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NEO GEO Arcade Stick Pro For Arcades Fighting Games

NEO GEO Arcade Stick Pro For Arcades Fighting Games

In recent years, many companies had also launched a series of classic games, hoping to bring the fighting games of the past to the players ’homes, and further enhance the gaming experience and launch the same as the previous street. Big Switch + 20 fighting games appeared first in Hong Kong to to play live. Technology.

In recent years, many companies have successively launched a series of classic games, hoping to bring the fighting games of the past to the players’ homes, to further enhance the gaming experience and launch the same remote control as the arcade control interface in the past, making a nostalgic style. Japanese game company SNK launched NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro earlier. In addition to being an arcade joystick, it also reloaded 20 classic fighting games to play, allowing players to regain their old days at home. It was fun while playing in the shop.

The handle reproduces the interface of the classic arcade in design

Relive the Old Arcade Interface

At present, the number of arcades in Hong Kong is dwindling. Many people also miss this machine that accompanied many players to grow up. Arcade Stick Pro completely retains the control interface of the arcade in the past, using the joystick and eight buttons. Classic design, similar in size to the past. In terms of joysticks, when the player pushes it in different directions, a “tart” sound will be emitted. The feeling brought by it is similar to that of the old arcade joystick, but the feeling brought by the right button is relatively inferior. In the past, the arcade was real, or because the thickness of the button was deeper than before, so it felt more “virtual” when pressed.

A joystick and 8 buttons on the interface.

The joystick is pushed to the end, the designated sound will be issued.

The feel of the buttons is relatively insufficient.

Simple Connection and dual-use with Steam

The steps required to make the connection are not complicated. The user only needs an HDMI cable to connect to the screen and a Type-C cable to provide power. The game can be played, and the save function is added to allow the player to quit the game at any time. 

If the player wants to turn the remote control into a handgrip to facilitate games on other platforms, he can also switch to the handgrip mode through the button on the side, so that fighting games can be played on Steam. However, we have tried to use this handle on PS4 and Xbox games but found that it is not available, which is a pity.

You can adjust the host mode or the handle mode from the buttons on the side. 

You only need to plug in the USB cable when you connect to the computer as a handle.

When you connect to the screen, you only need the power cable and HDMI cable.

Multiple Sockets and thoughtful Design

In order to avoid dull personal play, the factory also designed a handgrip and two USB sockets that can be connected to the handgrip to allow the game to play in multiplayer mode. A 3.5mm socket was also added. Let players listen to the sound effects of the game. 

In terms of picture quality, SNK took into account the different resolutions of different screens and added 5 different picture qualities to the settings for players to choose, allowing users to choose the one that is most suitable for their own viewing mode.  In addition, in order to prevent players from accidentally touching other buttons during the game, the different setting buttons of the SNK are also moved to the side of the handle instead of above, which greatly reduces the accidental touch during the game.

There are two sockets to connect more handles.

It can be used by inserting the handle. It is very simple.

In order to avoid accidental touch during the game, the remaining buttons are moved to the side.

Game Test Results

When using the TV for the fighting game “The King of Fighters ’97” ﹝ Chinese: King of Fighters ’97 ﹞ and playing “Vietnam War” on the upstream of Steam, the handles responded quickly when used, without any delay, and shaken The accuracy of the direction controlled by the stick is also very smooth, and it is very smooth to use.

Use the handle to experience great experience in fighting games without any delay.

Connect to a computer to play games on Steam is also very smooth.

There are 20 games to choose from in the console, which may be insufficient for some players.

Summary: Fighting Games are Preferred but Slightly less than Enough

For fighting games, this handle is undoubtedly the best choice. It perfectly replicates the control interface of the arcade in the past, and the response and feel brought by the joystick are better than the previous arcade. But the button on the right is inferior, and the response when pressed is not real enough.

In terms of dual-use, it is a pity that at present, the handle is only applicable to some fighting games on Steam, but it is not applicable to game platforms such as PS4, Switch, and Xbox, but it is believed that it has little impact on players. In addition, 20 players may be slightly inadequate for “player enthusiasts”. After all, the Neo Geo Mini previously launched also has 40 games. This reduction in number may not satisfy some players.



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