Tips or buying Used Arcade Game Machines

Arcade machines in this day and age are sort of a rare and forgotten commodity. They have lived their glory days and are now just a few and far between. Enthusiasts or collectors still own them and you can also find these at bowling alleys or at active arcades. Most of us have run into arcade machines when we were kids and we probably loved the time we spent, playing games on such machines. You might have wondered what it would like to feel to actually play such a machine at home.

For the complete gaming setup, or for your man cave, you decide that you want to have one of these vintage gaming arcades. It would be a fun addition to your collection. You would also find these quite enjoyable to use in the company of friends and family.

Arcade machines come in many different shapes and sizes. They also come with different features and the choice or choices of games that are offered are different every time. This article hopes to guide users on which kind of arcade machine one should buy according to his needs and budget.

Common Types

There are many common kinds of arcade machine and if you should choose what kind of machine you should get instead of ignorantly settling for just the one that was available. Some of you may not be aware of all the different choices you have in this category.

  • Single Game machines

As the name suggests, these arcades only have the option of a single game. These are really old school, go back to about the 1980s and can be considered the very first models. You get the choice of only a single game to play. These are the classics, kind of a collector item. These might be quite hard to find.

Classic kind of games can be fighting games, or Pac man and some shooting games in various different forms.

  • Car Racing game machines

Another form of arcade games is probably one of its most popular forms. The ability to virtually play racing games with a steering and gear shift etc is a very unique and indescribable feeling. These games also sometimes come with a seat as well. These can come in one or two-player screen setups. The later obviously occupying more space due to two screens and two driving setups.

  • Other Driving game machines

Apart from car racing you also get games in the form of driving. One of them was a very popular Taxi driver game. Other games such as motorbike racing games and truck or van driving simulators are also an option.

  • Dancing Machines

My personal opinion is that the dancing arcade games are those which have kind of survived the time shift. People still find this super fun and you can see kids, grownups, and anyone really using such a machine at conventions, arcades, or even some bowling alleys. They can come in one or two-player screen setups. And these also probably take up slightly more space.

  • Shooting

Shooting games are one of the most popular gaming genres in any form of gaming. This is the case here as well, with the option to play shooting games based on zombie killing or even war set up games. This is also a very fun option considering you get to shoot at stuff with a gun, pew pew pew. Naturally, as arcade games go you get multiplayer options on almost all games; some games however also allow side by side real-time multi-playing with two screens and two gun setups.

  • Guitar Hero

Another classic option is based on musical instruments, the most famous of which is definitely the guitar hero. A much-loved option across all ages, and for those who have played this game you will find them to be really amusing.

  • Multi-Game Machine

The most sought after option might be a multi-game machine for most users. Such machines come with many classic arcade games in one arcade. These became much common later on when single game arcades were going out of favor. These come in the form of kiosks and were released much later than the original arcades. You can get even 100s of games on some kiosks.

There are other kinds of arcades as well, the user should and ahs to determine on his own what he prefers among them. Once he has found the option he wants he can go to the next step.

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Things to consider

We listed the above choice so the user can formulate an opinion of a machine he will intend to use and a machine that will interest him. So, naturally, it is to be noted that buying an arcade that you will use over one that is available should be taken into consideration. There is no point in getting a machine you or your friends or family will never use. So think carefully about what may be enjoyable in the long run.

You should always inspect the arcade machine to the best of your ability. Try playing the game on it for a while before making a judgment about it. See that it runs right, if its screen is fine and whether or not the controls work as they should do so.

Don’t spend too much on such a product. The biggest reason for that is that you will be using this machine sparingly and perhaps an even bigger reason is that these will mostly be quite old (some are newer). The arcades might have used up most of their lifespan. It is not entirely unlikely that they could malfunction or stop working pretty soon. So think long about buying a machine as such and the amount you are willing to spend.

If you do decide to buy one of these machines, remember that they are heavy, moving them around is a tiresome task. Determine if you have the necessary space for your kind of arcade machine. Therefore, moving the machine should not be done too many times and should be done with the help of someone. Get a friend, to load and unload this to your home, if you decide to buy it personally instead of through online delivery.

Where you can buy from

The most common place to buy such machines is online, from classified ads on websites. Where individuals post their product and you can go inspect it and buy it from them. Conditioning of individually used machines can be better than those you find elsewhere, so this is a good place to start at. The price can also be higher, but you can also negotiate with your mind’s content.

Other buying places could be retail stores or old gaming stores. Some still keep some of these machines to sell them on. The machines you find here are most heavily used. So, you need to inspect carefully before making a decision.

Some old arcades might be willing to sell you their machines as well for probably higher prices. If you are after a specific machine that you couldn’t find elsewhere or if this way is just easier for you, you can get them this way.

After buying one of the arcade machines you decided on after thorough research and effort. The only thing left to do is to hook it up to your gaming room, lounge, or your “man cave” and enjoy the fun with friends, family, or sometimes even with the fantastic company of one’s own self.

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