Top 5 Best Pinball Machines For Home Use

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Pinball is a game that has been around since the 1900s and continues to be popular among today’s generation. The game has evolved, including new designs and increasing complexity. We will guide and review the best pinball machines to own that are the most modern in design and the latest.

Today, there are many different types of excellent pinball machines that you can choose from if you want to play at home or in an arcade. If you’re not one of the few people who’s lucky enough to live in a place where the arcade1up pinball machines for home use are still legal, then this blog post is for you.

This article has great tips on finding the best pinball machine and getting it shipped to your door. Here are some of our favorites.

If you’re looking for a great model to purchase, our top five best modern pinball machine choices should be considered. They offer quality and excellent gameplay to enjoy your experience as much as possible. Whatever your available budget is for such a purchase, there’s something here to suit every player.

Most Popular Best Pinball Machines 2023 – Coolest & New

So many elements of pinball machines make them a unique form of entertainment. From the bright lights and sounds to the exciting way it plays, there is so much about them that can keep you entertained for hours.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or complex to keep you entertained for hours, there’s a pinball machine here to suit every player.


1. Arcade1Up Williams Bally – Vintage Pinball Machines

Arcade1Up Williams Bally Pinball Retro Home Video Arcade Machine

It is an excellent choice if you want to keep things simple. It’s a 3/4 scale replica of an older pinball machine. It has excellent reviews, with people loving how it’s easy to use and play. The cabinet of the game is made out of plywood.

You can quickly assemble it yourself without watching any complicated tutorial videos online. All you’ll need are the tools included in the package and two people to help you out.

It is bright enough to see when playing in a room with normal lighting conditions. It comes with all the parts needed to assemble it, including a 17-inch LED display. The game controls come pre-assembled, so there’s no extra work for you after you’ve put the machine together.

There are two flippers, a set of pop bumpers, and the four pinball Electronic Games that come with it. It’s one of the most accessible pinball arcade machines to play because it doesn’t come with many features or complicated switches like modern ones do. It’s perfect for someone who isn’t really into pinball.

It is one of the most popular pinball machines ever released. It has an electronic table featuring lit inserts and 5 flippers to help you enjoy countless hours of fun. The artwork also helps to make it one of the unique & best pinball machines ever released.

It will take you around an hour to assemble it, and then you’ll be able to play. It has a comprehensive instruction manual to help you get it up and running. The LEDs on this model are bright, so there is no need for additional lighting when playing at night or in a dimly lit room.

The best home Pinball machines can be great entertainment for friends and family. It is a choice that you will not regret because it looks great, plays well, and is something that everyone will have fun with.

  • The gameplay is very realistic
  • Dual Speaker design that sounds fantastic
  • Easy scrolling game selection feature
  • Unit looks awesome
  • Built to last
  • At least one game has playing issues.
  • The 24-inch screen is 720p and not 1080p

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2. Arcade 1Up Star Wars Digital Pinball II – Classic Pinball Machines

Arcade1Up Star Wars Digital Pinball

We have this arcade machine in our office at work, and everyone who comes to visit wants to play it. The machine is beautifully made and well constructed.

The graphics are great – it feels like you’re playing with real pinballs. It’s super exciting since the Pinball Game Machine is so fast-paced, and there are all kinds of cool features like two playfields, etc.

We recommend this machine to anyone who wants the pinball arcade experience at home/office. LCD screen with 128×64 resolution backlit 7 Segment Displays showing score above 20, ball number, and extra ball. 2 playfield knock-downs.

Realistic Pinball Flipper Physics with “Real Feel” mini-elements in the plunger. Lighted Starfield behind the glass with independently controlled pinball elements for long shots that light up your game at night or be turned off to save energy if you want.

When you go to playlands or shopping malls, you will see this product there sometimes. I used these pinball machines there, and the user experience was excellent.

Adjustable Metal Legs (Up, Down, and Forward/Backward). The table comes with metal side rails for glass protection. These metal guides will also hold your glass in place when the leg is in the upper position—excellent stability when the machine is fully assembled (no wobbling like cheaper models). I can’t say enough about this table.

It looks and plays fantastic from the moment you open the box. It is a great quality product. I love playing at this table. It’s so fun and looks fantastic when you turn on the backlight effects at night. I recommend it.

You can play this pinball machine at home with your children and have a blast. It has excellent artwork and solid construction. It looks perfect compared to other models in the same price range, making it a better choice for many people who want to get an attractive addition to their home.

