Best Apple Arcade Games

Best Apple Arcade Games 2021 for iOS/iPhone

Updated: January 15, 2021

Last year in September Apple announced the Best Apple Arcade Games. This platform has the potential to really shake-up not only the tech world but also might even force other competitor companies to set up similar platforms. Apple has once again tried to take the front seat in innovation, as they mostly try to do, this time by targeting its IOS systems. Later on, we will be listing some of the very Best Apple Arcade games available on the service.

Most of the games on the mobile world were pretty ordinary, even the better ones would leave users with something still left desired. The Apple Arcade Games introduces proper, the studio developed games into its library.

Games range from all kinds of genres and tastes, this is sure to entice many people not only towards the Apple Arcade service but also towards the IOS platform of mobiles and TVs as well. You could think of this as Netflix, instead of a library for TV shows and Movies you get a playable library of Apple Arcade games. The Apple Arcade game list was advertised to exceed 100 games over time.

What are the Best Apple Arcade Games?

First things first, what exactly is the Apple arcade game. The Apple Arcade is fundamentally a subscription for games of various different genres. Apple aims to introduce over 100 games over the course of time to such subscriptions.

They will be available on the IOS platform for player purposes, platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, Macs, and even The Apple TV supports all games because of IOS. Users will be able to choose between all those games by just subscribing to the Apple Arcade Game service.

As stated earlier you can play these games on multiple Apple devices and track the progress that you have made in them through apple cloud service. Compare those scores with friends and play with them. You can use your Apple TV to play such games; all you have to do is subscribe to the Apple Arcade Game.

Some of The Best Apple Arcade Games

Apple has inducted many games into the Apple Arcade library. Games ranging from sports, shooting, puzzles even to strategy games. Some of them can be played with other people, some can be played online. Point is there are many options and if we have not included a game here, that does not mean it is not worth playing. The games are in no particular order.

Apple really changed the complexion of the gaming industry as some of the games they have included really challenge the concept of what constitutes a game. Without further ado we present you with the best IOS arcade games.



This was one of the initial games to be included in the Best Apple Arcade Games. The game is pretty fun, entertaining but most importantly, this game is engaging to a very high degree. This is essentially a card game. You solve various puzzles that come your way.

When I say puzzles I don’t mean the kind of crossword puzzles or anything such. You literally solve situations your character finds himself in by playing the cards you have at your disposal. You play characters that travel the world and find themselves in many different situations.

There are no dialogues or audible words said, but you are guided by music, actions and other visual aspects of the game. You can add objects to your card deck by picking them up from your travels and later on use them if required to solve your puzzles. Best part about this game is that you can replay it, take different choices, you solve puzzles differently to unlock different routes of your journey.

This game might seem straight forward but it is absolutely perfect in many ways. It is simple, enjoyable and very easy on the eye. Definitely worthy to be on this list even as a first mention. Works equally well on all Apple devices.


Skate City

We had to include a sports game and speaking of that we thought that one of the best options was Skate City. Skate city is a game where you skateboard through many different cities and environments. Some of the world’s most famous cities are used as locations.

You probably won’t call this in the same category or the same kind of game as the Tony Hawk one. This does not rely or ask you to do next to impossible stunts but rather is focus on the speed run through a city. This game creates a very good atmosphere and environment.

This is a slightly more challenging game as it requires you to have some mechanics at some working level to work. The game gets harder and more intense as you progress, which is the case in most games.

You can do tricks and free runs as you skate through different cities in different conditions. Getting the timing right on many challenging occasions is the absolute key in this game. This would appeal to any kind of iPhone user, not just skate board fans. It is very easy to play, and works charmingly well on iPhones. You can pull of tricks by swiping or build up speed by pressing the screen.



Grindstone is another of the initial release games of the Best Apple Arcade Game. This game is essentially a match puzzler, having said that don’t confuse this with just any match puzzler. Grindstone is a very special game. It is developed by one of the best in this category of games and once you play Grindstone you will understand why.

You play a miner from a village. You save your village from attacking monsters of different kinds and then venture deeper into the mountains. All of this is not done through actual fight scenes or hack n’ slash but instead through a match puzzle game.

The satisfaction of cutting through multiple same colored matched enemies is extremely fulfilling. Upon doing that you collect gems and other materials, especially as you progress through the game it gets tougher and enemies become stronger.

Best part about this game is that it offers a lot of playtime as you have over a 100 levels to grind through. You also get side quests and can do them as well for full completion. This kind of game can get super addicting, especially since there is more to this game than what meets the eye.



Guildlings is a very unique apple arcade games. It offers a very different perspective in games. This is essentially an RPG but it is a family friendly RPG. Most of the themes are done in a way to make this game success among kids. Games like this usually don’t work but with Guildlings you have a unique success.

In this game you get various elements all crammed into one, in a fun way. You get aspects of many other games in Guildlings. You can play with your friends to save the world from different threats; some of these threats may not be what you think.

This is a game which is driven by its story and very unique vibe along with having many different jokes and texts flying around. The game brands itself on being interesting and solving some of you problems through wits.

