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Arcade1Up Cabinets

Arcade1Up Cabinets Review

Remember the good old days? Running to the arcades, the sound of dropping quarters, the sight of flashing lights, and whatnot. You simply cannot forget about these memories. Many truly devoted arcade-goers had the dream of having their console, but that costs several times more than the Sega Genesis or Super NES and could only play either one or a few games.

Thanks to Arcade 1Up, you can now build a collection of classic gaming in your own home quickly and relatively affordably, only starting at $299, a big bang for your bucks, No? Not only that, the precise graphics, sounds, and controls. Continue reading about Arcade1up review and explore some of the 1up arcade cabinet they have for us.

1) ARCADE1UP Street Fighter 2 – Classic 3-in-1 Home Arcade Cabinet with Licensed Riser

ARCADE1UP Street Fighter 2 - Classic 3-in-1 Home Arcade Cabinet

Brace yourself and go back in time with Arcade 1Up as it brings classic gaming to an age of adrenaline pumping, old-school fun. This is the ideal way to play arcade games in your home, dorm room, or workplace, whether you are a retro enthusiast or curious to check out the hype. Great for when your friends come over.


The two-player joystick/button setup can bring your home or office with the Street Fighter ll Champion Edition arcade experience. The Champion Version of Street Fighter ll is a combination of action, skill, and strategy. It’s crucial to know when your opponent can block, leap, grapple, punch or kick. 

Arcade 1Up arcades are available in different thrilling models, with a custom Arcade1Up branded Riser and coinless operation included within the 5ft tall cabinets. All the consoles display original artwork from popular games of all time. You are looking at countless hours of gaming with a 17-inch full-color monitor paired with the original joystick and control button configuration! It measures and weighs around 45.8” H x 22.75” H x 19” W and 58.5lbs. This arcade machine is clearly lighter than the others. The size on the other hand makes it about 3/4th shorter. 

The fact that the Riser comes with this model makes it a more robust unit to get the feeling that you remember. The device is simple to put together. All you have to do once the game is put together is plug it in and turn it on.


Each screen is a 17-inch LCD mounted firmly on a plate, connected to the control surface by a 20-pin ribbon cable. Considering the decades-old arcade games it shows, it is vivid and crisp, Arcade1Up simply calls “high definition.” with an unspecified resolution. The game range is set in each cabinet, and you can’t add or change the games.

The games come with a volume control switch with three buttons – off, low, and high. The only drawback is that the medium volume is very noisy all by itself. The controls are standard size. There are enough joysticks and buttons in the Mortal Kombat cabinet for two players. A slightly different control configuration is found in the Street Fighter II cabinet. The Mortal Kombat cabinet supports two players, except the joysticks have black ball knobs, and the buttons are grouped in three rows. For both cabinets, the controls for their respective games are accurate.

The Riser is black in colour with the Arcade1Up logo on the front and has four self-tapping screws firmly mounted to the cabinet.


Arcade1Up’s cabinets, or even retro compilation systems like the NES Classic, are not as complex as modern game systems. Arcade1Up is the most accessible and most affordable way to do it if you grew up in the ’80s or’ 90s and longed to get your arcade machine.


  • Includes A Riser
  • Accurate Controls
  • Supports Two Players


  • Can’t Add Or Change Games
  • Very Loud Noise

2) Arcade1UP Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, Street Fighter II: Turbo
ARCADE1UP Street Fighter 2 - Classic 3-in-1 Home Arcade Cabinet

It is a nightmare in modern times to buy and maintain a retro Street Fighter II cabinet from the 90s, but Arcade1Up aims to carry the arcade experience in a way that is the closest we have ever come to owning the real thing.


At just under 4ft, Arcade1Up machines accommodate various classic arcade games, which come with immersive full-color, high-resolution displays, and sounds. The cabinets also mimic the classic design of the arcade joystick and button configuration that you recall. 

This machine has a Depth of 17 CM, Height 121 CM, and Width 64 CM.

Additional add-ons include a stool and Riser for endless hours of gaming, fully equipping users! 


