10 Best Mini Claw Machines For Kids 2023

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Claw Machine; is a name that rounds up so many fun memories from the carnivals or arcade studios we ever made as kids. Even now, I am pretty sure most of you, just like me, love reliving those fun moments with friends, family, and our kids again. So these are the best mini claw machines you can play with without needing ample space.

Although these tiny claw machines are tough to beat, we still loved the adrenaline rush of whether we would get our prize or not, and the level of excitement was immeasurable when we finally won a prize. So you must learn how to use and play mini claw machines like a pro.

I have spent countless coins and time myself to win plush toys. And yet again, I still would love to try my luck on the mini toys claw machine. This article will explore the reasons why everyone needs a mini claw machine.

Top 10 Best Mini Claw Machines 2023


1. Electronic Arcade – Candy Claw Machine

Electronic Arcade Claw Machine Mini Candy Prize Dispenser Game With Sound

JSNY presents you with a mini candy prize dispenser game with an exciting carnival sound, which you fill up with exciting & creative prizes, candies, fortunes, chits, or anything else that is your kids’ favorite.

The claw machine game has a classic box design in red color. It operates on 3-D batteries with a smoothly working joystick system. It will perform best with toys/prizes up to 2×2 inches wide.

It is an excellent way of teaching your kids problem-solving skills. It has the ideal design and space for storing and for your kids to play with.

This miniature toy grabber comes with an ON/OFF Switch that saves battery energy when your kids give this machine a break. The mini claw machine game has a basic box shape to place on the countertop easily. It comes with an instruction manual for easy setup.

It is easy to refill, so your kid can play with it repeatedly. Changing the nature of the prize according to your kid would keep them motivated, and they won’t get bored quickly.

The JSNY Electronic Arcade Claw Machine’s claws are bigger than other machines. Its bigger size provides you with a lot of winning chances & good maneuverability.

  • It accepts real quarters as well.
  • The machine is decently priced according to its good performance.
  • The seller provided the best services.
  • Excellent quality and performance overall.
  • The best choice for gifting your little ones.
  • It is insanely loud.
  • It does not come with volume control settings. (but you can add a button yourself as well).
  • The claw doesn’t have much of a gripping force.
  • It is challenging to clean from the inside.
  • No return or refund.

Recommended age by the seller is 5-15 years.

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2. Mini Claw Machine For Kids – The Claw Toy GrabberMini Claw Machine For Kids – The Claw Toy Grabber Machine is Ideal for Children and Parties, Fill with Small Toys and Candy

Etna presents you with the whole package of fun, action, lights, and music in its claw toy grabber, a fun deal for kids or at any party. It could also be a surprise birthday gift for your kids or grandkids.

Now you can give yourself a break your kids from all technology with this mini toy grabber claw machine. Its sleek & straightforward design is ideal for any table or countertop in your home, business, cafe, or indoor playing cafe.

Flashing LED lights and sound systems are there to turn your home into an arcade studio. This claw machine comes in red & blue; you can choose your kid’s favorite color from these two. It has three joystick maneuvers to play with and runs on 3D batteries (not included in the package). There are thirty reusable plastic coins to keep your fighting spirit up.

A guide manual is included for easy setup and how to play it. The gameplay of arcade toy claw machines is similar, which we all know.

The sturdy design of this toy claw machine is a perfect fit for any tabletop or countertop you have in your home, business place, or indoor playing cafes. This arcade crane machine comes with 30 reusable coins, circus-type music, and flashing LED lights. It has Installed Carnival Lights & Music properly.

It is refillable, so you can fill it with prizes and candies once the crane machine is all cleared out. Party favors for kids, gum, sweets, and small toys are good options for rewards.

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • A great challenging gift for children
  • Available in two colors, red & blue
  • Loud and annoying music
  • The prize box doesn’t have a flap over the top. If you add bouncy little balls, they will likely bounce back in.
  • The range of prizes and candies is limited to lightweight only
  • Choking small hazardous parts

Recommended age by the manufacturer is older than three years old and adult as well.

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3. Moj Moj Squishy Toys Claw Machine

The Original Moj Moj Squishy Toys Claw Machine Playset

If you are looking for the cutest, most adorable claw machine for your girl, then look at it. It is an adorable crane game with all the arcade-filled specs like lights, music, and wonderful colors, along with six mystery packs.