Which is probably why you have to deal with coffee makers, yes you read that right. Perhaps due to the nature of this game it might be best enjoyed on an iPad but that is really a personal choice. Works fine on the iPhone as intended.


Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara wild hearts is one of the very best games available of the Best Apple Arcade Games. This is also one of the most popular and critically acclaimed games on the Apple Arcade Games. It is also one of the few games which are not even an exclusive Best Apple Arcade Games.

This is a visually stunning game that revolves around motorcycling, skateboarding and even some dance battles.  This game is so good it is on multiple different platforms such as PS4 and even the Nintendo switch. It is a game where you play a character who aims to restore balance to the world in a very unique setting and a very out of the box gaming idea.

You tap and swipe the screen to avoid obstacles, collect points in the shape of hearts and speed through different places. The game carries with itself a very unique neon themed indie pop setting. This setting does not only sync with the game idea but also the music of the game really well.

You speed through multiple different settings in multiple different ways, sometimes on skateboards, sometimes on motorbikes. This game even has some sword fighting which adds to the sort of versatility of Sayonara wild hearts.


Assemble with Care

Assemble with care is one of the most intriguing games on the Apple Arcade Games. It also offers a very different approach to video games. You play as Maria and help her restore various different objects and equipment. Some of the objects you will restore are cameras and projectors.

As you restore such objects you also uncover stories about the owners of those objects, you also help them recover from anything from their past. In this kind of a puzzle solving game you will literally have to repair objects by using different camera angles. You will have to repair the object’s wires, cogs of machinery etc. Successfully doing so will reveal memories of the holder.

The game offers very calming visuals and also catchy story lines along with a very satisfying overall experience. This is one of the most loved and popular Apple Arcade games and once you play it you will instantly see why that is the case. Very easy to play and understand, Assemble with care is a masterpiece.


What the Golf

What the golf indeed. As the name suggests, you will be surprised by what this game has to offer. This is a very weird game to say the least. Everything about this game seems extremely troll. You never really know what is going to happen next at any time in this game.

Almost as if this game was built by people who hate golf, as a matter of fact that is what this game was marketed as. It is quite difficult to categorize this game in any category really, but I guess for genre’s sake we have to slot it as a sports game.

This is not your average sports game though. You are not always going to be playing golf and when you do play golf it is not really golf. There are many levels to this game and overall this game delivers a very different experience.

You never know what object your golf swing is going to send flying towards the hole and the flag. Sometimes it’s the gold club itself; sometimes it’s the golf player. They mix it up by adding many different type of weird and most of the times quite funny obstacles in your way.

You might get car traffic, robots, kids or sometimes even high pressure fans trying to get in your way. You will be asked to send various different objects towards the hole, including houses, vases and even soccer balls.  Basically, you will be asked to send everything imaginable on its way towards the goal.

This game is literally the most unique take on sports we have ever seen. This might even be the weirdest game not only in this list but it can also be the weirdest game we have ever played on any platform.

What the Golf is a super enjoyable game which is fantastic not only to kill time but also to lift one’s mood. It can be enjoyed equally well on all Apple devices but on the iPhone it may offer a better casual edge, as to be expected from this game.


Sneaky Sasquatch

Many games on the Best Apple Arcade Games are built to be family friendly and therefore, can also be enjoyed by children. Sneaky Sasquatch is one such game. You play a character that is a very big old hairy Sasquatch and for some unknown reason you are banned from entering the human campsite.

This game revolves around stealth, as you will have to infiltrate the camper’s campsite and steal items from them without alerting them to your presence. You can loot food, gear and various other items, keep them for yourself or trade them off.

This is a very fun game, the visuals are very great and the animation is extremely well done. The game keeps on getting different in ways to keep the player addicted and interested in it. For some reason many animals will give the Sasquatch many different kinds of missions, a bear might ask you to get him food for which he will trade you money and other animals may offer similar trades.

The whole object is to go around the campsite, steal items without getting caught. You can sneak, run and use other elements to mask your presence.  There is also a camp guard who will always try to get in your way, so there is added difficulty and another challenging aspect.

This game will give you and your kids a very familiar Yogi bear vibe. For some reason this game also teaches manners of eating at a table, one of the first things you will learn in this game is that your Sasquatch will empty his backpack full of food on a table, munching everything down like a machine afterwards.

Finally, this is a very well made game which will thoroughly entertain you or anyone else who plays it. It runs equally well on all Apple platforms.


Cat Quest 2

Well! Now it is time for the most purrfect game in our list (pun intended). This is an action and an adventure game with online multiplayer feature. In Cat Quest 2 you play as both a cat and a dog to save the world from doom. This game combines extremely good pet puns, jokes and very engaging gameplay with a well thought out storyline.

You can play this game on your own where you can switch between the adorable Cat and dog or you can play with a friend who takes on one of the characters. This is game is an absolute treat for pet lovers. As the game goes on you can customize your character, change its clothes, and choose weapons and magic of your choice.

There are many different kinds of monster to defeat, and you can do so in many different ways. There are ways to use the environment to your advantage. The boss fights in this game are also very fun and as you would want them to be challenging.

