Arcade Stick Grips – Ultimate Guide To Holding Arcade Fighting Sticks

Arcade Stick Grips - Ultimate Guide To Holding Arcade Fighting Sticks

Holding an arcade stick correctly is integral to playing games with precision and speed. Arcade stick grips are an essential part of arcade machine games. This guide will discuss the best fightstick grips for those wondering how to hold arcade fighting sticks and play arcade games like a pro. What are Arcade Fighting Sticks? Arcade … Read more

Tips To Buy Wholesale Arcade Machines

wholesale arcade machines

Arcades might be the first instance a person comes in contact with video games. It is the case for a majority of people. As was the case with me, I was in awe of the possibilities that games could open for me. It was a feeling beyond what words could describe. Even in this day … Read more

Lai Shida Arcade Game Joystick PXN-0082

Lai Shida Arcade Game Joystick PXN-0082

I came into contact with game consoles earlier. At that time, only the FC game consoles were brought back by my father on a business trip were not so many game consoles now, and computers were rare. Cassettes for game consoles are also very rare. I cannot remember when it started. There were suddenly many … Read more

In Japan, No Game Over for Arcades Games

No Game Over for Arcades Games

Immersion in one of the many arcade games in Tokyo to understand how these “game centers” of the 1980s still exist in Japan in 2022. Music at maximum volume has escaped from electronic item stores. Dozens of signs were proudly displaying the inscription “Tax-free shop.” Advertising signs ask do you want some, competing in size … Read more

The Return of the Arcade Game Stick

Arcade Game Stick

Some things transcend the change in times and the trends that come with that. One such “thing” is the arcade game stick. While the significant era of arcades and arcade machines might have passed, one thing that has persevered is the arcade stick. In some way, shape, or form, it still by large exists today. … Read more

Tips for Buying Used Arcade Game Machines

used arcade game machines

Arcade machines in this day and age are a rare and forgotten commodity. They have lived their glory days and are now just a few and far between. Enthusiasts or collectors still own them, and you can also find these at bowling alleys or active arcades. Most of us had run into arcade machines when … Read more