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Dart is a sports game that appeals to people of all ages and genders. Some people play for fun, while others are passionate about their sport. It’s simple to see why dartboard games are so popular; they’re a fun way to spend time with close friends and family. Dartboard games are enjoyable because they improve your accuracy while also allowing you to communicate with other players simultaneously.

Any person who wants to have fun in his life must play a dart game once. It is the reason we have prepared this guide to help the individuals find the best electronic dart boards for themselves to set up the game at their home and play with their loved ones. There are many different sorts of dart games that anyone can play, and using any dartboard from the following best electronic dartboards can give a whole new experience of fun.

Top 10 Best Electronic Dart Boards For Home Use 2022

Here we have shared the best electronic dart machines with their description and worked along with the defects commonly found in them to get the exact idea of the product.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800Arachnid Cricket Pro 80022.83 x 3.15 x 30.31 inches5 KgCheck Price
Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board SetsFranklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets16 x 2 x 17 inches2 poundsCheck Price
WIN.MAX Electronic Dart BoardWIN.MAX Electronic Dart BoardN/AN/ACheck Price
Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dart BoardFat Cat 727 Electronic Dart BoardN/A2.8 poundsCheck Price
Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 DartboardArachnid Cricket Pro 6506.75 x 23 x 31 inches11.02 poundsCheck Price
Arachnid Cricket Maxx Electronic DartboardArachnid Cricket Maxx Electronic Dartboard27 x 22.5 x 5.5 inches14.3 poundsCheck Price
Fat Cat Mercury Electronic DartboardFat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard24 x 18.5 x 2.6 inches10.85 poundsCheck Price
Viper 777 Electronic DartboardViper 777 Electronic Dartboard22.5 x 1.55 x 19.5 inches6 poundsCheck Price
Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 DartboardArachnid Cricket Pro 45019 x 1 x 19 inches6 poundsCheck Price
Arachnid Reactor Electronic Dart BoardArachnid Reactor Electronic Dart Board17 x 17 x 6 inches3.35 poundsCheck Price


1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 – Top Rated Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is an absolutely attractive and useful electronic dart board that you would want to play and enjoy with your friends. It has micro-thin segment dividers, and the quality is very improved due to the Nylon material which allows it to reduce bounce-outs of the darts. Minimal retraction with low thickness is one of the Pro 800 cricket board’s qualities. For gaming, it has a 15.5-inch enterprise size.

Traditionally, the target colors are red, black, and surface yellow for a classic look only available from Arachnid. By offering a Point Per Dart at the end of each player round, Cricket Pro 800 allows you to better monitor and analyze your game. The user can reach top scores due to square spots that guide dart tips into the board.

We have tested and analyzed these in one of our friend’s homes just to see how is the quality. So that we can recommend you.

According to various reviews and one of our members’ personal experiences, this Dartboard has exceptional durability because of its sensitive sensors’ robust nylon slides, and unrivaled precision. But in some cases, the product does not work. Users have reviewed that Dartboard is stuck on the arachnid welcome message. Some had Error 10 message pop-up, after which they couldn’t do anything.


  • Volume control settings
  • Up to 8 players can play on it
  • There is a sleep mode and reset feature
  • Users have a selectable bullseye


  • Malfunctioning in some cases

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2. Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets (Kid’s Choice)

Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets

It is an electronic dart board that is best suitable for your kids. There are 6 darts included as basic with this Dartboard. You get a tournament-sized playing area with 13.5″ space. It operates with 3 “AAA” batteries along with a digital scoreboard. Even adults can play on this electronically controlled Dartboard. The digital scoreboard has been loaded with 65 different entertaining and exciting games that can be played in various ways.

We have found that many users using these electronic dart machines love their exciting features like a built-in digital scoreboard that automatically counts the score and sound and sound effects for added entertainment. The benefit of using it is that soft tip darts are designed to be child-safe so that both grown-ups and children can enjoy their games. There are six soft-tipped darts, six replacement heads, and a storage cabinet to keep everything together when not in use.

As we have reviewed from many users, we found that this product wasn’t amusing for everyone. Some said that it is a good product in the electronic aspect, but the plastic darts are junk. Sometimes these darts don’t stick to the board, which is another issue for some users. It means that the quality of darts is not very good as they can break after playing an excessive number of games.


  • Large LCD scoring display
  • Voice and sound effects
  • Wall-mount cabinet
  • Up to 90 games variations
  • Easy setup


  • Low-quality darts
  • The board doesn’t hold darts well

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3. WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board (Runner Up)

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

The WIN.MAX Dartboard is an electronic board that comes with an LCD and a set of 12 darts. You also get an AC adapter so that you can play and enjoy games for hours. This Dartboard allows you to play individual games or tournaments all day and night. Everything is displayed electronically via the LED panel, eliminating the need for manual procedures. It doesn’t matter if you’re practicing or just having fun; it brings it to life as if you’re in a competitive situation.