The game is best enjoyed with a friend as you two can go on your way together to explore the somewhat vast world of Cats Quest 2.  The cute crusaders run havoc on the land in order to fulfill their prophecy. This is a great game for everyone, even your kids will have a great time playing this with you or on their own.


Bleak Sword

If you thought that proper mechanics requiring games were not going to be on the Best Apple Arcade Games, think again. Bleak sword is a RPG fighting game set around in medieval times. You travel various different places to try to lift a curse off a weapon. The game is named after that weapon i.e. Bleak Sword.

This is a game very reminiscent of Dark Souls in how it plays. You get the basic functions of Attack, block, stamina, parry and dodge just like in Dark Souls. All the characters and structures are pixelated, with the characters being stickmen.

Bleak sword lets you use swords to strike down all manner of different enemies. Some may be flying creatures, you get zombies and other sword-wielding knights. As the game progresses, you are met with harder to beat enemies, this makes for a more satisfying experience. This game also allows for the user to select the difficulty level, this is a pretty underrated feature for such a game.

The game is set in a very dark world with what you can say old school graphics. You get to fight in many different settings with more than one enemy at a time. This is a challenging game, like a proper hard game.

You will have to master most of its elements to pass through various obstacles and different missions. Holding the screen and releasing towards an enemy attacks them, the duration of the hold determines the amount of damage you do.

By tapping you can block and instantly after that you can counterattack. This game takes some of the most popular gaming mechanics and then adds them to the Best Apple Arcade’s mobile Dark Souls. Bleak Sword would probably not be aimed to be played by kids, since it offers a quite dark nature of the game itself along with it having challenging mechanics. Bleak sword was found to be best played on iPhone, the combat was more responsive.


Shinsekai: Into the Depths

Capcom is known for releasing and developing games on a massive scale such as Resident evil. To our and most peoples surprise they took the Indie route to gaming with Shinsekai into the depths. As you would expect from such a big developer this game offers absolutely insanely well-done graphics.

The basic idea of Shinsekai Into the depths is that mankind is restricted to life underwater due to ice taking up the entire surface. Your character finds out the ice won’t let you live underwater for too long either and he is left to roam the seas for resources, gear and maybe even to find other humans.

We are introduced to a rather new setup; there are not many games of this caliber that revolve around underwater scenery. Our unnamed underwater astronaut ventures forward towards an unknown world to discover other means of survival. You need to watch out for your oxygen meter though, if it runs out you are done for.

The game is rather slow at the beginning as it tries to familiarize us with the basic mechanics. As we go on, the mechanics keep changing and become more engaging. You have to be careful, there are many fearsome beasts that roam the waters, and you will have to navigate through many different areas and foes in search of survival.

The game works well on all Apple devices with some users finding it more suitable to play with a controller. Touchscreen devices such as iPhone and iPad also do fine; it just takes some getting used to.


Sociable Soccer

We had to include a proper full-on sports game in our list. Sociable Soccer is probably the best sports game in the Apple Arcade Games right now. What many game developers try and fail at is they try to make sports games look as close to real-life as possible.

This is where there issue starts and it just ends up looking quite unnatural and sometimes even cringe. Sociable soccer does not go to that hassle and it dials it back many notches. We get sort of old school arcade graphics with very easy to play responsive game-play.

The game looks really seamless and the animations are very good. The Sociable Soccer game in our opinion is best played with a head-on or eagles eye view. You can see all the characters there and utilize them quite easily.

You get the options to Pass, run and shoot in different ways. It is very fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining. Sociable Soccer sort of plays like pinball, as in how the ball moves from one place to the other.

Sociable soccer also contains a form of card system as well as a soccer league system. Naturally, both of those systems are totally non adaptive of the real-life systems and are fictional. The game is played to its fullest potential on a touchscreen like iPhone. Anyone can play it, even kids as Sociable Soccer is not a demanding game but a very fun one.



While many of the games on the Apple Arcade are intended to be family-friendly, Inmost takes a rather different approach. Most of the world of Inmost is a very dark world. Inmost can be described as a horror game as well.

The world of Inmost is beautifully made even if the graphics are pixelated. It is a side scroller 2-D game. You have a game that revolves around adventure, problem solving along with some combat and stealth. Inmost has a dark pixelated world that is hiding many evils. You get to play a total of 3 playable characters each with different abilities as the story progresses forward.

Some people might find the game a bit slow or maybe even draining at the early stages. This was definitely the way the developers intended this game to be played. The game also contains levels or rounds which are fast-paced, so it is a game which harbors many different tempos.

You have to problem-solve situations to get out of places and acquire tools or weapons in the process. The game introduces various kinds of shadowy monsters of evil throughout its playing process. You get to deal with them in different creative ways.

The dark theme and the nature of the game translate to it being a game which children might not enjoy or understand. We would not call this an entertainment bonanza but rather a game which requires time and the proper taste for it.



Spek. is another one of the prominent earlier releases on the Apple Arcade. This game revolves around perception and geometry. You have to use your perception and understanding of 3-D shapes and solve the games problems. The viewing angle you have on your Apple Device will determine what you see and how the puzzle may be solved.

