Arcade Buttons and Joystick Kits for Machines

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Arcade buttons and joystick kits are the perfect addition to any arcade machine. These days, there is an abundance of different types of arcade games that can be played on the machines no matter what genre you like best! This post will cover everything about arcade buttons and joystick kits so that you know which ones work best for your arcade machine.

So you must have a gaming kit with all arcade parts, arcade controls, led buttons, lit buttons, arcade sticks & arcade machine joysticks. The standard size for these parts is 28mm in diameter with 30mm in length. There are many different brands, but we recommend using the Sanwa brand because it has a high customer satisfaction rate.

Top 4 Arcade Buttons and Joystick Kits for Arcade Machines


1. Classic 4 Player EG Starts DIY Arcade LED Joystick & Buttons Kit

Classic 4 Player EG Starts DIY Arcade LED Joystick & Buttons Kit

A fun joystick DIY kit comes with a USB Encoder with each button and is ideal for 4 players. It comes with FOUR different LED color options for you to choose from and customize your arcade gaming console as much as you like.

This arcade games kit has a “4 way” and “8 way” standard quality Joystick Switch. 5V LED illuminated buttons, each having a USB port. It is “compatible” with all window systems, so you can easily upgrade the coolness of your arcade gaming area at home.

This DIY Arcade Joystick is 10.24 x 6.3 x 7.09 inches, which weighs only 4.63 pounds, easy to carry around from one place to another. Moreover, this arcade cabinet buttons kit has all the parts for 4 players to enjoy a thrilling gaming adventure.

This arcade games kit has 5V Illuminated LED buttons and 4/8 ways of operating the Joystick. Each comes with its USB port which makes assembling parts like a cake. It is accompanied by a manual book to make things more straightforward and enjoyable.

The USB cable is 87 inches long, and the 5-pin cable & button cables are 7.9 inches long. Easy to install at a reasonable distance from the PC as well. It allows you to play with as many friends and family on any holiday occasion with a home-cooked meal, a truly nostalgic experience one looks for. EG Starts Developer’s recommended age for DIY Arcade Joystick Kit Parts is 12 years or older.

With EG Start’s Arcade Joystick Kit parts easy to plug and unplug, players can optimize their button interface mode and are free from all the DIY wiring problems. It comes with a manual book as well. It has Individual USB Ports.

Each part of the DIY Arcade Joystick Kit has its USB port to make assembling this DIY Project more enjoyable. All the parts are of high quality and have high heat resistance, which prolongs the lifetime of DIY Arcade Joystick Kit Parts and lowers energy consumption.

DIY Arcade Joystick Kit Parts is compatible with all the window systems. It has a detailed PCB Board with a terminal, USB terminal print, K1-K12 Push buttons terminal, 5pin Joystick terminal, 2pin Joystick terminal, and much more. So you can have a nostalgic experience anywhere with your friends and family.

TIP: Don’t use more than 5V for LED buttons; otherwise, it will roast them.

  • Easy to plug and unplug with the help of an individual separate USB Port.
  • Illuminated LED Buttons
  • Parts available for 4 Players
  • Customizable DIY Project
  • It is a Japanese-style kit, so it will take time to adjust for American-style users.
  • Mostly complained about one blue button not working but claimed it was replaced immediately.



It’s every gamer’s dream to DIY their gaming station and console. Since arcade games are returning, every gamer wants to customize it as much as possible and relive the sensational arcade time again. These DIY Arcade LED Joystick Kit Parts give that opportunity with their easy assemble system and customizable LED Button system.

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2. Fosiya 2 Players, Red & Blue LED Arcade Joystick & Buttons Kit

Fosiya 2 Players, Red & Blue LED Arcade Joystick & Buttons Kit

Customizing their arcade console is the best solution to all the LED wiring problems gamers face. Want to give your playing area a true arcade gaming look?

This DIY Arcade Joystick & Buttons Kit by fosiya will do the trick. With its Encoder USB port, assembling the whole arcade games DIY kit is like a breeze. You will have a cool-looking arcade console with an 8-way professional Joystick alongside LED Buttons.