Not just its manageable desk-friendly size was what made Street Fighter II Cabinet so appealing, but its intense attention to detail and overall presentation. With its robust nature, convenient click-clack buttons, and remarkably sharp screen, the device has a quality feeling to it.

The following games are included in Capcom’s Street Fighter II Cabinet: Street Fighter II Championship Version, Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers, Super Street Fighter II Turbo. You would know if you have played with other retro arcade cabinets that the emulation is either hit or miss. 

Although some cabinets on your desk or in your garage may look cool, if the video games themselves don’t play the way they should, then what’s the point? As mentioned above, both Street Fighter II: Championship Edition and Super Street Fighter II Turbo are included in the Street Fighter II edition cabinet. Both games play exceptionally well, and we have never experienced any frame drops or irregular sound and latency problems.


Users of the arcade gaming world find that its assembly saved a lot of time rather than the regular time-consuming items.

Overall, many supporters have seen this product as a perfect source of fun for both family and friends to get together with the greatest comfort for hours of play. We would recommend getting one.


  • Games Play Smoothing
  • Sturdy Control Buttons
  • Zero Latency Problems


  • Expensive relative to the number of games it can play.

3) ARCADE1UP 7433 Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine:

ARCADE1UP 7433 Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine:

This is about as similar you’re going to get to the original, as far as the gameplay comes. This 1Up Arcade cabinet gives the authentic feel of an arcade. This gaming cabinet brings you back to your childhood when, among young people, these arcade games were at their highest peak.


The cabinet art is among the underappreciated features of the Arcade1Up machines. As this is derived from the original Mortal Kombat II cabinet, Raiden graces the sides of the Mortal Kombat cabinet. The Mortal Kombat cabinet is 3/4 size, standing just 4 foot high, just like the entire line of Arcade1Up cabinets. The regular height for the whole line makes it pretty hard to play while standing up. It includes 3 Games in 1- Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat ll, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.


The joystick inputs match the pattern, and all three icons are included in the lower front of the cabinet. It also consists of the top of the Mortal Kombat marquee and one speaker below the screen, which seems louder than other cabinets provided by Arcade1Up. The company also offers a range of attractive branded stools with various cabinets based on designs. It also sells a separate riser for about $50.

The volume control is 3-position instead of a standard volume control like you would be used to. In fact, we were shocked at how loud the speaker is. So never put it in anything but the second position. The volume settings are “off,” “loud,” and “even louder.”

We wish they offered a more comprehensive volume control adjustment. The 17-inch screen on the Arcade1Up cabinet of Mortal Kombat is impressive. It is incredibly bright, and we have not encountered any smearing or other ugly results of ghosting. The retro 1990s graphics look great on the cabinet, with bright colors and a deep red in the pixelated blood.


All in all, Arcade1Up did a heck of a job recreating and getting these games back to the old Mortal Kombat cabinet. As the cabinet is only 4 ‘tall, so consider getting the extra Riser to raise it up to 5’ tall for the machine. The Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat machine is a blast.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Accurate controls.
  • Close resemblance to the original arcade games.


  • Relatively short, a riser is strongly recommended.
  • No way to add or change games.

4) Arcade 1Up – New! Deluxe 12-in-1 Head to Head Cocktail Table with Split Screen Street Fighter & More

Arcade 1Up - New! Deluxe 12-in-1 Head to Head Cocktail Table with Split Screen Street Fighter

 Reminisce the glory days of arcade gaming with arcade1up street fighter 2 machine – Head-to-Head Gaming Table, in the comfort of your own home!

There are antique cocktail cabinets, but they’re typically pretty pricey. Back in the day, they were less popular, so there are fewer of them around. This is the first time Street Fighter cabinet is available as a Head to Head Table with a split screen. You can fight with your mates on the same unit across from each other.


A cocktail arcade cabinet is played sitting; thus, this machine is actually very similar to a real machine in scale. This machine measures 23.63 x 35.67 x 25.2. This arcade comes equipped with 12 Games, which is a steal. Street Fighter is nothing but a non-stop game on Arcade1UP. This gaming table provides the ultimate battling fun with a 17” color LCD screen and two control panels on each side. The epic experience is complemented by dual speakers on either side.