This mini claw machine with toys has an adorable design and a sweet color scheme. Your princess can play with it, which can also be a great decoration piece for their room.

It comes with adorable six moj moj plushies in surprise packs. You can get those with the three directional joystick levers. It runs on 3D batteries, which you need to buy yourself.

Six surprise packs of moj moj are included in the package. It is Easy to Use with three joysticks that work smoothly and effectively.

  • The adorable color scheme for girls
  • Six surprise packs
  • Cute outlooks of the claw machine
  • A bit tricky to figure out because the claw has a weak capturing power
  • You can’t fill it up with big prizes

Recommended age by the seller is 6-12 years.

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4. Carnival Crane – Miniature Claw Machine

Carnival Crane Claw Game - Features Animation and Sounds for Exciting Pretend Play

Carnival crane claw game features the good old classic big electronic arcade claw machine in a mini version with all the specs and fun.

The whole crane machine game is made of metal except for plastic. Only the Joystick levers are made of plastic. Scoring a prize before the music ends is challenging and thrilling for kids.

The arcade claw toy machine runs on 3D batteries, which you need to purchase independently. It has a red color which is very eye-catching and trendy. It has the classic three joysticks you can use to win a prize or candy for a more precise shot.

I got this for my kid, and she plays with it a lot, I also find it addictive, and time is well spent with this.

It has enough space for you to fill it up with different best mini claw machine toys like Rubix cubes, slap bracelets, plastic fidget spinners, tiny emoji plushies, and small slime.

The assembling of it is tricky due to the small opening on top of it, and you can’t take the whole top off. Removing the wrapping paper from the claw needs a lot of patience if you have big masculine hands.

The carnival claw toy grabber is made from metal, with more extended durability than the others. It comes with reusable tokens used for activating the fun of mini crane toy games.

With incredible sound effects, lighting, and carnival-based music, you will hear an applauding sound whenever you win a prize. Since the design of the claw toy grabber is simple, it is pretty easy to clean.

  • Sturdy build
  • Perfect size for table tops
  • Music speeds up when your time is about to end
  • A toy that never gets old by adding variations in prizes and candies (you can get creative as much as you like as long the prizes are light-weighted)
  • Prizes are not included
  • Loud music with no control options
  • The top opening is difficult to assemble, and you can’t remove the whole top.
  • Lightweight prizes or candies are recommended
  • Moderate quality
  • It is activated with any flat object that doesn’t need coins.

Recommended age for this mini table claw machine is five years and up.

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5. Bundaloo Big Rig Claw Machine Arcade Game – Miniature Candy Grabber for Kids

Bundaloo Big Rig Claw Machine Arcade Game - Miniature Candy Grabber for Kids - Electronic Prize Mini Toys Dispenser with Sound

The claw machine comes with eye-catching colors for kids, a simple design, lights, and a sound system with volume control. It gives off an all-out feeling of playing in a carnival.

With its funky lights, sound system, and volume settings, your kids can play this game with the carnival feel for hours. The overall design is a unique tractor-style design with popping colors. It is activated by inserting coins with the mini claw machine.

You can operate the claw with the help of three installed joysticks for more precision and smooth operating. You will need 3D batteries to start it running.

It has a manual for easy assembly and how to play with this mini toy crane machine. I am sure you all got yourself covered on how to play with it.

Bundaloo arcade claw machine comes with 30 tokens and a drawer with enough capacity to store all coins. It comes with an ON/OFF switch to save up battery as much as possible for a healthy environment. You can control the sound system with a volume switch according to your needs.

It is refillable; you can fill up this kids’ claw machine with prizes of your liking and candies for entertaining your kids for hours (recommended lightweight candies and prizes). Bundaloo offers you peace of mind on your purchase with its replacement warranty or refunds if the crane machine doesn’t meet your needs.

  • A fun gift for the little ones
  • You can set the volume according to your liking
  • This product comes with a replacement or refund warranty upon not meeting your expectations.
  • You can fill it up with prizes of your own choice.
  • Often the volume settings don’t work smoothly.
  • The claw dropper seems to be a bit tricky to handle.
  • Coins could quickly get misplaced and be a choking hazard for little ones.
  • Prizes & batteries are not included in the whole package.

