox within your controller to be smaller or bigger depending on the game you are playing! Adjusting hitboxes does not provide an unfair advantage but rather allows gamers with disabilities and minor difficulties of aiming to play their favorite games more easily.

It should also be noted that some popular brands for hitbox controllers include Hitbox, hit squad, and OhMiBod.

What are some benefits of using hitboxes?

There is an obvious benefit for gamers with disabilities or minor aiming issues. Hitboxes provide a way to make games more enjoyable! Also, if you want the best hit on your opponent, then hitboxes may be for you.

What is the point of a hitbox?

The Hitbox is a small sensor that detects when your body comes into contact with it. It allows for more accurate hit registration, and therefore you can aim better, but of course, hitboxes are not for everyone!

Are hitbox controllers worth the price?

It depends on whether they will be used to their full potential. Hitboxes controllers are great for gamers who want to play their games easily. Some hitbox examples include hit squad and OhMiBod!

Do hitboxes help?

Yes, they can be very helpful depending on the gamer. Hitboxes offer an advantage over other players by allowing you to aim more efficiently at your opponents.

What happened to Hitbox?

Hitbox hit the market in 2016 and has been a hit ever since. Hitboxes provide an advantage over other players by allowing gamers to play their games easily!

What hitbox controller should I get?

It depends on what you need from your hitbox experience; some popular examples include: 

  • Hit Squad
  • Ohmibod

How do you make a good hitbox?

To make a good hitbox, you need to adjust the Hitbox within your controller! It is an easy process and ensures you will have fun playing games with hitboxes.

How do I use hitboxes?

You can change the size of your Hitbox by adjusting it within your hitbox controller. Hit boxing is great.

Why Some Top Players Prefer the Hitbox Controller?

  • Hitbox is the best brand for hitboxes.
  • The hitbox controller provides an advantage over other players.

Still, it does not provide an unfair playing field because you can adjust your hitbox size to ensure everyone is on equal ground!

Do hitboxes work?

Yes, they do! Hitboxes are great for gamers who want to hit their opponents and aim more efficiently.

Do hitboxes use batteries?

Hitboxes can be powered by either a power pack or batteries, depending on the hitbox controller! It allows you to play your games with ease.

What is a hitbox sensor?

These are small sensors that can detect your hitboxes. Hitboxes are great for gamers who want more control over their games!

Does hitbox Controllers support PlayStation?

Yes, hitbox controllers can be used on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles!

What hitboxes do I recommend?

I would recommend hit squad or Ohmibod for your hitbox controller. These brands provide great hitboxes to help you enjoy the best games with ease! Also, if you want the best.