A downside is that It does not come with stools at all. On the other hand, they have given a nice touch by putting a T-moulding on the border around the table level. It looks quite good, and the protector for the acrylic tabletop is very thick as well. The plastic protectors are less dense on the controls, and there’s no T-moulding, but there’s still black tape.


 This Arcade1Up machine provides volume adjustment and on-screen game selection menus that give your player real arcade power. This gaming arcade machine has many options available to its players, with many high-resolution screen displays.

Plug this unit into an AC outlet, and it’s all ready for you. As it completely supports plug and play, there is no need to get into any setups. This computer by Arcade1Up has a coinless operation in addition to that so that you can go straight into the play.

It’s effortless to put the package together; if you’ve ever put IKEA furniture together, you’re pretty familiar with the process.

 Coming to the gameplay, Ghosts’ N Goblins was the first game we tried. On the screen, it looked and sounded great; viewing angles were not an issue. Glare, however, would undoubtedly be a problem; the acrylic protective top is very reflective.

Unlike Street Fighter 2, you play in turns for Ghosts’N’ Goblins. Making the current Player’s side bigger, the gaming table handles this and allows the second player a glimpse of what’s going on. It’s pretty neat because it means you don’t have to look upside-down at your gameplay with your Player It’s pretty neat because it means you don’t have to look upside-down at your gameplay with your Player. Commando on the table is a classic vertical game. It plays fine. As a classic cocktail arcade machine would do, it just flips the screen between players.


All in all, this is a great investment. After all, standup cabinets are massive and only take up space when not in use. Tables are always helpful!


  • Acrylic Tabletop Protector
  • On Screen Game Menu 
  • Good Sound
  • Hi-Res Screen
  • Coinless Operation
  • Volume Adjustment


  • Does Not Include A Stool
  • Reflective Protector, Can Cause Glare

5) Arcade1Up Arcade1Up NBA JAM Home Arcade Machine, 3 Games in 1, 4 Foot Cabinet with 1 Foot Riser – Electronic Games;

Arcade1Up Arcade1Up NBA JAM Home Arcade Machine, 3 Games in 1, 4 Foot Cabinet with 1 Foot Riser

Arcade1Up gets better with each device at what it does. You’ll get lovely matching risers now, better speakers, and a very nice display. But out of all arcades out there, NBA Jam has got the best joysticks and buttons.   


This 1up arcade cabinet measures 45.8” H x 22.75” D x 31” W. It includes a 17’ Hi-Res Screen and a 4 player control deck. They have a Sanwa joystick. The button quality is decent and playable. In the hardware department, the company listened to what people wanted, and it shows. The first thing you can find is the cabinet’s range of games. There’s also NBA Jam: Tournament Version and NBA Hangtime alongside the original NBA Jam. For the most part, they all play the same, but each has exceptional choices, characteristics, and cheats that make them worth trying.


Much like the arcades of old, each game offers captivating gameplay. With the arcade controls built into the cabinet, the game feels just perfect, and the buttons and Sanwa joysticks feel like the real deal. A four player setup is also available, so you can invite your buddies to hop in and jam with you. 

 But if that’s not happening with COVID-19 and all, there’s a neat little choice. Arcade1up has integrated online play into its game with NBA Jam for the first time ever. All you have to do is set up the wireless network (with the cabinet included with the router) and set up the upgrade afterward.

You can click the “LIVE” button on the cabinet once that’s finished, and you will communicate with other players.

Wi-Fi play functions quite breezily, with no problems when it comes to disconnection.


All in all, it can take a little bit of time to install it, particularly with those smaller screws that are dangerous; and the online setup may also take around half an hour or so. But once you’re set, NBA Jam offers Arcade1up’s most pleasing arcade-to-home experience yet.


  • Includes Sanwa Joy Stick
  • Has An Option To Play Online
  • Decent Controls


  • Setup takes some time.