A perfect DIY Joystick & Buttons Kit for 2 players, MAME Jamma, and other fighting games. 8.31 x 5. 75 x 4.33 inches are the product’s dimensions, which weighs 2.27 pounds. Its Joystick diameter is 24mm, and the large hole button is 28-30mm.

All the buttons are lighted by default. It works perfectly with all the window systems. Each encoder has a USB port with zero delays. Customizable buttons (Player 1, Player 2, 2x Coins) are included to add your design or Logo.

The package includes a detailed instructions booklet, USB cable, 5 pin wires for Joystick, 3 pin wires for LED Buttons, and 30 mm Ring-fixing Buttons. The lifespan of the Joystick reaches up to 1 million clicks, and the buttons are tested up to 3,000,000 times.

Its Zero Delay USB Encoder is 100% compatible with all systems and works perfectly and smoothly. It has High-Quality Parts with High Heat Resistance. All the parts are tested and made with good quality for excellent heat resistance. It’s also recommended to operate all the buttons at 5V to avoid fire hazards.

The buttons (Player 1, Player 2, Coins) are customizable. You can open them and place your own design or LOGO Design to give the whole Arcade console your style. Fosiya 2 Players, Red & Blue LED Arcade Joystick & Buttons Kit has tested around 3,000,000 cycles for its reliability. This product aced the test and showed an excellent electronic performance and smooth gaming experience.

  • Trouble-free assembling
  • A fun package for a duo
  • Easy delivery
  • A great bonding activity
  • Enhance creativity and building skills
  • 100% Compatible with every system
  • Heat resistant and great quality
  • Arcade Games DIY Kit contains parts for only 2 Players
  • Minor parts could be a choking hazard for toddlers if not supervised
  • Buttons don’t operate at more than 5V



We have tested these in one of our arcade machines in the past. They were durable and good in quality.

A simple and easy assemble DIY project for even kids, preferably older than 8 years old. With this fun project, you can share your Arcade fun time memories with your little one while assembling them and creating new unforgettable memories. An excellent choice of handcrafting project for a duo.

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3. 2 Players Hiking LED Arcade Joystick Buttons Kit For Raspberry Pi & MAME (An Amusing DIY Project)

2 Players Hiking LED Arcade Joystick Buttons Kit For Raspberry Pi & MAME (An Amusing DIY Project)

Give the all-retro arcade look to your gaming area with this DIY task of eye-catching colors, Red & Blue. Hiking Industry introduced a 2 Player DIY Arcade Console project with two primary colors Red & Blue, the most trendy for games and consoles. A fun project to do with your friends and family, which could also be an unforgettable gift for any gamer you know.

This Hiking product weighs 1.97 pounds, and its dimension measurements are 5.51 x 8.27 x 4.13 inches. The fun package includes an 8-way professional Joystick, 5V Illuminated LED push buttons, each encoder with its SEPARATE USB PORT, and a detailed colored description booklet.

This DIY Arcade Console Project of Hiking has the new updated USB ENCODER BOARD, reducing installation errors. This kit, after being assembled, gives the whole arcade environment and provides the same settings for both players to enjoy their gaming time to the fullest. The pushbuttons, by default, are lit all the time. 24 mm is the diameter of the Joystick hole, whereas the 28-30 mm diameter is of the LED push buttons.

Assembling the console was never this easy before. With this new individual encoder USB port feature, you can connect all the wires without error. The hiking DIY LED Illuminated Arcade Joystick & Buttons kit is 100% compatible with all the systems. You can relive every retro arcade game with this console on any system.

Each part of the kit, from the Joystick to the cables, is made from a high-quality material with greater heat resistance. The product’s reliability is tested before dispatching up to 1,000,000 cycles into the market.

Hiking had done some freakishly good product updates to ease the assembling process even more. They did it by improving the 5-pin slots of the Joystick and USB Cable, thus eliminating any doubt of installation error. They combined 4 terminals into a single one, thus making the DIY project a piece of cake for us.