Altering your viewpoint by dragging the screen will change the shapes that you see. Images won’t do you or this game any justice as this game is based on constantly changing planes and the understanding and utilization of different viewing angles.

Spek. may not look too good a first but once you start playing it, it becomes progressively addicting. The game can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. It is actually a very good learning exercise for children as well. Spek. is not a very demanding game, it can be thought of a very fun mental exercise in some cases. It offers some harder levels but that just adds to the quality of a game.


Pac-Man Party Royale

One of the very original, first apple arcade games ever made, Pac-Man makes its inevitable entry into another gaming platform. This time we get Pac-Man return with the name Pac-Man party Royale. Pac-Man has been around forever and it probably won’t go away anytime soon.

The reason for that is that Pac-Man is universally enjoyable and works well with limited effort in any circumstance. Everyone is familiar with this game even if they have not played it. With the Pac-Man party royale you get updated visuals with a better theme, exciting colors and eye-catching animations.

Anyway, the yellow eating machine is back. This arcade game revolves around your hungry gobbler literally eating his way through obstacles and gathering points to progress to the next levels of the game.

There are many basic mechanics of the game which remain unchanged through any era, you still eat points, you run around the maze and you have to avoid ghosts and other munching machines like yourself. Pac-Man has withstood the change in times and it is clearly evident why. The game is simple, enjoyable and can provide a challenge. It can also be played easily on the iPhone.


Mini Motorways

Another fantastic edition to our family-friendly games on the Apple Arcade is Mini motorways. This game revolves around building a successful traffic network. It is similar to its predecessor the Mini Metro. In Mini Metro, the player had to create a viable subway network while in the Mini Motorways your objective is a viable network above ground.

As you can gather this game can be played and enjoyed by all people regardless of age and preference. It is super fun and engaging as it presents a more repeatable problem which you are called upon to solve. The game takes the good parts from its predecessor and adds them to what it brings.

Mini Motorways begins with very straight forward problems and progresses on to more complex larger issues. Basically you have to create roads and connect two places. As you progress more buildings and houses are added, making it harder and harder to create efficient road maps.

You get various different tools to enable better free flow of traffic and can create bridges and overheads to ensure traffic does not get stuck in some more cramped up blocks. Objective of the game is to ensure the motorway or road system you create is effective and if it is not your cars take too long to reach their destination.


Tangle Tower

Perhaps one of few detective games on this list is none other than Tangle Tower. This game does not require any mechanics or any battle sequences. It is what you might call a murder mystery which you are going to have to solve.

Only thing you do is point towards where you wish to go. The player will have to talk to various people, interrogate them to get to the bottom of the crime. You will also get to pick up some items which can be used in interrogations to ensure that the suspect does not lie. You will also have to figure out when and if the people interrogated lie. You investigate around the tower this game is named after.

The game offers beautiful graphics, eye-catching visuals and addicting game play. As you go on you gather more information and get to the bottom of the crime. The colors of this game are extremely vivid. The dialogue sequences are very entertaining, for me they were the highlight of the game. The way the characters all have their personality exercised through dialogue is fantastic.

All in all, this is a fantastic game that you should definitely try. The story, visuals and game play will leave you craving for more. The game has the potential to engage people of all ages. Most importantly the game is going to leave you thinking that you are quite smart, so it is a huge plus for self-esteem.



Post-apocalyptic games are becoming very popular day by day. Apple Arcade Games has its own such game in Overland. For people that love this genre of games, this game definitely delivers everything you would want from a survival game. Overland can be thought of as a turn-based strategy game.

The game is set in a USA that is overrun by alien invaders. You are forced to travel west from one end of the States to the other and as you progress further, things get weirder and definitely much harder. You start with a person and a dog travelling together in this unforgiving environment filled with enemies.

The player is tasked with finding gear and objects which will aid him in surviving, such as gas for your car. The whole idea of the game is trying to minimize confrontations with the aliens. This is not an alien hunter game but rather a survival one. The player is given an area and has to search the area for gear before getting swamped by aliens.

Obviously, some aliens have to be defeated in order to progress. This game also has you gathering more comrades along the way on your journey. Every character, every comrade has special abilities that will help you navigate through the games various trying missions. The abilities of your comrades will go a long way into determining whether or not you progress or not.

For example there is a character which can perform more than the set no. of turns. Abilities such as that can be really helpful in taking on a game like this. The game also has a knack of punishing mistakes you make, regarding wastage of gear or non-collection of such. This can sometimes be really annoying as well.

All in all this is a fantastic game, probably the most thought out post-apocalyptic game on mobiles today. You will definitely have a great time playing Overland. Everything about this game is at a very enjoyable level, the visuals are fantastic, and the game play offers many features and keeps you glued.


Butter Royale

Ever heard of Fortnite? Butter Royale is an Apple Arcades take on the world-famous battle royale game. You don’t get to build stuff though, thankfully. Butter royale has you defeat your enemies with common food items. Think of this game as a massive food fight. This game is probably one the most entertaining game you kids can play on the Apple Arcade.