  • High-quality build
  • Machine looks amazing
  • Fantastic gameplay
  • The cabinet art looks good
  • Metal lock bar
  • Playfield is a 24″ screen and only 720p in resolution.

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3. Arcade 1Up Marvel Digital Pinball – Most Popular Pinball Machines

Arcade1Up Marvel Digital Pinball

Among the machines in this line, this machine is the biggest. It has better quality than all of them. For instance, it has real-life-like ball physics.

And the cabinet looks cooler and feels way more sturdy and solid than the other game cabinets that Arcade1Up sells. This machine also can be linked to other 4 players ones (not available online) to make a tournament or multi-game event.

The artwork is well done and feels like a Marvel comic book. Each table has its own back story that fits into the Marvel universe. This machine is great if you have a place for it and want an authentic pinball experience in your home. The artwork, sound effects, and overall cabinet construction give this line of machines something unique that other game makers haven’t captured yet.

The flipper feel is much better than the other pinball machines that Arcade1Up makes (IMO). It looks and plays well. When you score big points or complete missions, it has a pretty cool movie-like animation (which can be turned off in settings). It comes with a metal lock bar, so the machine feels sturdier when you move it around or have kids/friends play with it.

The construction of this Arcade1up marvel pinball machine is much sturdier than other manufacturers. It feels like it will last. You will like the classic look of this table. It has some excellent features that make it fun to play with, especially with friends. You can’t customize the game or upgrade anything, but that is partly what makes it affordable and straightforward.

  • Not having color LEDs on the score screens
  • Great beginner machine
  • Beautiful machine with great artwork.
  • Realistic ball play with accurate ball physics
  • It takes up a lot of room
  • The screen looks fantastic, but it’s only 24″ and not HD or 1080p.

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4. Arcade 1Up Star Wars Pinball – Famous Pinball Machines

Arcade1Up Star Wars Pinball

A lot of great features come with this star wars pinball machine. It is very sturdy, and the LED lights are great to watch when you’re playing pinball.

The gameplay is pretty smooth, but I did find it slowed down if too many objects showed up on the screen, which can lead to frustrating moments. When reviewing this product, I recommend keeping in mind that you are paying for a home version pinball machine and not a commercial version pinball machine.

This product has everything you need to put your pinball machine together, including screws for the playfield assembly and additional parts. If you’re not too handy with tools, there are instructions to help you along.image 100551920 13687234

There is also a service agreement with this product for one full year, covering replacing any defective parts during that time. It is included when you purchase your pinball machine. The pinball machine has two speakers on its side, which is great for hearing those sound effects. There is also a cool feature that allows you to turn off the center speaker if you want a more quiet experience with just the left and right speakers.

It can be turned off if you want the gameplay to be like a real pinball machine without having all the bells and whistles. There are no sensors on the playfield, so it is designed for flippers activated by touch. The Flippers also have magnetic coils, which provide realistic force feedback with every hit.

This product does what it’s designed to do, providing homeowners with a high-end commercial pinball experience on a smaller scale. I would recommend this to pinball enthusiasts who want more than just a pinball machine on their desks.

  • Great quality
  • Perfect size
  • Solid build
  • The LED lights are bright and fun to watch when playing with friends.
  • The gameplay can get frustrating when too many different objects appear on the screen.
  • Take some time to assemble.

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5. Arcade 1Up Marvel Digital Pinball II – Cool Pinball Machine

arcade1up marvel digital pinball ii

I highly recommend this pinball machine as it comes equipped with a 23.8″ LCD playfield. As well as a 7.5″ LCD score screen. The cabinet is excellent and sturdy; it has metal legs that can easily be adjusted with 4 screws on each leg for desired height.

The build is solid and has had no problems with the playfield. It comes with 2 flipper buttons, with adjustable sensitivity for those who might need it, and 2 “nudge” buttons for those who are really into pinball. In addition, it has metal ramps and plastic ones that are unbeatable with little to no wear on them.

The machine has a tilt feature and 2 buttons to activate features on the playfield. You can also adjust their brightness if you need to see what you’re doing in lower-lighted areas. This machine does come equipped with haptic feedback, which adds a beautiful touch to the whole playing experience.