6) Arcade 1Up Marvel Super Heroes At-Home Arcade Machine 4ftArcade 1Up Marvel Super Heroes At-Home Arcade Machine 4ft

The Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet, from Arcade 1Up, has your nerdy back for fans who love retro games and themed arcade boxes as we do. It’s the ideal addition to the irresponsibly broad range of Marvel merchandise for any fan. In a style that wraps around the entire base, the art combines your favorite superheroes and supervillains.


The Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet has an iconic exterior straight out of 1995. With a vibrant picture of Thanos scattered around the side, infinity stones in hand, this arcade cabinet invokes the Marvel Universe. The sharp colors of Thanos and the vastness of space behind him are brought out by the black exterior, creating the arcade cabinet an art piece that draws you in at first glance. It’s a little pricey, running on Arcade 1Ups’ website at $399, but all about the arcade is great for super Marvel fans.

The cabinet is 45.8 inches tall, 19 inches wide, and is 22.75 inches in diameter. The cabinet is simple to assemble like any other 1up arcade cabinet. This computer conveniently connects to an AC socket, which is more convenient for gamers. The screen of the cabinet is crystal clear and in high-quality HD shows off the game. 


This arcade looks excellent, of course, but does the gameplay live up to the glossy exterior? The quick answer is yes. Yes, that does it. There are three games built in the arcade: Marvel Superheroes, Atom’s X-Men Children, and The Punisher.

Plus, it has a complete volume control, so you can decide how much you want your ears to be blasted by 8-bit retro arcade tunes. The Sanwa joysticks and buttons are easy to grasp and very sensitive, a vast upgrade from the past fighting arcades. 


In short, to celebrate Marvel’s 80th anniversary, Arcade 1Up’s Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet features a total of 8,000 parts, three pre-uploaded games, a light-up marquee, Sanwa joysticks and buttons, dual speakers, a Marvel riser for exclusive franchise artwork, a custom cabinet trim, and a Marvel authenticity certificate. What else do you want?


  • Has Sanwa Joysticks and Buttons
  • Crystal Clear HD Quality Screen
  • Connects To An AC Socket
  • Good GamePlay


  • It Is A Little Pricey

7) Arcade1Up Galaga – Classic 2-In-1 Game Home Arcade, 4Ft

Arcade1Up Galaga - Classic 2-In-1 Game Home Arcade, 4Ft

Galaga 1981 is a game that would have been played before by most people reading this. Galaga was initially published in 1981 in Japan. In the Galaxian series, Galaga is the second game that is a first person shooter. The video game pioneer Namco has both released and produced Galaga. It’s a game about clearing the screen of alien ships by shooting them down as quickly as possible, and easily distinguishable shoot them up. The more ships you reach, the more you advance through the 255 levels of the game. 


This 1up arcade cabinet is a 2 in 1 gaming cabinet. This arcade1Up machine gives retro vibes and brings back the vintage style of arcade machine games with a touch of modernization. It is an excellent view of your art or game rooms as well.

This cabinet has a 17 inch LCD display and coinless operation that makes your life easy.


It feels like the genuine throwback it professes to be, outside of a quick labeled boot screen and a custom menu to select the games. In so many cases, it’s a faithful recreation. It looks the part, it sounds the part, but it doesn’t quite hold up in the gameplay department, sadly. Not for hardcore players, at the very least. The 17-inch LCD display is not quite as nostalgia-inducing as an old CRT panel within the cabinet, but the colors pop perfectly. The bold 8-bit music and sound effects roar out of the integrated speakers on the audio front. Everything looks and sounds as it should.

Anyone expecting everything to be arcade precise in these machines was dreaming way too high. In a way that won’t really affect someone who plays intermittently, the controls feel soft and mushy, but someone who is really into Galaga or Galaxian will note instantly. You could ignore this if you’re a beginner.


All we can say is that while Arcade1Up has made a brave attempt to bring back Galaga and Galaxian in all their glory, this replica does not quite fulfill the expectations that hardcore fans are likely to expect. If, however, you’re not as precise and want the arcade feeling without giving up your house’s entire space, then this is your best choice by far.