It is like Fortnite but for young ones. Some interactions will catch you off-guard, as initially you won’t really get how weird this game plays. There are also some hidden mechanics in this game such as hiding in bushes. It promises to deliver a quite special gaming experience.

Now your children can enjoy the popular battle royale format of games, have fun defeating multiple other contestants, all with the help of common food items. Defeating your enemies with ketchup and croissants never crossed out minds but certainly the developers of Butter Royale had a use for it.

Call it PG Fortnite or whatever; Butter royale brings challenging and entertaining gameplay along with fantastic animations to your iPhone or any Apple device. You control movement from your left hand and your food weapons from your right hand. The map gets smaller as time progresses as well. This massive food fight will definitely find a good spot in your hearts.


Card of Darkness

Don’t be fooled by this game’s scary name. Card of Darkness is in fact a very children friendly apple arcade game; actually it might just be made for kids. Apple Arcade Games features many such games but the special part about Card of Darkness is that it was developed by Zach Gage, the guy who was involved in animating Adventure Time.

You can also see some design and color features similar to adventure time throughout this game. As the name suggests, Card of darkness is a card game, which requires you to collect cards to solve puzzles and rooms. The game features some hilarious and fun dialogue and the color schemes and animations just speak fun.

The game contains many rules, these can be confusing at first but proper utilization of such rules is important. The idea is to collect enough cards to progress through a level; you do not have to collect all cards but just enough to progress.

In case you do collect extra cards, you will have to collect that whole deck to progress. The game involves using its rules and formulating a proper strategy for clearing rounds. We loved this game not only because of the genuinely fun atmosphere it creates, but also because it’s one of the best card games on the Apple Arcade Games. Your kids will love the game and even adults can find fun content in this marvel of a card game.



Mutazione is a very story-driven adventure game. The game follows a girl named Kai who travels to a remote mysterious island to visit her dying grandfather. The island you are going to visit is no normal island but it is an island which was hit by a meteor, causing most of the life on that island to mutate.

When you visit they island you find out more about the mystery to it. You also talk to different people and solve their problems. The small community of people that still lives there has made the best of what was left to them after the meteor hit. The player finds out that the ill grandfather was in fact the leader of the village and since he is now unfit to do his duties, he calls Kai to help him.

What this game delivers is a slow-paced game, which primarily revolves around exploration and dialogue, contrary to what the name might suggest it does not involve fighting mutants for the most part. Kai helps restore various gardens around the island in a bid to restore the island to the way it was before.

Kai also slowly becomes involved in the island’s way of life.  During the game’s missions you get to explore the island and the different secrets it holds. The greatness of Mutazione is best described by its fantastic storyline.

It contains a storyline that is both wholesome and fulfilling. The visuals and animations of the game are also spot on. The game is very unique in the way it completely takes out the action part and heavily relies on players staying for the storyline and exploration.


Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 is perhaps the most high class game in the Apple Arcade. At first sight you will not believe it to be a game built for the iPhone as you would think this was made for consoles or something. The graphics in this game are absolutely breathtaking, the best if we do say in the whole of Apple Arcade.

The developers of Oceanhorn give us the second game in the series where the protagonist is once again tasked with saving the fate of the world. Apple somehow managed to keep this game as an exclusive, this game ought to have been sought after by a plethora of different platforms and different companies.

The game features stunning sceneries, well-done graphics and a fairly vast plot for the player to discover. You also are accompanied with multiple different features and abilities so that you can play this game the way you want to, as should be the case in RPG games.

In Oceanhorn the player goes around the world facing many different kinds of foes and utilizing many different game mechanics. Speaking of mechanics, the game makes a big mistake not including a tutorial phase at the beginning.

Because of this, some of the mechanics in the game the player has to figure out and master on his own. Once you do that though this game feels fantastic. Not sure how this game has not hit higher levels of fame until now.

The look, design, voiceovers and gameplay about this game are perfect, so much so that we believe it is the very best RPG in the Best Apple Arcade Games today. It will take quite the effort to top Oceanhorn 2.

Only drawback is this game might be too complex for kids. Older children can play this but for the really young ones, it may not be suitable. It is actually hard to believe such a game exists for an iPhone.


Super Mega Mini Party

Super Mega Mini Party is essentially collection of mini apple arcade games. The idea behind Super Mega Mini part is that each individual mini game presents a new challenge which sort of requires a different skill set to complete. This game can be played solo, but obviously we believe that it is best played with friends or with other online players.

You can create your own game lobby and invite your friends or you can join a random lobby of game. Once you start, you have to admit these challenges can become quite entertaining and fun. There is one catch though, you will almost definitely tire out of this game if you play it solo, as the challengers don’t particularly change and are not of a very large amount.

Only about 10 sets of different mini-games are inside the Super Mega Mini Party. Maybe more will be added later on. The mini-games that are present are very odd and for the most part they are quite troll.

