Tips To Buy Wholesale Arcade Machines

Arcades might be the first instance a person comes in contact with video games. This is the case for a majority of people. As was the case with me, I was in awe of the possibilities that games could open for me. It was a feeling beyond what words could describe. Even in this day and age you find arcades in almost every city although admittedly their popularity has drastically declined. That could be due to changing times but also due to change in owner’s motivation to keep such a thing going.

Speaking of owner’s, you have decided to own arcade machines and have made up your mind to buy them wholesale or otherwise. We will aim to help you setup your new arcade setup, so you can make the best of what you have and also provide a good time to future customers. There are many things to consider which we will address and naturally if this is your first time buying arcade machines or setting up arcades, some things you will learn as you go along on your own.


The first thing you have to do comes way before the buying stage. You must research the arcades in your area. The reason for this is simple, you can get an idea of the amount of customers to expect and they way to run the setup. Apart from that, the direct advantage this will give you is that you will find out what that particular arcade is doing wrong and how you can do better.

Moving on to the arcade machines themselves, you must figure out what type of games the customers are genuinely drawn to. No reason buying an arcade machine that won’t be used. Too many arcades have machines that are useless because the game or games they offer are not lucrative. Figure out what the player base will like and note down the many kinds of games that will be useful.

Types of Arcade Machines and Games

Second thing to keep in mind is that there are a plethora of games and they come in many different kinds of types, shapes and sizes as regards to the physical aspect of the arcade machines themselves. Various types are:

  • Interactive Arcade games

These kinds of games were popular before but especially now. They have kind of survived the change in times slightly better than the rest of arcade machines because they involve direct interaction. Games like dance off and maybe even guitar hero are very important to have in an arcade setup.

  • Pinball

This is one of the old age classics. Not a lot to do with virtual games, even if it does come in that form. Pinball machine is a must. Everyone can relate to one of these, and more importantly everyone can play these.

  • Claw or Crane

These arcade machines are those frustrating kind, where you try to lift out a teddy bear with a claw, sometimes or most of the times the thing would fail and not only do you lose the teddy but also the round. This is a must. This kind of machine will attract kids and parents alike. Kids will force the parents to get them the teddy, whereas the parent will have to drag the toy out.

  • Standard Arcade Video Games

The big variety of games that you will have to acquire will have to be the standard video arcades. The ones which usually have a joystick and many buttons to go with its screen. This is the largest variety and it will offer the most amount of choices. Choosing which kind of games will be imperative. The more attractive games like Street Fighter or Pac-man are examples of such setups. You can and should also look to get racing simulators and gun games as well.

  • Reward or Redemption Based

The final type we cover is the arcade game type which revolves around reward or redemption basis. The more you win the more you can keep playing or the more you win you are rewarded with more game tokens. There can be different kinds of rewards associated with such games. Whack-a-mole is one of the most famous and loved among these kinds of games.

Allocate Space

All arcade cabinet machines are sort of different in shapes and sizes. An interactive game such as dance off will occupy much more space than say a standard video game arcade machine. It is very important to allocate space effectively and efficiently. You will have to make space for as many arcade machines as possible while also leaving enough space so it does not get crowded when customers arrive.

Choice of NEW and Used Arcade Machine

Arcade machines can be bought both as new and used. Most people can buy them used as this way you can save a lot of cash. These arcade machines are generally very durable and with due care you can easily find one or many of them in good condition.

If you have the cash to spare you can go for new ones.

Customer Base

You can setup an arcade for kinds, families, teens and even slightly older people. Key here is knowing what you are targeting. After conducting research as to the kind of customer you will target, make sure your setup accommodate that. You can go for a particular theme as well, get equipment and furniture accordingly. The games you keep will also have to be keeping in view your customer base.

After you have done enough research over all of the above and have carefully formulated a picture of what you need in your mind, you can proceed to the next step. This is the actual first step towards your own arcade. You will need to visit Arcade shops, arcade machine dealers and also research online.

All of this is to find out the price of arcade cabinet machines, whether or not you get discounts at wholesale rates and how much. This is a negotiating process, so having good skills for this part can save you a lot of cash.

You should know how many arcade machines you want what kinds of arcade machines and be able to tell your demands to the dealer/seller. Most sellers will allow you to deal with them on credit basis; this is helpful as you can get the arcade machines without even having to pay right up. You can also get credit incentive as you could receive special discounts on early payment etc.

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