5 Pin Joystick & USB Cable Slot

Buyers always got confused with the old version 5 pin slots and mixed up the Joystick and USB Cable slot, which caused installation errors. However, with the revised version, there is only a single slot designed for each 5 pin slot of the Joystick and USB Cable, thus canceling that installation error.

LED Arcade Buttons Slot

In the new version, hiking has introduced the new PCB Design. Each button had 4 terminals in the old versions, 2 for micro switch & 2 for LED lamps. Buyers had to connect them separately and carefully watch out for led lamps’ negative and positive power. It usually causes installation problems for consumers. It would be best to connect Buttons with a single 3 pin wire to cancel any installation errors. 

LED Button Wires

The old version consisted of positive and negative wires, and the length was only 7.87 inches. Many consumers stated that the wire was insufficient for the second player buttons. You don’t have to worry about connecting positive and negative wires in the updated version. They have been upgraded to the 3 pin version, and hiking also increased the length of wire from 7.87 to 10. 43 inches, long enough for both players.

An Improvised Version of LED Wires

With this new update, hiking offers their consumer a much better 3 pin wire for connecting LED push buttons by saving us all from the confusion of positive and negative power wiring. They have also increased the length of wire from standard 7.87 to 10.43 inches, which is now enough for compiling the whole DIY Arcade Console.

  • New updated features from the standard ones
  • Detailed and colored guidebook
  • A fine gift for a birthday, or any occasion, or Christmas
  • Eliminated any possibility of confusing wires
  • Increased length of wire for the whole console.
  • Excellent quality and resistance.
  • It is so easy to assemble that even a 12-year-old can do it.
  • Arcade Games DIY Kit has only parts for 2 Players
  • Only available in two colors Red & Blue
  • Keel away from kids and toddlers, for it has to choke parts.



It is a simple-to-understand guidebook that makes the whole DIY Task enjoyable. With its new updates in slots and pins, the little whatsoever wiring complexity has also been eliminated, thus turning it into a wholesome exciting, thrilling arcade cabinet project even for a small kid. Since the product is available in two vibrant gaming colors, Red & Blue, it makes a fine present for any die-hard gamer in your family or a fine treat for yourself.

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4. Sanwa Grey DIY Arcade Joystick & Buttons Kit Cabinet Project

Sanwa Grey DIY Arcade Joystick & Buttons Kit Cabinet Project

Are you looking for an Arcade Console Kit with neutral colors? Sanwa Grey DIY Arcade Joystick & Buttons Kit is ideal for a sleek and classic Arcade Look. It is the Japanese-style Arcade Console. Instead of a bat-shaped joystick-like American style, it has a round-shaped thick hard Joystick.

It is ideal since you are going for a sleek and classic outlook. That is why the DIY Arcade Console Kit is in Japanese style and of high quality. As the company name suggests, the manufacturer is a Japanese company.

The arcade games DIY Kit weighs around 11.4 ounces & its dimensions are 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.97 inches. According to your needs, you can easily switch your Joystick from 4-way to 8-way and vice versa, and the product functions perfectly in both ways. Sanwa Joystick’s light spring pressure feature makes it super smooth in operating, thus making critical game moves in the nick of time.

Sanwa Joystick and its buttons are highly recommended by gamers worldwide because of its quality and performance. Each button has a non-clicking microswitch, enabling a smooth and quiet click. This arcade games DIY kit also has a fast reaction time and quick reset with the best performance. All these features make Sanwa DIY Arcade Joystick & Buttons Kit preferable among gamers all over the market.

Compatible with all the systems. Although it has a grey tone to all the parts of the Arcade Console, you can always switch the ball top with your preference of color. However, it is more suitable for the Control panels made of steel & plastic with a maximum of 5 mm thickness.

This DIY Arcade Console Kit has a long life. High-quality Joystick and buttons are thoroughly tested. Sanwa buttons have built-in non-clicking micro switches, making them work the finest and the quietest among other Arcade-based buttons. Their Joystick is also made from high quality material and can be easily switched from 4-way to 8-way and vice versa.

An Ideal Choice for Fighting Arcade Games, Because of its quality, smoothness, and effectiveness of Joystick and buttons, it is highly famous and recommended DIY Arcade Console kit among fighting games fans and players.

