X Arcade Tankstick – Everything You Need to Know

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Do you want to relive the classic arcade life? The one where you race off to arcade gaming studios and have extremely intense battles with your close friends/family.

If your answer is YES, you got to get your hands on the exclusive “X Arcade Tankstick” with trackball and enjoy thousands of classic games like Pac-man. This blog post will cover x arcade tank stick and its use.

Arcade machines have been around for decades. However, it is a more recent addition to the gaming world that has gained popularity in the last few years.

It allows players to feel like they are sitting inside an arcade machine while playing their favourite retro games from yesteryear.

This article covers everything you need about x arcade tank stick!

Features of X Arcade Tank Stick

Location of Trackball (a standard 3D Button Mouse)

This controller is unique from the Dual Joystick in that its trackball is located right at the centre of it. It allows easy access to thousands of the best arcade machines.

It works just like any other stranded mouse.

Level of Accuracy

The accuracy level of sticks and trackball is phenomenal, like playing an arcade machine game.

Lifetime Warranty

The controller weighs about 20 lbs and 30 inches, big enough for two players to have a smooth gaming experience.

It is made with stripped parts of an arcade game machine and is as sturdy as one controller. Moreover, it also comes with a bonus of a lifetime warranty.


Double Left/Right Pinball Flipper Buttons.

Enjoy Thousands of Classic Arcade Games

Not one, not 100, not 1000 but thousands of classic games are available to play and relive your favourite ones.

X-Arcade Tankstick includes 18 full versions of arcade games, 12 Atari Classic for the PC & 6 complete versions of Midway Titles such as Rampage, Gauntlet, and Joust.


  • 100% Compatibility with any operating system: This arcade-based true controller is 100% compatible with “ANY OPERATING SYSTEM”; Mac, PC, laptop, or any computer sitting at your place.
  • Compatibility of 100% with all Windows Versions.
  • All Emulators & Front Ends are 100% Compatible.
  • X-Arcade Tankstick is also compatible with Mac.
  • 100% Compatible with MAMEtm (multi-purpose emulation framework)
  • Accurate Precision

What is an X-Arcade Tankstick?

It is an arcade-style video game controller with a trackball and double Left/Right Buttons set, compatible with most emulators to enjoy all the arcade classics. It is a device that plugs into the back of an x arcade machine.

An x arcade machine is just like any other computer, but you use your hands on joysticks and buttons instead of using a keyboard and mouse to control it.

The x arcade tank stick converts signals from these input devices into x arcade machine signals. These sticks are typically used to play x retro games but can also be used with x new releases!

Measuring 30” from side to side and packed with 20 LBS of heavy-duty industrial-grade materials, it is a real arcade console built to last. We back up its bulletproof physique with a Lifetime Warranty.

You can connect your game systems quickly and enjoy arcade-style play on all your favourite next-generation titles.

X Arcade Tankstick Cabinet

X arcade tank stick cabinets are a popular option for the gaming world. This arcade machine features an x-shaped hole at the bottom where players can insert their game cartridge to play it on the screen mounted in front of them.

These game consoles are ideal if you’re looking for more variety, such as retro arcade machines & cabinets.

These cabinets are a great way to get your game on and are affordable too! For the best prices, you can find x arcade tanks at many retailer locations or online.

When you buy an x arcade tank stick cabinet, you’ll also need x arcade tanks to go with it. These cabinets are perfect for your family and friends to enjoy retro games or keep up-to-date on new releases!


X-Arcade Tankstick is a high-quality arcade-style video game controller that provides an immersive and nostalgic gaming experience.

With its unique features, such as a trackball, double left/right buttons, and compatibility with various operating systems and emulators, this device allows players to enjoy thousands of classic arcade games.

Its sturdy construction and lifetime warranty make it a worthwhile investment for gaming enthusiasts who want to relive the classic arcade life.