Hitbox vs MixBox Controllers : Which One is Better?

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The gaming controller market has become more competitive than ever with new brands and models. Recently, two new controllers have been released by MixBox and Hitbox. We will compare these two controllers head-to-head to see which is better for gamers.

The Hitbox Controller vs. MixBox controller debate has been ongoing for some time. Hitbox controllers are more versatile in fighting games, while mixboxes are generally more durable. The hitbox arcade stick is much easier to customize too!

What is a Hitbox controller?

Hitbox controllers are similar to mixboxes in shape, but they have handles. It’s the most common type of competitive controller for fighting games at tournaments. Hitboxes were initially designed for the Hitbox arena.

Hitbox controllers are meant to help with aiming and timing, as well as helping players release combos faster. It is possible due to a new technology that makes it easier for inputs from your fingers or hands to go through more quickly, resulting in better overall gameplay!

The Hitbox controllers are designed to be closer to the feel and accuracy of an actual fightstick rather than the standard joysticks usually found on the gamepad.

The buttons have higher sensitivity, making them more responsive for quick button presses while handling faster inputs with less effort when compared to other sticks out there at this time.

All without sacrificing their ergonomic design, making it so comfortable you won’t even notice that your hands are wet!

What is a Mixbox controller?

Mixbox controllers are Hitbox with a bowl-shaped joystick and four face buttons. One of the most popular types, mixboxes, has been used by some famous players in tournaments.

Although they’re more expensive than Hitboxes, people also say that MixBoxes feel better playing fighting games and other genres. The Mixbox controller is a sturdy, heavy-duty fighting stick that feels great in the hands.

There are eight Sanwa OBSF30 buttons on its right side and four Cherry MX mechanical WASD keys for use with games like Street Fighter or Tekken 7 – not just PC gaming!

It also has a slanted ergonomic design so you can enjoy your gameplay without any of those pesky neck pain headaches from using traditional joysticks anymore.

Either thanks to Ergodox keyboards which happen to be very popular these days as they’re easier on our bodies than standard DH Linking style controls do (they don’t put as much strain).


Hitbox vs. MixBox – Difference between Hitbox and Mixbox Controllers?

There are a few differences between Hitbox and MixBox controllers. Hitboxes have an octagonal gate, so you can hit diagonals easier than square gates found in mix boxes.

Hitbox arcade stick has light-up buttons, making it easy to see the difference between players at tournaments. Hitbox controllers also have a toggle switch for Hit, Partial Hit, and Block on the joystick.

Hitbox vs MixBox Comparison Chart

Functionally, Mixbox and Hitbox try to achieve similar things. They both use keys that are easier for players who play keyboards or joysticks because it’s more representative of an arcade stick than Sanwa buttons, which may appeal slightly less to people playing with both styles–though some prefer one style. Over another!


Hitbox or MixBox for Fighting Games

Hitboxes and mixboxes are commonly used for fighting games such as the Street Fighter series, Tekken, Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, etc. Hitbox and Mixbox offer a significant advantage in playing speed; you can perform combos efficiently using each button.



We have reviewed and mentioned everything about Hitbox vs. MixBox. Some people may prefer a mixbox controller because it is more durable and better for general gaming. However, if you want the best performance or don’t mind paying upwards of $300 extra, hitboxes are your way to go!

Hitboxes offer much smoother gameplay than their cheaper counterparts and customization with different buttons and sticks. Both controllers have pros and cons, so it’s up to individual preferences which will work best for them!


Frequently Asked Questions


Who uses Hitbox Controller?

Many top players use hitboxes such as Daigo Umehara (EVO World Champion), Justin Wong, Tokido, Luffy, and more! Hitboxes are extremely popular at tournaments due to their design and performance. Hitbox Arcade Stick is much easier to customize than mixboxes, so you can take it apart whenever you want!

Is Hitbox better than Mixbox?

Hitbox controllers are the most expensive but also have better performance and durability than mixboxes. Hitbox arcade sticks are more versatile for fighting games, while mixboxes are generally more durable. The hitbox arcade stick is much easier to customize too!

Is HitBox Good for Street Fighter?

The Hitbox is a versatile arcade controller. It’s not too big and can fit on your lap easily if you’re playing on the couch or bed.

It works great for Street Fighter, but it is also handy for other games like Tekken or Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, etc. HitBox is compatible with Street Fighter.

Are Hitboxes allowed in tournaments?

Hitboxes are allowed in tournaments as long as the Hitbox has a toggle switch for Hit, Partial Hit, and Block on the joystick.

Does Hitbox work on PS5?

Yes, Hitbox controllers work with the Playstation VITA, PS N, and PS TV.

Does Mixbox work on PS5?

Mixbox is compatible with PS VITA and Playstation N.