How tall are arcade machines?

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Average arcade machines come in all different shapes and sizes, but how tall are arcade machines on average? How much space do you need to have in your home or office?

In this blog post, we will take a look at how tall arcade machines are, as well as how much space you need to have.

We will also discuss some of the most popular & modern arcade games and how much they weigh. So, if you’re curious about how tall arcade machines are, read on!

The average size of an arcade machine

Arcade cabinets are usually made of wood and metal. As far as arcade machine dimensions are concerned, they are about six feet or two meters tall.

The control panel is set perpendicular to the monitor, which is at waist level or a little higher. The average weight of an arcade machine is about 200 pounds or 90 kilograms.

The most popular gamesHow tall are arcade machines

Some of the most popular games from the 1980s are Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, and Space Invaders.

These classics weigh in at around 150 pounds or 68 kilograms. Newer machines, such as those from the 1990s and early 2000s, can weigh up to 350 pounds or 158 kilograms.

How much space do you need for an arcade machine?

You will need at least a six-foot by eight-foot (two-meter by two and a half meter) room to fit an average-sized arcade machine. If you want a larger machine, you will need an even bigger room.

For example, a machine that is eight feet tall (two and a half meters) and four feet wide (one and a half meters) would require a ten-foot by twelve-foot (three-meter by three and a half meters) room.

As you can see, arcade game machines come in all different sizes. If you’re interested in owning one, make sure you have enough space in your home or office!

Types of Arcade Cabinets

Modern Arcade cabinet types vary in height. Stand-up video game machines or Upright cabinets are the tallest, while cocktail and sit-down cabinets are shorter. The average Pac-Man arcade machine is about five feet tall. How tall an arcade machine depends on the type of cabinet and game.

How tall are arcade machines

  1. Upright Cabinets are the most common type of arcade machine. They can range from four to seven feet tall. The majority of classic games, like Pac-Man, were released in upright cabinets.
  2. Cocktail Cabinets are shorter than upright cabinets, averaging two to five feet tall. These cabinets were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. They are best suited for two-player games.
  3. Sit-down Cabinets are the shortest type of arcade machine, averaging three feet tall. They are designed for one or two players to sit while playing the game. Racing games are often released in sit-down cabinets.

Different types of games are better suited for different cabinet types. For example, racing games are usually released in sit-down arcade games so that players can be seated while playing. Classic games like Pac-Man are often released in upright cabinets. The height of the best multicade machine is determined by the type of cabinet and game.

You can play games on these different arcade cabinets today at game centers space invaders, Pacman machine, and many other multiple games.

How tall are Arcade1up arcade game machines?

Arcade1up machines come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s tough to give a definitive answer. Arcade cabinet dimensions depend on the arcade1up cabinet model as well. However, most arcade machines are around six feet tall, give or take a few inches.

The detailed size or standard arcade cabinet dimensions are about 116 cm in arcade cabinet height × 58 cm in depth × 48 cm in width, weighing about 28.6 kg.

How much does a full size arcade game machine cost?

A full size arcade cabinet or Commercial classic arcade games can range in price from $1,500-$29,000. The cost of the game can be recovered over time through the use of coin mechanisms, dollar bill acceptors, or card scanners.

A game that is popular and well-made can generate income for years. Recoup the cost of the arcade game machine through ongoing play.

Cost also depends on arcade game dimensions & arcade cabinet measurements and also depends on which model you are interested in.