  • Amazing sound
  • Good Resolution
  • Coinless Operation


  • Not For Hardcore Players
  • Mushy and Soft Controls

8) Arcade1Up Arcade1Up Star Wars Home Arcade Machine, 3 Games in 1, 4 Foot Cabinet with 1 Foot Riser – Electronic Games;

Arcade1Up Arcade1Up Star Wars Home Arcade Machine, 3 Games in 1, 4 Foot Cabinet with 1 Foot Riser

This is the classical one of all 1up arcade cabinets. It is equipped with Star Wars-A New Hope, Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars-Return Of The Jedi as a coinless arcade machine that supports 1-2 players.


The Arcade1Up Star Wars Arcade Cabinet allows you to have three classic Star Wars games in your house in one standalone arcade cabinet. It’s a $499.99 package that includes all three games, with the same kind of flight yoke used by the original cabinets and a riser to raise the cabinet. Arcade 1up really outdid itself with a lighted marquee and better speakers. It is a must have for any fan having space in their home, because of the game pure nostalgic appeal.

The speakers were moved to the top board, providing a much better sound. A much smaller and entirely plastic flight yoke replicated the previous one. 

A 17-inch LCD houses the cabinet. LCDs are brand new, stunning, and consume substantially less energy than others. This Arcade1Up arcade cabinet comes in several colors, such as Star Wars, PAC Man, Marvel Mortal Kombat, and Galaga arcade games.


This computer conveniently connects to an AC socket, which is more convenient for gamers. This 5ft tall machine comes with a riser and dual speakers that add a plus point to the excellent quality audio system.

This item is found to be easily assembled by users, taking about an hour to put together at most. It comes with a deck protector, an easy access guide, and accessible game setting menus, something regular gamers really enjoy.

This computer also has volume levels that are customizable, making it easier for users to play at any volume level they choose. It also has multiplayer controls, so you can enjoy making it a gaming party not just for one but for many players.

The artwork is considered to be highly attractive and intriguing to the eyes, according to games such as Star Wars and Pacman. You should know that LCD games with vector graphics reveal their vulnerability toward classic tube displays.


By designing this 3⁄4 scale recreation, Arcade1Up has been applauded for recreating many childhood memories. Between its sleek architecture and exciting gameplay, the Star Wars cabinet of Arcade1Up deserves a place in your collection.


  • Attractive artwork
  • Customizable Volume Levels
  • Connects To An AC Socket
  • Includes A Riser


  • Takes An Hour To Get Assembled
  • Some Keys Feel Tacky

9) Arcade 1Up Arcade 1Up Space Invaders Countercade Arcade – PC;Mac;Linux;

Arcade 1Up Space Invaders Countercade Arcade - PC

Remember the past days of arcade gaming with Arcade1Up’s Space Invaders at Home Counter-cade in the comfort of your own home!

This arcade machine is designed for those who crave the retro 90’s vibes and are nostalgic. This is the type of Arcade Machine Cabinet that is most appropriate for arcade and home environments, where you have the relaxation of being at home and the excitement of being able to play your favorite classic arcade games on a table top arcade machine. 

But with the heft price tag of $200, will it live up to the mark? 


Bartop arcade machine is a smaller scale arcade machine. If you are in a small room, they can be tucked away or shelved.

At 45.8 inches, or just under four feet tall, this game is smaller than the original. It’s also much lighter, weighing in at only 58.5 pounds.

But everything else about this game is just the way you recall it from years gone by, aside from its size! The original Space Invaders artwork displayed in the cabinet is on this old school game machine, and the black and white game used is similar to the classic arcade version. You’ll see right out of the box that the side art is beautiful. The colors are bright, and it looks like the cabinet of a space invader might look like. On the other hand, the control panel also looks solid and feels good.


It’s completely assembled, saving you from the trouble of installing it alone. The tabletop specifications come with an 8-inch color LCD screen and real-size arcade controls, and coinless operation. The fact that it is a plug-playing arcade machine is another area that makes these machines one of the best arcade games. Gamers do not have to go through any trouble setting up complex instructions or manuals and just need to plug in the console, enjoy this sort of arcade cabinet and get the system started.