Recommended age by the manufacturer is eight years and up. Adult supervision is recommended in case of purchasing this mini claw machine for kids younger than 8.

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6. Claw Machine For Kids – Little Toy Grabber

Claw Machine For Kids - Fill The Toy Claw Machine With Prizes, Candy, Small Toys - Fun Gift, Party Game For Children

A spotlight game for any party, which is fun to play with friends. Indulging music and LED lights double the fun of playing this crane machine game. An excellent activity for developing a family bond.

This crane game lets you experience the nostalgic fun of carnivals and arcade studios because it is like a mini version of a big electronic arcade toy claw machine. Since its design and shape are pretty simple, it will be easy to install and place on the table and countertop. The mini claw machine has a vibrant red color on it.

The claw machine runs on 3D batteries, which you must buy separately. It has a three joystick playing system for moving the claw up, down, left, and right. Have fun watching your kids have a blast playing with it.

This miniature toy claw machine lights the room with exciting music and light effects like any festival or carnival. It comes with 30 tokens that are used for activating your turn.

  • Flashing colorful LED light
  • A classic arcade toy claw machine
  • Refillable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cute looking design
  • Loud music
  • No on/off switch for sound
  • The Left & Right joystick is tricky to play with

Recommended age is three years and up.

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7. Bundaloo Claw Machine Arcade Game – Small Toy Grabber

Bundaloo Claw Machine Arcade Game - Candy Grabber & Prize Dispenser Vending Toy for Kids with Sound

Is your kid a fan of dinosaurs? Bundaloo presents you with another candy grabber and prize dispenser vending toy machine for kids on a dinosaur theme. Then you might want to look into it—an excellent collection for a dinosaur-themed room.

This one is designed with a complete dinosaur theme, apart from Bundaloo’s other mini toy grabber game machines. A perfect gift for your little munchkins who are crazy over dinosaur-based toys, plushies, room decor, and other stuff.

The mini claw toy machine’s claw is a complete dinosaur for fetching your prize. It caught the prize with its mouth. Because it is themed, the whole crane game machine is green. It comes with eight adorable mini dinosaur toys as rewards. It has the basic three joystick maneuvers for playing the game. It has an instruction manual for easy assembly and runs on 3D batteries (not included).

The mini crane toy comes with an ON/OFF switch which will save the usage of batteries. Only turn it in when your kids want to play with it. It has 30 tokens to activate the mini claw toy machine and eight adorable dinosaur toys to add to the box as prizes.

Bundaloo offers a six-month warranty on this mini toy grabber game machine for unforeseen situations. The top comes off easily for you to stack up with the mini claw machine toys your kid likes the most.

  • Dinosaur theme-based toy claw game machine
  • The claw is a complete Dinosaur
  • It comes with eight little Dinosaur toys
  • An overall cute piece for your kid’s room (the dino toys and game itself)
  • Loud music
  • No volume adjuster
  • The dinosaur’s claw doesn’t close tightly enough to grab moderate-weight items.
  • You can only add items that are moderate-weight

Recommended age starts from 8 years and goes up to adults.

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8. ForBEST Claw Machine – Toy Grabbing Machine

ForBEST Claw Machine Doll Machine with 12 Dolls

A claw machine with adorable toys has a removable remote control. It comes with an adjustable light and sound system along with 12 cute plush toys and 12 coins, and a USB cord.

The mini claw machine is made from good-quality plastic and electronic components. It comes with 12 adorable dolls, removable remote control, a USB cord, and 12 activation coins. It has a lovely combination of pink shades.

The claw machine runs on 6x AA” and 2x AA”, or you can plug the crane machine game with a charger or laptop. The removable remote control works perfectly fine within 5 to 8 meters and has flexible options for both sound and light.

The toy grabber game and its components are high quality plastic for long lasting fun. Twelve plush dolls, 12 coins, a removable remote control, and a USB cord are included in the whole package.

The multifunction remote control works pretty well with 5 to 8 meters and has adjusted options for music and light, which you can set according to your requirements. This miniature claw machine can be powered with batteries and a USB cord.

