How to Clean Foosball Table Rods – A Maintenance Guide [2023]

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Are you struggling with how to clean foosball table rods? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this cleaning process guide, we will go over how to maintain your foosball table and its rods for them to last a long time. The first step is usually to start: cleaning the table itself.

Foosball tables are tabletop games with goalposts at opposite ends and slots in the middle for the players’ rods (also called “hockey sticks” or “shin pads”) to go through. The player slides their rod down the slot, trying to get it past the goalie player on the other end, who tries to block them by slapping the ball away with a wooden paddle attached to a long pole.

Foosball table parts may include goalposts, side guards, balls, and rods. But for now, we will talk about foosball table rods only and how to clean these rods.

Foosball Table Rods

Foosball table rods are the long poles that players use to hit the ball across the table to score points. The rods are usually made of metal but can sometimes be made from wood. They come in different lengths depending on the player’s height.

If your rod is too short for you, or if it is metal and you need a replacement because it may have become warped or bent over time, then try buying these foosball table rods.


Foosball Table Maintenance

Clean Foosball Table

First, wipe down the table’s surface with a damp cloth or rag until dry. Next, use an eraser and remove any dirt from around the edges of the playing field and under all player holes where crumbs can get stuck in between each hole’s edge (this includes both sides). Finally, wipe down with another wet rag or towel until it dries.

Clean Foosball Table Rods

Now let’s talk about how to clean the rods. After you have cleaned off all of the dirt from your table’s surface and edges with a damp cloth or rag, it is time to start cleaning each rod individually. First, take out any balls currently on the playing field since they can fall through gaps between rods if not removed beforehand.

Rub Rod Surface

Then, turn the rod over, so the metal end is facing down, and use a Q-tip to apply some rubbing alcohol onto the cotton swab. Rub the entire surface of the rod until it becomes wet and shiny. It will also help remove rust from rods and avoid rusting in the future. Finally, let it air dry for a few minutes before replacing any balls on the field and playing again.

Lubricate Foosball Rods

To lubricate your foosball rods, you will need a silicone spray. You can find this at most hardware & sporting goods stores. Follow the instructions on the can to apply a light coat of silicone spray to each rod. It will help keep them sliding smoothly in the table slots.

Keep Foosball Table Bearings Clean

Foosball table bearings are the metal pieces that go between the rods and the player’s handles to allow the rods to spin. They provide an important function in foosball tournament tables, often having table-quality bearings. So keep them clean as well, which will help to improve the movement of foosball table rods.



Foosball tables are fun for friends and family to play with, but they can also be frustrating when dirt builds up on the rods. Luckily cleaning a foosball table is not as difficult as you might think! This cleaning guide has given you all the information necessary to clean your table and its rods.

So it is important to keep your foosball table rods clean and shiny so that they can move and use smoothly.


Frequently Asked Questions


After how long do you have to clean foosball table rods?

There is no set time frame for how often you should clean your foosball rods, but it is good that you do so every few months or so. However, if the rods become noticeably dirty or greasy, then it is best to clean them as soon as possible. Rod cleaning kits are available online and at most foosball table retailers.

What is the best way to clean a foosball tabletop?

While it may not be necessary, cleaning your tabletop will help remove any debris accumulated over time and keep it looking fresh. To do so:

  • Mix up warm soapy water in a bucket or spray bottle.
  • Dampen a cloth with the mixture and wipe down the table.
  • Repeat as needed, then use a dry cloth to soak up any excess moisture.

You can also try cleaning with a mild degreaser or distilled white vinegar diluted in water. As always, be sure that all of your tools are clean before starting work on your foosball tabletop!

Why do you have to Use Silicone for cleaning Foosball Rods?

It would be best to use Silicone to clean your Foosball rods as it forms a protective barrier that won’t let dirt and dust stick to the metal. It also makes the cleaning process much more perfect. Plus, it’s a natural lubricant that will help keep your rods moving smoothly.

What are the rods called in foosball?

They are called hockey sticks, but from the in-game point of view, they are known according to the formation same as in football. The rods which are near the goal they called 3 or 1 man goalie rods. There are other rods, like 2 men defensive rod, 5 man midfielder rod, and 3 man offensive rod.