How to Choose the Best Arcade Machine

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Many factors need to be considered if you are looking to choose the best arcade machine. Finding the perfect machine can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is worth the extra effort. The following tips will help make your decision much more accessible.

  • Find out what type of games you want the machine to have. Do you want an old-school Pac-Man or Modern Sonic?
  • How much space do you have in your game room choose accordingly. Is a small tabletop version better for tight spaces, or do I need something more prominent so people can play together?
  • Consider the cost as well as the maintenance required before buying anything! Arcade machines come with built-in expenses as well as ongoing expenses.

Arcade Machines History

The ’80s are ingrained in modern pop culture today as we know it. The trend of the ’80s is slowly creeping upon us. Perhaps now, while the arcade price has lowered, is the best time to invest in an all-time favorite video game classic, the arcade machine.

The arcade machine will forever remain iconic in the video game industry. Sadly, the entire concept of arcades and their arcade value faded away, but the arcade machine remained true to people’s hearts and found itself now in bars and restaurants.

They also remain valuable collector items for many people. As the new generation played more arcade games, they found themselves wanting one in their own home; who can resist shooting aliens in Space Invader and running away from the ghosts in Pac-Man? They became a must-have option for people with dedicated game rooms, and manufacturers capitalized on that arcade price.

They started putting more games in arcade machines, from a dozen to hundreds. These old classic games didn’t need the heavy requirements most modern games need to run and occupied much less space, allowing many to be installed in the same system.

It was suitable for those obsessed with first-person games and who enjoyed making new and higher scores. The real question is, which arcade machine is most ideal for you? Would you want it to have thousands of games or just a few classics?

And how easily accessible would you want them to be for your friends playing them for the first time? And does the arcade machine price suit you? We will answer these questions and help you choose the best arcade machine.


Today’s Market of Arcade Machine Games

Today it’s become much easier to achieve the childhood dream of owning one’s arcade. It’s easy to find a new arcade machine nowadays! The first thing to consider would be the arcade machine’s price.

Arcade machine prices can vary from small $1500 tabletop models to over $29,000 for more giant games to fully immerse the player. Today, we have many options that will suit any taste or budget.

There are many different arcade games, such as the fan-favorite basketball games. These games allow players to test their skills and throw authentic basketballs into a net. Competing with a friend and seeing who can make more hoops within the given time limit is always fun.

Another popular version of arcade games is the dance games popularised in the ’90s with classics such as Dance Dance Revolution. These can involve anything from hunting ducks to shooting zombies.


Factors to Consider to Choose the Best Arcade Machine

Determining what type of arcade machine to get can be the most challenging choice for most individuals. It’s essential to consider the following questions and decide.

1. Audience

First of all, who will be playing the games? Will it be just adults, or will teens and kids also be playing? It will help you narrow down your options as if you are catering to a broader audience; you would want your arcade machine to be easy and accessible to all.

2. Type of Arcade Machine

What type of games would you want? There are many choices, such as sports or hunting, requiring a different machine. Would you like a standing-up machine or one where you can sit down? These are important as you will realize what games indeed call to you.

3. Location

Also, another critical question is, where will the machine go? It will be in a game room, a man cave, or perhaps the garage. Once the place for the machine is decided, you will also figure out the viability of different games in these places.

4. Price

And finally, how much are you willing to spend on a game? Modern arcade prices are pretty expensive, but they have the benefit of being pre-loaded with numerous games. So by investing in one good arcade machine, you can play hundreds of classic arcade games!


Types of Arcade Cabinet

There is an important distinction to note between different arcade cabinets. Almost all modern fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, use horizontally mounted monitors. Classic games like MS Pac-Man and Galaga are played using a vertically mounted monitor.

It means that if you have a specific type of cabinet, it can’t entertain all games as certain games require horizontally mounted screens and vertical mounts. You can modify a horizontal cabinet to support a vertically mounted monitor, but the opposite isn’t possible. It is due to differences in the construction of the two cabinet styles. All in all, the cabinet style needs to suit your gaming preferences.

The dimly neon-lit dens of arcade cabinets were unique places for curious games to spend their time. Back then, they offered gaming experiences that couldn’t be found anywhere else from the days when they pre-dated the home video game consoles or the long periods when purpose-built arcade machines were superior to all consoles.

But now the consoled dominance is cemented firmly, and the arcades glory days are behind it. But the best part is that you can now create that same nostalgic environment in your home.



Arcade games are good to keep your kids entertained for hours on end. But which arcade machine is the best, and how to Choose the Best Arcade Machine? Let us help you choose an option that works well with your space and budget.

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