This Dartboard has a great feature: automated audio displays that help coordinate and compete in any dart game. The board is vast, so your darts won’t hit the wall. The design of these darts is very pretty, along with good quality that they don’t break so early. You will enjoy good games when playing darts with your friends on this board. We have seen a lot of reviews of this Dartboard, and several users shared different opinions.

Both the board and the darts are made of great quality materials giving them long-lasting strength. After a few months of use, many inexpensive electronic dartboards will fall short but not this one. It will never happen with the WIN.MAX dartboard if you handle it with care. The darts will not stick to the board for some users, and the board may not properly distribute the darts. It means it isn’t of the greatest quality and would likely fail in a high-use environment.


  • Automated voice announcements
  • High-quality construction
  • Long time running for extended games
  • Good electronic controls and stability


  • Darts are not the best quality
  • The board is not very sticky

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4. Fat Cat 727 – Best Home Electronic Dart Board

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dart Board

The Fat Cat 727 dartboard is another choice to consider as an electronic dartboard at home. It has an automatic LED scoreboard with a cricket display, which will make your cricket games on this board fun. You will never worry about balancing the scoreboard again. There’s no need for the players to sit on the bench because this Dartboard allows 8 players to play games altogether.

One of the team members from our group had the luck to get hands-on with this electronic Dartboard. He loved the simple controls with six buttons that were quick and efficient. There are settings like On/Off, Game, Play/Next, Bounce, and Option are the main options on this board. The color combination is red, green, and cream on a dark black surface. It is good to reduce bounce-outs of the dart and hold them well in the place.

But, no machine is perfect, especially an electronic device. It is one of the coolest dartboards you will find, but it has its flaws. Many people shared bad reviews about this Dartboard that it doesn’t calculate the points correctly. Some have said that it has a very bad quality that doesn’t even last 2 months of use. Even the darts are breaking from the tips in some cases.


  • 100% Composite material made
  • 8 players multiplayer option, including a teamplay feature.
  • Compact 13″ Target Face.
  • Features 18 games with 96 different options


  • Batteries don’t come with the box
  • Low-quality darts
  • Problem with calculation

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5. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 – Best Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Dart Board

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 is a 15.5-inch dartboard for playing games with your friends. Hard nylon parts of this quality product designed exclusively for arachnids can be seen and felt when holding this board. It has good durability and playability. The target area’s classic hues of red, black, and yellow are characteristics of a classic appearance that will make you feel great while playing games. It comes with a lot of features.

When it’s time for the next participants to resume playing the match, the computer will make a ring sound. With enhanced player performance and fewer boring leaps, you get a short interaction and engaging experience. Different players have shared different opinions based on their use of this electronic board. Some had positive experiences while some had really bad ones.

The darts don’t stick well on the board and drop to the ground in some cases. It can be not very pleasant sometimes. Another problem that can be found commonly in this product is that it doesn’t register the correct score. The sound didn’t work for most users, and the board didn’t respond to the buttons.


  • 8 Players can play on it
  • Bounce-Out balancing
  • Solo Play Option
  • Volume Control
  • Dart Storage on Board


  • Incorrect calculation of the score
  • The dartboard is not sticky

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6. Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

This Electronic Dart Board Cabinet Set is an amazing addition to your room. It allows you to play and enjoy various games with steel or soft tip darts. This electronic Dartboard has a 13.5″ target area and can play about 34 games for fun and solo play and a heckler option for the users. The structure of this Dartboard is good, and it’s an excellent fit for the game area due to its integrated wood cabinet doors. It also comes with two sets of soft-tip darts and built-in dart holders.

You will get some great features in this product like Mounted Backlit Cricket Maxx X/O Display, 34 different games, 183 levels, E-Bristle, and more. You can play solo or use the Heckler function. The features like Steel and Soft Tip Darts, Double in/Double out, Reset and Solo Play, and Heckler Function all make it a great choice to consider.

While the features may gain your interest in this product, you may experience some issues with it. We have seen some users complaining about its overall quality and craftsmanship. There are not many other faults that the users commonly find, but you have to be alert about the quality before getting this product in your cart.


  • Dartboard is good
  • Heckler is interesting
  • Big cricket scoreboard
  • Multiple game options


  • Darts don’t stick well inboard
  • Quality is not as good as premium products

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7. Fat Cat Mercury – Good Electronic Dart Board

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dart Board

The Fat Cat Mercury is also one of the best electronic dartboards that you must see. The body of this electronic Dartboard consists of a huge catch ring that surrounds the target face, which gives a good area coverage to protect your walls from any missed darts. With finely built concave segment holes that lock in your strokes, the compact 13.5″ dartboard target area is robust. The ultra-thin spider on the Dartboard allows for tighter shots and covers a larger surface area of landed shots and fewer bounce-outs.