One mini-game has you jumping on rocks floating on lava, the longer you hold on the more points you get. Another game has you jumping to avoid contact from sea creatures. It is very hard to explain some of the challenges. When you play with a friend is where this game truly shines. The need to compete and to have fun kicks in like adrenaline, that is where stakes arise and after each mini-game challenge, the leader-board gets updated.

So whether it is juggling dynamite or having a good old pirate ship battle, the Super Mega Mini party is one of the best multi-game experiences on the Apple Arcade. It is a very family-friendly game and the challenges are super fun, they can also be performed by kids of all ages as they are quite simple.


Crossy Road Castle

This was not in the Initial set of games announced for the Apple Arcade. Crossy Road Castle was added later on to the Apple Arcade. This particular game allows for users to go through familiar arcade challenges in a side-on style game.

There are many different challenges in levels, where you have to collect points, overcome obstacles jump over enemies (like in Mario). Crossy Road Castle also delivers excellent vivid colors to keep players entertained along with fun animations. The game is fairly easy to understand and also easy to play. This is another game which can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

One of the best parts about this game is that you can have up to 4 people playing this simultaneously. Games like this offer great fun for the entire family and anyone else which is playing them. There is also the ability to use the points you have gathered to unlock new playable characters, which offer new animations and other sound effects.

The playable characters are very pixelated and perhaps that makes them more intriguing, in a way. The color scheme as stated above is not only enjoyable but the sharp and bright colors also speak to children in a very good way.


Chu Chu Rocket Universe

Chu Chu Rocket Universe is one of the most adorable best apple arcade games you get to play on the Apple Arcade Games. Another installment in the Chu Chu game universe, this one takes its place in the Apple Arcade Games. Chu Chu Rocket Universe is an action puzzler game. The player gets to play as 4 kinds of cute squishy space mice.

The concept of the game is to get the space mice through a puzzle room and make them successfully pass all obstacles on their way to their rocket ship. Doing all that successfully enables the space mice to escape the grasp of the villainous evil Space cats that are after them. The game also contains many jokes and cat puns, this just adds to the overall theme of a game.

The game features attractive animations, colorful visuals as well as surprisingly engaging gameplay. There are many different kinds of missions in this game and you have to use arrows to guide your characters to their ship throughout every such mission. You only get a select number of arrows to use per level.

As you progress through this game, the game takes on different forms. Sometimes you play on a flat surface and sometimes you are required to use a more three-dimensional space. As the game progresses the levels become gradually more demanding, allowing for some kind of challenge.

Chu Chu Rocket Universe’s inviting colors and generally easy gameplay allow for it to be a game that is not on family-friendly but also insanely good.


LEGO Builder’s Journey

LEGO games and even movies have taken the world by storm. They belong to a trend which is increasing at a very fast rate. Sadly, actual use of real-life LEGO’s may not be as popular as it was a few years back but we suppose that is a given due to change in times.

Anyways, here we get LEGO Builder’s Journey, a game introduced by LEGO which turns out to be surprisingly good. In LEGO builder’s Journey the player is tasked with solving different rounds of the game through the use of LEGOs which are provided. The gameplay of the game is absolutely top-notch.

The scenery and landscapes the game provides the player with are absolutely gorgeous. Couple that with extremely well-done sound effects and you get a fantastic vibe while playing this game. This game also has a particularly good story and will definitely keep the player engaged. Speaking of the actual gameplay of the game, it is fairly simple, you rotate the landscape or the LEGO piece to solve or build through the problem.

There are a great many different kinds of missions, and naturally hundreds of different LEGO pieces. Some users have argued that the gameplay could have been done better and we sort of agree to some extent. There is a lack of some features that could have made this even better, such as no zoom and the pieces sometimes just-auto place themselves. If this uncertainty could be dealt with, this could belong to an even higher level of games.

All in all the game offers exceptional visuals and animations, along with very satisfying sound effects. You get a very fulfilling click sound when you layer the LEGO bricks. The game appeals to children and adults alike as there is some kind of relativity regarding this game.


Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden is very exceptional, yet also a complex game. This is what you may call a geometric puzzler game. In Manifold Garden the player is tasked with solving many different puzzles in a free-flowing three-dimensional space. This is a game for the challenge seekers as you might find it quite hard or confusing at the first go.

The game also is very brain-draining, as it requires you to actually put thought into virtual geometric planes or 3-D spaces that can sometimes not really make sense. Manifold Garden does not really have a story to attract or to intrigue players with. The visuals of the game are intentionally very minimalistic or sketch-like.

The basic mechanics of the game include tapping walls to change perspectives and moving objects from different places to other places. The game as said early takes a while getting used to, it also asks the player to kind of forget or rearrange his ideas of perception and geometry. Playing this game properly demands time and patience.

Due to its complex nature and lack of any real attractive story or sound effects, this game might not be a fun thing for kids or even some adults. For people that like a unique challenge, Manifold Garden can be surprisingly good.


Super Impossible Road

Super Impossible Road takes over where Impossible road left off and unsurprisingly it was developed by the some of the same people as well. This game takes racing experience to a whole new level. In Super Impossible Road your vessel zooms around a race track made in outer space. Yes this sounds highly unbelievable but hey, somehow it’s still more acceptable than what goes on in those fast and furious movies.

