Best Arcade Fight Stick For Fighting Games [2024 Edition]

Arcade Fight Stick for Fighting Games

In recent years, the popularity of fighting games has surged, with an increasing player base and eSports coverage. Best Arcade fight sticks are now more important to have. For seasoned enthusiasts, arcade fight sticks are essential, but new players need guidance to choose the right one. These games are designed … Read more

Top 5 Best Racing Arcade Machines for 2024

Top 5 Best Racing Arcade Machines

Racing games have been trendy for a long time! It is a cool heritage, but it also means that there are many to choose from. It’s not hard to find yourself overwhelmed with choices, so we want to help you find the best racing arcade machines. If you’re looking for … Read more

Classic Arcade Game Characters

Classic Arcade Game Characters

The golden age of arcades introduced us to unforgettable characters who became synonymous with the video game industry. With their simple designs and memorable personalities, these pixelated heroes and villains captured our imaginations and fueled our competitive spirit. Blast from the Past: Iconic Classic Arcade Game Characters Let’s revisit some … Read more

Arcade Motorcycle Racing Games

Arcade Motorcycle Racing Games

The roar of engines, the wind whipping past your face, the thrill of leaning into a corner – arcade motorcycle racing games have transported players to exhilarating virtual races for decades. With their simple controls and heart-pounding action, these games offer a taste of the adrenaline rush of motorcycle racing … Read more

Which arcade game was huge hit in 1973?

Which arcade game was huge hit in 1973

1973 marked a pivotal moment in the video game industry, introducing several iconic titles that captivated players and cemented their place in gaming history. But among them, one game stood out, captivating audiences and raking in massive profits. So, which arcade game dominated the scene in 1973? A Blast from … Read more

What arcade games give most tickets?

What arcade games give the most tickets

Ever leave an arcade with pockets full of tickets, dreaming of the treasures they might hold? The secret to becoming a ticket-collecting champion lies in choosing the right games. Some games are notorious for their generosity, showering players with tickets with every successful attempt, while others are stingier with their … Read more

What Do Arcade Punching Machines Measure?

What Do Arcade Punching Machines Measure

Have you ever unleashed your inner Rocky at an arcade, pummeling the punching bag and seeing your score displayed in flashing lights? But what exactly is that score measuring? Is it your raw punching power? Your speed? Or just how much you can make the punching bag swing? Surprisingly, arcade … Read more

Game Genres Shmups

shoot em up game genre shrumps

A Journey Through Shoot’ Em Ups: The Thrill of Shmups Welcome to the electrifying universe of shoot ’em ups (shmups), where quick reflexes and sharp wits lead to triumph. In this action-packed genre, each moment pulses with adrenaline, challenging players to navigate through storms of bullets and hordes of adversaries. … Read more

How to Start an Arcade Stick Business?

How to Start an Arcade Stick Business

The arcade stick business is a niche yet growing market that caters to a dedicated community of gamers. Whether for fighting games or classic arcade titles, a quality arcade stick can make all the difference. Remember that quality is king for those serious about diving into this industry. Whether you’re … Read more

8 PDP Afterglow Deluxe Wireless Switch Controller

PDP Afterglow Wireless Switch Controller

One of the most important elements is controllers and headsets for gaming. They decide how well you connect on-screen with the characters, and it diverts attention from the actual gaming experience if they don’t fit well or feel good. Afterglow Controller will also increase the pleasure and satisfaction in the … Read more