The volume adjustable on-screen game selection menu ensures that you enjoy the entire experience. Just like in the original, you use the joystick with the far right button to shift the craft left and right, and shoot. It includes the original arcade ROM, and the gameplay is outstanding.

We think the screen is very small on the downside, and to maximize the experience, it should have been bigger. Also, because they are small, they have only one controller.


These machines, regardless of your age group, offer a very special degree of enjoyment. You can head right into the action by just plugging it in. When it comes to True gamers, they will like a more premium experience of space invaders for the price point, with a much bigger screen to get the most out of it.


  • AC Plug-In
  • Original ROM
  • Good Gameplay
  • Vibrant Colors


  • Includes only 1 Controller
  • Small Screen Size

10) Arcade1UP Countercade18 (Pac-Man)

Arcade1UP Countercade18 (Pac-Man)

You might not be interested in installing and bringing a full-size gaming cabinet into your house, or you just might not have the extra room for another big game. Well, your solution is the Arcade1Up Countercade18 Pac-Man cabinet. It has all the characteristics of the larger arcade game consoles, just a much more compact and lightweight model!


This product is cautiously packed. It measures 18.5 inches H x 12.625 inches D x 11.25 inches. The artwork on the computer is also based on the style of the original Pac-Man artwork. If you’re short on space and want to optimize the area you have available, tabletop units like this one are perfect. And since this table weighs only 14.97 pounds, moving, storing, and transporting it as required is extremely easy.


Although it’s not exactly like the original Pac-Man, this video game comes really similar. When enjoying the easy-to-use buttons, which are heavily inspired by real arcade controls, play both Pac-Man and Pac-Man Plus. Plug this unit into an AC outlet, and it’s all ready for you. As it completely supports plug and play, there is no need for any previous configurations. This computer also has volume levels that are customizable, making it easier for users to play at any volume level they choose. This contains only one controller, similar to the other tabletop arcades, and the screen size should have been larger.

Moreover, it costs a lot to be a tiny version. The price is about the same as some full-size cabinets.


It really is one of the best arcade tables with such high ratings and praises being sung about this machine. It arrives just as advertised, and on every part and piece it brings along with it, it includes the highest quality service.


  • Mimics Original Artwork.
  • Portable 
  • Lightweight


  • Includes Only One Controller

11) ARCADE1UP Classic Cabinet Home Arcade, 4ft (Asteroids)ARCADE1UP Classic Cabinet Home Arcade, 4ft (Asteroids)

We all have experienced the thrill while playing asteroids. A space shooter that challenges your reflex and shooting ability is flying into space and stopping your spacecraft from being struck by asteroids. Take your shots carefully and ask your mates to see who can stay in space the longest.


This cabinet measures 46 x 23 x 19 inches and weighs just 59 pounds. The artwork is eye catching and vivid as it should be. There’s no question the machines at Arcade1Up look fantastic. The only thing that stands in their way of looking original is the height and overall size. The cabinets of Arcade1up are 3/4 the size of the actual arcade cabinets and just 45.8″ wide. Yeah, that’s only a little under 4 feet. This also ensures that the control panel will have less space to play, with the machines being smaller. This unit conveniently connects to an AC socket, which is more convenient for gamers.


Arcade 1 Up Comes with Asteroids and also includes Major Havoc, Tempest, and Lunar Lander. These cabinets are constructed with the right intentions, but we feel that the joystick and buttons are not precisely like real-size arcade machines. The joystick movements are identical, but most of them come with ball tops and can be replaced for around $10.00 with improved bat style ones. Moreover, it has a coinless operation, and the owner can change the volume according to his taste.


In conclusion, for friends and family who love arcade gaming evenings and game challenges, it seems to be the ideal catch. Even though it is a little small, it can be sorted out by using a riser or a stool. Being so lightweight yet sturdy, this is a must-have, not forgetting its 4 in 1 gaming collection.


  • Vibrant ArtWork
  • Coinless Operation
  • 4 In 1 Game Range


  • Small Size
  • It Does Not Include A Riser

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