  • A professional Arcade Console Kit
  • Great Quality
  • The non-click micro switch feature
  • The best option for Arcade Studios & Professional Gamers
  • Ideal for fighting arcade games
  • A single Player Console Kit
  • Only have neutral colors
  • No LED Buttons
  • No Customizable Buttons
  • Challenging to assemble unless you are a professional
  • Absence of Individual USB Port
  • Not a suitable DIY project for beginners



Sanwa DIY Arcade Console Kit is great for professional gamers because of its finest quality and effectiveness. A must-have Arcade Cabinet Project for experienced gamers with great gaming setups at their homes. And also for those who own Arcade studios and games.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Arcade Buttons and Joystick Kits

  • Choose the right size for your arcade machine. The standard size is 28mm in diameter with 30mm in length.
  • It’s best to use the Sanwa brand because it has a high customer satisfaction rate and will last longer without wearing out.
  • To ensure you’re buying the best quality, review reviews before purchasing anything from Amazon.

Installation Process for Arcade Machine Joysticks & Buttons

  • First, find the places with screws on them to ensure security.
  • Next, remove these screws with a Phillips head screwdriver, and then take off the panels to see them inside.
  • Lastly, attach the arcade button or joystick kit simply by pressing down until it snaps in place!
    Modify as needed.

Size and Shape

Arcade button and joystick kits come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the ones that work best with your arcade machine can be a bit of an ordeal. The first thing you need to do before buying is to determine what size you need. The best way to determine if the arcade parts will work for your machine is by measuring and comparing dimensions with what you already have installed.

Most brands come in standard sizes, but a few don’t, so it’s always best to measure before buying anything! These arcade parts are usually 28mm in diameter and 30mm in length. If you want to use an arcade button kit that is not standard, all products can be customized to any specifications. Arcade Machine joysticks come in various shapes as well.

Heat resistance for Arcade Buttons and Joystick Kits

  • Arcade buttons and joysticks are manufactured with high heat resistance for your arcade machine.
  • They can generally withstand at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit exposure without any problems.



Arcade buttons and joystick kits are essential components for any DIY arcade game enthusiast. By using high-quality buttons and joysticks, you can improve the overall gaming experience and increase the lifespan of your arcade cabinet. When choosing a kit, it is important to consider factors such as compatibility, durability, and ease of installation. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can find the perfect kit for your arcade project and create a gaming setup that you can enjoy for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are arcade buttons?

Arcade-style buttons are the small, circular objects that make up an arcade machine. They are arcade machine buttons. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they usually have a standard diameter of 28mm with 30mm in length.

These parts need to be made from durable materials such as metal or plastic to last for several years to come. These player buttons, arcade joysticks, and arcade controls are used during building arcade cabinets.

What are arcade joysticks?

Arcade machine joysticks are long sticks with small handles on top that control a game’s characters and movement. These arcade parts also come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they usually have a 28mm diameter.

What are arcade push buttons?

Arcade pushbuttons are flat, rectangular objects that serve as a player’s “action” button. These arcade parts come in all colors and shapes but typically have standard dimensions of 28mm x 30mm with 24 pins on either side.

Why are Sanwa buttons better?

Sanwa arcade buttons are a high-quality brand that has many satisfied customers. The best way to find out if these parts will work for your arcade machine is to look at the dimensions and compare them with what you already have installed.

Why should you Buy the Best Arcade Buttons And Joysticks Kit?

So you want to buy led arcade buttons and joystick kits for your new or existing arcade machine. If that’s the case, then this post is perfect for you!

We’ll go over everything about these parts, including what they are used for in an arcade machine, as well as some of our favorite brands. We have also gathered the best arcade joystick and buttons in our article for you to know where to buy arcade game buttons.

Are Seimitsu buttons good?

Yes, the Seimitsu arcade buttons are good for new installers who want to try something other than Sanwa, but it is more expensive.

Is Seimitsu better than Sanwa?

No, Seimitsu arcade buttons are not better than Sanwa. They are just different options.