The game lets you use a vessel which is more or less a glowy ball. Your task is to cover the track as fast as you can. The best feature about this game is that it supports multiplayer and you can race your friends online as well. The game also offers various ways to win races or improve your race times.

The game allows you to jump off the track and use boosters to cover distances more quickly. Super Impossible Road is a very fast-paced game and we found it extremely entertaining, especially when played with friends. The game let you choose your vessel or swap out it parts for a faster meaner machine or just one of your personal preference.

You also get very good animations, like really well done animations. The sound effects of the game make sure to let the player feel that the machine is no joke. Settings of the game are also accommodating as you can change different view settings to match your needs.



Spaceland is by no means a unique apple arcade games, in that the story and the theme of the game regarding fighting aliens. This game does however, offer many positives, its gameplay is decent, the graphics are stellar and most of what this game does in fact allows for it to be a pretty enjoyable experience.

One of the main reasons this game is on the list here is that you get a party feature, which means that you can party up with your friends to play this strategy turn-based game. You can also set the difficulty of this game when you launch it.

The game is relatively fast-paced, contains enough playtime as well as having enough humor to it. You fight aliens and mutants and there are also enough battles to keep you interested. If you do play this with friends your experience is guaranteed to be insanely satisfying and fun.

The game offers a plethora of different breeds of enemies and also unique ways to take them out. Most of the game is just all-out action.

We liked this game particularly because of its multiplayer feature coupled with the fact that there is no apparent loophole or weakness in the game. I guess one weakness would be that it is not something new or out of the box as you will have experienced games like this in the past if you do follow games.


Where Cards Fall

Where Cards Fall is a very a unique apple arcade game indeed. Contrary to what you may think, this is not exactly a card game. This is more of a strategy game. Employing strategy to the use of cards is very important and the sole determining factor of progression in this game. The use of cards is also done in a very unusual way.

In Where Cards Fall the player has to get from one point to the other by using cards. These cards can be used to create platforms or houses of different shapes and sizes; this allows the player to get over obstacles and other structures.

This game has insane graphics and the sound effects are some of the best for any game on the Apple Arcade. Like seriously, even for Apple Arcade’s high standards, this game’s visuals stand out. As you move your in-game character from one point to another, you uncover memories of the character. These memories are displayed in a very cool way, in cutscenes or dialogue. This is a very wholesome coming of age game.

This is a fantastic game in the Best Apple Arcade. The movement of cards is very responsive, making for very efficient gameplay. This game is also not very demanding. It is very easy to understand and play. It also does not require too much brain storming to play.

Anyone can enjoy such a game. It has to be admitted though, that if the environment of the game along with it sound effects were not this well done, this probably would not have stood out this much.



Well this is a pick for our list maybe one that most people argue about. Having said that, I have to say that Stela was actually a pretty good game and it deserves to be on our list of some of the best Apple Arcade games out there.

The game is very similar to Playdead’s Inside, actually you would be hard-pressed to find too many difference between the two. Stela is a side-on game which is quite easy to play and it is not a complicated game. Stela revolves around our main protagonist, which is a young girl who is running.

The entire game she just keeps on running and it is the player’s job to make sure the girl overcomes all hurdles in her way. The mysterious and odd world setting of Stela is coming to an end and we have to make sure that our heroine gets to the other side successfully.

The game features incredibly well done environments of different kinds, the colors are vibrant enough and the graphics are beautiful. This is another game that is carried by its visuals rather than the actual gameplay.

Stela offers different ways in which the environment can be used for overcoming different obstacles and also to avoid different creatures. Some may find the game scary as it does offer a lonely and a desolate vibe. Many of the levels in the game are also very dark.

The game can become stagnant and one dimensional as the girl just keeps running. There is no real dialogue or anything to keep the players interested beyond the obstacles and the stunning scenery. The reason for it being on our list is due to the fact that Stela offers a rather calming gaming experience even if the world is ending inside the game.


Speed Demons

Coming down on our list is the best apple arcade game called Speed Demons. This is another racing game in our list. This is a very old school game in every way. It features auto-scrolling, traffic and many different box-like vehicles that are running it down on a highway. Even this game’s soundtrack just shouts old school arcade. Speed Demons reminds most players of a very popular game called Burnout. It also plays a little bit like that as well.

As for features you get over 25 vehicle options to choose from and about 10 kinds of different race modes in total. The game handles the entire acceleration feature for you, so you just have to handle the brakes and the change in direction.

Also the game features heavy traffic, the main hurdle in the game is to somehow avoid heavy traffic and navigate through such traffic towards the finish line. The reason for this being such a good auto-scrolling game is that somehow it always manages to entertain you.

Speed Demons is very fast-paced, naturally due to it being a racing game. The explosions and carnage you can take part in this game are insane. Overall you get a great game coupled with fun obstacles in the form of traffic. The game plays perfectly, with no issues whatsoever.