There are some great things to love about this Dartboard which includes features like the board keeps track of all of your throws with its ultra-thin spider and expanded catch ring. It comes with six soft-tip starter darts, mounting hardware, and six extra tips, as well as an AC adaptor for all the customers in a box. After the game, the Point Per Dart and Marks Per Round are shown on a backlit LCD to record the score for games like Cricket and 01.

There are 8 multiplayer choices in this electronic dart machine where everyone can participate in the games equally. But still, this product has some flaws too. The darts don’t stick on the board very well and drop on the floor in some cases. The cabinet doors on this board don’t shut with darts in the dart holder. You will likely experience more bounce-outs on this one than any other dartboards listed here.


  • Top-quality components
  • It comes with six starter soft tip darts and extra darts
  • 28 different games for 8 Players
  • Built-in Cabinet and Storage


  • Bad cabinet door quality
  • More bounce-outs for darts

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8. Viper by GLD Products 777 Electronic Dartboard

Viper by GLD Products 777 Electronic Dartboard

It is a dartboard built with a 15.5″ target area available for every person in the room to take their shots. There are about 43 games that can be played on this one. Many options are given to the players, and to be precise, they get 320 options for 8 players. There are customizable settings for favorite games like 01 or 301 games. Users also choose to play cricket along with its variations freely at home.

Some things truly make this product spectacular for what it offers. It means that users won’t face any difficulty enjoying this electronic Dartboard with games at best. It has an easy-to-use display along with 43 game options. It is incredibly durable, which is a key factor for its quality, and there is also a bilingual voice option that allows Spanish and English language options.

Although it comes with additional accessories like six starter soft tip darts and a throw line measuring tape, there are still some flaws with the battery timing. Most users have found that the display is also not very friendly. Half of the scoreboard is not working in most cases, as one of our team members also witnessed it when he ordered one for himself. It is a serious drawback that may break many hearts of art lovers.


  • 43 different playable games
  • Allows multiplayer games for more users
  • The build quality of the dartboard is very good
  • Bilingual voice option


  • Weird or faulty scoreboard
  • Bad battery timing

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9. Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 – Best Soft Tip Dart Board

Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dart Board

The Cricket Pro 450 is also an electronic dartboard that is flexible with features like 5 multi-color backlit LCDs and 31 different games to play. It comes packed with 6 soft tip darts used for playing games at a regulation-sized 15.5-inch target area. You can easily use this product to play various games with your fellows or family members while enjoying very clear score statistics on the screen.

There are 178 variations in the games, making it a more interesting product to consider. You can easily keep track of cricket games with two separate X/O scoring windows. It comes with two sets of soft tip darts in black and red, and it’s pretty easy to keep track of cricket games. A unique addition with the optional interactive Heckler function can make you keep playing games on this Dartboard most of the time.

Despite its great benefits, we have observed that one dart sticks in the board out of 3 rounds. One of the colleagues kept trying to keep the darts on the board but failed most of the time. It confirms that the Dartboard is not very sticky, due to which most darts fell. It is poorly made, to be honest.


  • Six soft-tip darts
  • 5″ target area with 31 games
  • Active multi-color score window
  • 5 multi-color backlit LCD for scores
  • Interactive Heckler feature


  • The board is not very sticky
  • The dartboard is not of good quality

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10. Arachnid Reactor – Cheap Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid Reactor Electronic Dart Board

The Reactor electronic dartboard by Arachnid is the final product in our list of best electronic dart boards. It comes with an LCD along with cricket scoring displays. It has an E-Bristle target for both Soft Tip Dart and Steel Tip Dart play. The Dartboard has 13.5″ in size of the target area on which all the players can play about 34 games with 183 variations.

There are some great features of this Dartboard like it comes with an LCD monitor, a heckler feature, cricket scoring displays, 8-player scoring, and games with variations for all the players to put you through hours of entertainment. According to our personal experience, it is a reasonably priced product that delivers entertainment and fun, like some premium quality products.

There is some problem with the product, though. It displays wrong numbers, and sometimes the darts don’t stick to the board well. You may find an error or a problem with the scoreboard that displays the number you didn’t hit during the game. Other than these problems, this product has a lot of great reviews by most of the owners.


  • 34 games with 183 variations
  • Solo play and Heckler Feature
  • Door Mounted Backlit Display
  • E-Bristle Target plays Soft Tip and Steel-tip Darts


  • Faulty scoreboard
  • The board is not sticky

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Buying Guide to Choose Best Electronic Dart Boards

Before you decide on choosing the best electronic Dartboard, there are some features that you must consider.


Electronic darts are not intended for a professional competition, so you don’t have to choose a big dartboard. They come in various sizes, smaller than the 18 digits required for lightweight panels. Many electronic boards on the market are approximately 15.5 inches long, which is an ideal size to consider. This size is usually adequate for normal play and can assist with playing darts from a good distance.