I would recommend this pinball machine to anyone who loves pinball and has the space for it. It is an excellent price for what you get, and there is no other option like this out on the market right now. If you are looking for a machine with all bells and whistles, this is a good machine for your collection.

  • Solid feel and build
  • Extremely interactive with almost complete control of pinball Haptic feedback
  • Haptic feedback
  • Adjustable flippers for those who might need them.
  • Interactive playfield
  • Very bright
  • Not enough room in the backbox to add newer boards

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What To Look For When Buying Best Pinball Machines

Before we get into our top 5 picks, it’s important to note that finding top pinball machines from the choices available in the market can be challenging. It would help if you considered many factors when deciding on the right one for your home or arcade. It’s also a good idea to look at what other people who have bought the same model think about its pros and cons.

This information can be found more easily on the internet, where many people leave their reviews for others to read. Think about what you want from your new pinball machine before deciding on your purchase. Here are some things that you should consider:


The price of pinball machines can vary quite drastically depending on the model and manufacturer. You get what you pay for in most cases, so it is essential to research their features before purchasing.

Type of Player

Think about who will be using the machine. For example, children might prefer a simpler version with a good layout that is easy to use. This way, they can practice, and in the future, they might even be able to use the more complex ones.


It will affect how much you enjoy the pinball machine. If you like a specific type of theme, such as movies or music, then there is a greater chance that you will enjoy playing it more often. Choose wisely and think about which themes would look great in your home.


The size of your pinball machine will also depend on your available space at home. Having a larger model near the center is an excellent idea if you have a large living room, as people can gather around and play with it.

However, if you own a smaller apartment with not much space in the middle, buying a mini pinball machine would be ideal.

Weight and Size

Most models weigh from 360 to 520 pounds, depending on the materials used to make them. If you’re looking to move your machine from one place to another, a lighter model is ideal.

Extra Accessories

Before purchasing a pinball machine, make sure it has everything you need. These include the balls, the manual, and of course, any extra accessories such as a cloth to keep it clean.

It’s essential to check the type of flippers, bumpers, and other options available on a model before buying it. There are machines with multiple flippers and others that only have one.


It’s essential to check the components, playfields, and buttons before buying any machine. A solid model will not only play well but will last for years without requiring too much maintenance.


Before you buy a pinball machine, make sure that your room is wide enough for it to fit in. The measurements of the model should also match those of your available space.

You’re ready to choose from our top 5 choices with this information at hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a pinball machine?

The price of pinball machines varies depending on how old they are and who manufactured them. On average, a new machine could cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000, while used ones can go for about $400 or less.

How often will I need to have my pinball machine serviced or repaired?

Like any machine used often, it will need to be serviced and repaired. However, a solid model with a simple mechanism will only require this type of maintenance every few months or even years of use.

How much does a pinball weigh?

Most models weigh from 360 to 520 pounds, depending on the materials used to make them. If you’re looking to move your machine from one place to another, a lighter model is ideal.

Is there a warranty for pinball machines?

It’s not mandatory, but many manufacturers have warranties on all new models. It would cover anything wrong with the machine during its first year of use.

After that, you might have to pay for any repairs or service fees on your own.

What are some of the best accessories for pinball machines?

The best accessories for these models include balls, flippers, sleeves, and ramps that could help improve the feel of the game.

Do you play all the time and want to find a good machine for your home?

Some models come with a host of functions, while others are simpler. It’s essential to check the activities done at home before buying any model.

It’s essential to consider several factors before purchasing any model. However, some retailers and online stores sell them, and these should be checked out first.



Ever since digital pinball machines were invented, people have been fascinated. They are a great way to pass the time and can be found in most bars and arcades worldwide.

There is always someone better than you at playing pinball, like any other game. Some people make it their profession by going from place to place, competing against others for money or prizes. You have to be a professional pinball player, so learn how to play pinball like a PRO.

  • If you’re looking for the traditional arcade-style best pinball machines of all time, then the Arcade1Up Williams Bally Pinball is the one we would recommend. It has outstanding graphics and ultra-realistic gameplay, which players will love. There are no major cons to the table; however, some said it would be better if more than just one game mode were available for players.
  • Arcade 1Up Star Wars Digital Pinball II is the best pinball machine. It has outstanding graphics and superb gameplay and comes with two modes. This model lets you play against another player or team to re-create the classic arcade feel.

Overall, arcade1up has the best way to relive your childhood years and experience what are best pinball arcade games should feel like through its machines.