Lego Brawls

Now we have the second LEGO game in our list. This one is completely opposite to the game we had before. LEGO Builder’s journey featured serenity and a rather peaceful approach to building your way through obstacles. LEGO brawls, however, as the name suggests is all about carnage and mayhem.

LEGO Brawls can be played on your own or with friends online. I love the online play feature in any game as it is not only the way forward but also very popular these days. The game allows the player to choose between many options to choose a character to play with. You can further customize that character in many fun ways.

The game has very user-friendly mechanics and it is very easy to play. In this game your team takes on the enemy team in order to determine who wins the round. The more enemies you defeat the more LEGO points you earn. You can use those points to unlock different feature of the game such as new weapons and customization.

The objective of the game is to control the main point of the game. The animations and graphics of the game cater well to the LEGO image. It is very consistent to what you might expect from a game from such a company. LEGO Brawls is an extremely enjoyable game. The sound effects of battle are more fun than they are realistic.

The world of the game is built on LEGO as you would expect it to be. The characters you play definitely add to the value of your game, the funnier the character the more fun you are destined to have. This game can be enjoyed by anyone in typical LEGO fashion. This is a roller coaster of constant action, a must-try game.


Exit the Gungeon

Next on our list is one of the most challenging games in the entirety of the Apple Arcade. As a matter of fact, this might be the toughest game in the Apple Arcade. This is the next game in the line of Gungeon games and because of that this game had a very high standard level to uphold.

Exit the Gungeon is a very old school kind of arcade game. You will instantly notice the very identifiable gameplay this game brings. Due to its complex and difficult nature, this game will probably appeal to a particular set of gamers.

A thing to notice regarding this game is that this is one of the few games that will play better with a controller. You can play with the touchscreen just fine but a controller might offer a more responsive experience. The game also features a very distinct touch of humor and this humor carries through the entire game.

This is a classic 2-D game consisting of some side-scrolling and much top-down scrolling as well. Exit the Gungeon is an extremely fast-paced game, it is also insanely intense. The game challenges multiple mechanics of a game player such as ability to jump from platform to platform to dodge enemy abilities while also dishing out necessary punishment to the adversaries. The boss fights that you are presented with are very hard.

The game drops points and weapons throughout its play through. All of the weapons in Exit the Gungeon play out differently in some ways; they also offer differently bonuses such as a freeze gun or bombs etc. As you go on you start to understand the weakness and strength of different bosses and other enemies, this helps you and further engages you towards this game.

This will be one of those hardcore games which will require you to put in the proper effort to find success. Don’t be alarmed if you end if dying multiple times in one mission as that is the norm with this game.

Once you finish this game you will surely want to play this again simply because this time you will want to approach it differently and die lesser times. Exit the Gungeon gets full marks by us, it combines old school arcade with new Apple technology.



Lastly we conclude our list by introducing the readers to a very unique apple arcade game known as Spyder. This game revolves around our very own James Bond, but this time it is a very small mechanical spider known as Agent 8. This is puzzle game in which our very small robot has to solve different puzzles or problems to further progress towards his goal. You are sent into missions by the British spy agency, the world depends on your success.

The miniature mechanical spy spider has many different abilities and you get more of them as the game goes on. For example you can use a grapple hook to jump towards objects farther away and you also have a screw driver for opening vents.

The spider can also walk over any kind of terrain for the most part. The best and most eye-catching part about this game is that, Spyder successfully delivers the gamers with a perspective from the viewpoint of a small spider. You will literally feel as if it is you going around doing espionage but from a very unique perspective.

The game keeps you updated about the current conundrum on the top left side. Most of the puzzles in the game are very engaging, some are even challenging to a certain degree. Rotating your viewing angle and allowing the Spyder to get closer to objects does help solve many puzzles.

Where the game wins out on multiple fronts such as exceptional graphics and very satisfying sound effects all round, it also contains some weaknesses. One such weakness is the camera system. A game such as this would have done better with a third-person view like in some RPG games but the camera angle the game uses makes it hard to navigate sometimes.

Also one more point to note is that in order to change the angle on a touchscreen device like iPhone or iPad you will have to use both fingers. Kind of odd as they could’ve just let you control the angle from the right or left side of the screen as normally is the case. Nonetheless, Spyder is an exceptional game with exceptional graphics coupled with a very new perspective in puzzle games.

Final Words

The games we listed above ranged from puzzle games to RPG and even some Co-op multiplayer titles were also present. Best Apple Arcade contains an extremely vast range of video games. The game library on the Apple Arcade keeps increasing as newer titles are being added regularly. The games already present are also kept updated and improved when the developers get the chance. Due to the complex nature of the variety of games present it was very to leave out many games from this list, almost all games on the Apple Arcade are top drawer.

As time goes on the list will get larger and the idea of Apple Arcade will become more familiar. Games which have the option of online play will have more players and no longer will games drop just because a player left or there were not enough players to start a game with. It was hard to list a single best game or top 5 even due to the quality of titles on the Apple Arcade.

Lastly, games like Bleak Sword, Guidelines, Pilgrims and a few more just speak volumes to the quality of games present and the entertainment that you can achieve through the Apple Arcade service.

Waqar Ashraf

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