  • Removable remote control
  • Both sound and light are adjustable
  • It comes with 12 plush toys
  • It can be powered up with a charger or laptop
  • It is hard to put more prizes in it.

Recommended age by the seller is three years and up.

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9. ForBEST Claw Machine Magical Claw Machine

ForBEST Claw Machine Magical Claw Machine Mini Claw Machine with 6 Dolls

ForBEST Mini Claw Magical Machine comes in two exciting colors, red and blue, with six plush toys and ten capsules. It has two power methods with an adjustable volume system.

This miniature claw machine comes in two colors: Soft red and blue. It is made with non-toxic, good-quality plastic. It has one joystick and pushes button playing system. And is powered up with two methods: batteries and an electronic USB cord.

The claw toy game machine is made of the finest plastic for long-lasting fun and creating memories. The package includes ten capsules, six plush toys, and a USB cord. It requires 4 AA batteries to start the fun, or you can plug the toy crane machine with a charger.

  • Prizes included (10 capsules & 6 plush toys)
  • It can be powered up with a charger
  • Adorable decoration piece
  • Adjustable sound system
  • The size is too small

Recommended age is three years and up from the seller.

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10. Bundaloo Slam Dunk Claw Machine – Miniature Candy Grabber for Kids

Bundaloo Slam Dunk Claw Machine - Miniature Candy Grabber for Kids with 3 Small Basketballs, 30 Reusable Tokens

Another fun basketball theme based claw machine on which your kids spend hours playing. It has three mini basketballs as a prize within. Your kids can use 30 reusable tokens to activate and play hard to claim as many gifts as possible.

The machine has the classic box design of a big electronic arcade claw machine game. The whole machine’s colors and specs are designed with a basketball theme.

It has enough space to be filled with the best claw machine prizes like mini Snickers squares, mini Lego characters, mini easter eggs, plush toys, and more, along with three mini basketballs with the claw machine game.

It has three joystick playing systems and 30 tokens for activation, and this electronic claw game runs on 3D batteries, which are not included in the package.

It saves up a lot of battery energy with its ON/OFF button. Most tabletop claw machines do not have prizes, but this one has three little basketballs and 30 reusable tokens. You can try it out for your kids with peace of mind because it comes with a guarantee.

  • A great surprise gift for basketball fans
  • Come with three little basketball
  • Refillable
  • You can only fill it with light-weighted prizes
  • We need to be extra careful with joysticks
  • Controls seemed to be fragile.

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Best Mini Claw Machines – Buying Guide


You can look for those miniature claw machines which are easy to refill. If you find it hard to fill, you might end up stuffing your machine with an unusual amount of stuff which could lead to poor performance.

Eventually, the claw machine will be on the list of long-forgotten toys if your kid stops playing with it due to overstuffing.

Prize Included

It would be best if you kept this in mind because this will give the general idea of all the variations, measurements, and weights of different things you can use as prizes in the claw machine.

Doing so will improve the overall performance of the crane grabbing and lifting prizes.


Tokens will add that adrenaline rush excitement to your kids, similar to playing in the arcade studios.

You can also use these tokens to make your kids finish their homework or chores on time before they go crazy playing with the claw machine.


Look for designs that appeal to your kids’ eyes, not yours. You are buying the toy claw machine for them.

But if you are buying for yourself or your game room, it is entirely up to your choice.

Sound Feature

Music plays a vital role in every toy. Sound effects are the main and most basic way to get the kids’ attention, but in some cases, these melodies are often so loud and annoying for parents.

It is best to consider those options of the crane game, which have volume settings in them for your peace of mind. Otherwise, you will have to find other creative ways to shun the music.


Many people do not know this, but the mini claw machine is a smaller arcade game version. The mini claw machines originated in Japan in the 1990s and were called “Pachi-Para” games.

They became popular when brought to North America in 2000 due to their popularity with children. It was renamed “claw machine.”


Benefits of Owning the Best Small Claw Machines

Brain Development

It is an excellent activity for kids’ brain development, such as eye-hand coordination, patience, focus, creativity, and sharing with others. Not to forget that it could be used as a great motivational method in making kids do chores or homework to get an opportunity to play with a mini crane machine and win fun prizes.