Electronic dart scoreboards are more expensive than standard boards, and this is why you can compromise on the durability of the product. These boards are composed of plastic, which helps to lower the weight and boost the board’s longevity. Ensure that you choose a durable quality product in such a case.


Weight is the next consideration while choosing an electronic dartboard. It can make changes to the overall weight of the product. The materials utilized to make these dartboards differ from one manufacturer to the next, which means the quality and materials are different. Most models are plastic, although some are wood, rubber, and metal. Models built of materials like wood or metal are more substantial than plastic sheets.

Dart Quality

If you’re a serious gamer, you want the highest quality darts for your games. The appearance, shape, weight, and design of darts can be a major factors influencing your gaming experience. Beginners should think about the type of darts they wish to use according to their personal preferences.


The battery of the Dartboard determines how much time it can run on the charge for you to play games. Many versions can be plugged into a conventional power outlet; however, some will need to be recharged. Such models come with an adapter to give it charging power. Try to avoid the models that are only powered by battery as this can be a drawback because such batteries drain down quickly.

Number of Players

There is a maximum number of players on most dartboards, and the selection of dartboards will influence the number of players that can play multiplayer simultaneously. There can be up to eight or sixteen players in a game. The price of the dartboards can vary on this factor, but it will also affect your gaming experience. Make sure to choose a dartboard that meets the requirement of the number of players that you have for playing games.

Power Source

It is crucial to consider as electricity is required for electronic dart machines. It power-ups all the features in these boards. Some run on electricity, while others run on batteries. If the board requires AC power, you need to carry the appropriate power adapter for the Dartboard. The AC dartboard should work perfectly if you can easily mount it near a wall outlet.


Branding is a feature that can assist you in selecting the best Dartboard for your needs at a reasonable price and quality. Well-known brands frequently produce the greatest quality dartboards. While uncommon manufacturers can produce excellent dartboards, locating them might be difficult. To be safe, choose a brand known for producing high quality electronic dartboards.

Light and Sound Effects

Lights and sound effects are a magnificent expansion to each electronic Dartboard. Conventional dartboards don’t have sound or light features, but the dart pounding into the board is magnificent. A few dartboards have sounds that alert you and are intended to come on when you are playing at times. Essentially, electronic dart machines’ light and audio effects make the game more exciting to play.

LCD or LED Display

Electric dart boards have LCD or LED displays for showing players details about their scores. It is always best to go for an LED display in such a case. The LED show tones are more lively, making it simpler to read scores and see the game info from a distance. Some modern LEDs can even change the tones and colors for showing scores, players, and other game information, so you should choose a fancy design.



It was a detailed review of the best electronic dartboards to buy. We have listed the top rated digital dartboards that can be used as a part-time game at your home or office to get your mind refreshed. The list shows a detailed review of some of the top rated electronic dartboards to find in the market today. These products have been top-rated for their features to the users.

Recommended by Our Team

Considering all of the above-listed products, we would recommend WIN.MAX electronic dartboard and Franklin Sports electronic dartboard for the best cricket games to enjoy. These products are very reliable and can be used for long-term purposes.

Best Selling Electronic Dart Board

If you want to get the best-selling product, then Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 has the highest rating, and it is one of the top-rated products that we would recommend for you.

Best Budget Friendly Electronic Dart Board

If you want a budget friendly and low cost electronic dartboard that can do the work for you, then we would recommend the Viper 777 dartboard for you. It is low cost, but it gives all the inexpensive dartboard features. All the other listings are something you can consider buying for your kids or your family because they are also worth it. For more details, you can see faqs.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is an electronic dartboard?

An electronic dartboard is a game that is played with soft darts. It’s based on a regulation-size target area that calculates and displays the score on a screen each time a person hits the target with a dart.


Which electronic Dartboard is best?

One of the best electronic dartboards is from Arachnid, and it’s called the Cricket Pro 800.


What size is a regulation electronic dartboard?

The most common regulation-sized electronic Dartboard is 15.5″.


What dart boards do professionals use?

Bristle Dart Boards are used in professional competitions. A professional dartboard is Winmau Blade 5 and Barrington Collection Bristle Dart Board.


How far away should you be from a dartboard?

You should be about 7 feet and 9 inches away from a dartboard while throwing your darts. In some cases, the distance is about 8 feet to throw the darts.


What is the Most Popular Dart Game?

Cricket is considered the most popular one when it comes to dart games. A player must score on each number in this game using three singles, double and a single, or simply going for a triple.


Are electronic dartboards fun to use?

Electronic dartboards are one of the best sources of entertainment if you have friends who can visit you and play games with you together. Make sure you choose the best and high quality product that can last longer without breaking or falling apart.