A Break From Technology

I think it’s an effective way to keep kids away from mobiles & tablets for a change. And show them a glimpse of the fun world where we used to have fun and play and spend some quality time with them.

Quality Family Bonding Time

In this technology-based era where kids now spend more time indoors and their faces stuck in smartphones and tablets, these mini claw toy machines are an effective gateway to lure them in to spend some time with you.

I cherish spending time with my family watching cartoon movies and playing indoor games with my parents and siblings. All those times taught me many things, like being thankful, appreciative, sharing, grateful, and patience, and above all, I found lifelong friends in them.

But in our time, we didn’t have smartphones like today, so it was hard for our parents to keep us busy by playing with us and creating games for us. So we always bugged them to play with us, but time has changed for our new generation.

It is easy for us to keep kids busy with screen time, but honestly, we will miss this time. I love engaging my daughter with me as much as possible to create a bond we will cherish forever.



To indulge adults, you can fill up your Best Mini Claw Machines with creative stuff like fortune cookies.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you win the claw machine arcade?

To win the claw machine arcade, you need to use a joystick that controls an electromechanical arm inside the machine. A good mini claw machine will have sturdy metal arms and claws and a powerful grip mechanism for picking up items with ease.

What is the best mini claw machine?

The Best Mini Claw Machine is made from sturdy metal arms and claws and a powerful grip mechanism for picking up items.

The best claw game is one that can pick up items with ease. The Best mini claw machines are made from strong plastic or ABS materials that can resist wear and tear so that they will last for a long time!

Why do you need the Best Mini Claw Machines?

You NEED the Best Mini Claw Machines because they are fun to use! They allow you to compete against your friends and family for the Best prizes.

Best Claw Machine Arcade Games are the perfect way to pass the time at carnivals, fairs, or birthday parties!

What arcade has the most claw machines?

Some Best Claw Games are found at arcades. The Best Arcade Machine with the Best Claw Machines is Chuck E Cheese!

What about mini claw machines? Where can I find them?

“Best Mini Claw Machines and Best Claw Game Arcade” are found in many places such as amusement parks, fairs, carnivals, birthday parties, and more.

How much does a claw machine make a month?

The Best Claw Machines can make hundreds of dollars a month!

Why do people like claw games?

People love Best Claw Game Arcade because it is challenging to play.

These Best arcade machines are perfect for families and friends looking to spend time together while playing an interactive game that takes skill, patience, and precision.

How do you get free plays on claw machines?

Ask the Best arcade machine for a claw game token to get free Best Claw Game Plays. This Best Arcade Machine will give you one play on Best Claw Machines!

Are arcade claw machines rigged?

Some Best Claw Machines are rigged, but most Best Arcade Game is not. The Best arcade claw machines are not set up to be “rigged.”

They follow a random number generator that determines what prize will come out of the machine when the game is over. The best way to play Best Claw Machine Games is if you want it to pay off.

Are claw machines a good investment?

Some Best Claw Game Arcade machines pay off after a while. Yes, Best Claw Machine Games can be a good investment!

Best arcade claw machine games will cost you money to get started, but they are worth it because Best Claw Machines have been known to make hundreds of dollars in one month from a single Best mini claw game!

Is there a trick to winning claw machines?

There are the Best Claw Machine Tricks that you can use to win the Best arcade claw machines. Best Claw Machine Tips will help you get the most out of Best Arcade Game!

Some tips for the Best mini claw machine games include:

  • Don’t overload your claws with prizes because this may cause them not to grip tightly enough, which means you will not win an arcade claw machine!
  • Some Best Claw Machines have a low tolerance to reject more items than others. It is because Best Arcade Game can’t grip it tightly enough to pick up the prize, but you still get your tokens back!



Claw arcade machines are used for prizes at carnivals. They work on the same principle but are smaller and more geared toward children.

Whether you want to get your kids a new game or give someone else’s kid an exciting prize, the best mini claw games can provide hours of fun!

We hope that our list of toy claw machines will help you make the best possible decision for your purchase and prove to be a meaningful one. So you can create fun memories with your kids in the comfort of your house.