Best Bubble Hockey Tables Reviews for 2023

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Are you looking for the best bubble hockey tables which are superior in quality and features over the others? Have you searched the internet for hours and not found the table that ticks all corners of your criteria?

If so, worry no more because we have got you covered. Bubble hockey is a fun game you can enjoy with friends and family. However, finding the best dome hockey table to meet your requirements and budget is crucial.

Before getting your hands on a bubble hockey table, know that not all tables are created equally. Some of the tables are superior to the others with their unique features and functionality, thus elevating them over the others.

Before writing this masterpiece review, we have peeked around various models, considering the weight, size, price, scoring system, and many other table features.

After thoroughly researching many bubble hockey tables, we have compiled a list of the best brands. To help you more regarding the product, we have sourced thorough information and a pros and cons list.

Top 5 Best Bubble Hockey Tables

1. Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table

Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table

This wear-resistant best dome hockey table is a perfect addon to your gaming collection. Though expensive, its high quality built makes it last forever.

The scoring unit effectively tracks the score and lets you celebrate each goal with glory. The table requires a 4AA battery to run, and it automatically shuts down after the end of the third period.

Besides that, it has a plastic dome on the top that is also break-resistant. The internal slip clutch prevents binding and shearing during gameplay. All players on the hockey table are realistically painted, making the game fun to play. The company offers three color options for optimal optimization.

Another added feature of this vintage bubble hockey table is the cup holders that make it easy to place your drinks securely while playing the tournament. The company offers 1 year of extended warranty that allows users to claim replacement upon any table damage. It is a high-rated bubble hockey table that would intensify your gaming experience and let you have a great time with family and friends.

  • It offers 1 year of extensive warranty.
  • The table has sturdy built.
  • It comes in three color options.
  • Some customers complained about the player’s durability.

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2. Carrom Signature Stick Hockey – Leg Base

Carrom Signature Stick Hockey - Leg Base

This hockey table comes with a heavy miter fold that is black chrome plated. Moreover, this table has leg levelers for simple and accurate leveling.

The table has many aspects that make it a durable and longer-lasting option than other bubble hockey tables in the online marketplace.

Each corner of the table is covered with protective caps making the gameplay manageable for the players. Besides that, slide-on drink holders are attached to both ends of the table, which allows you to place your drinks during the match. Besides that, the tyrene surface of the table supports faster passing and shooting, making the game enjoyable throughout the session.

The entire table is battery operated; therefore, you can hear cheerful sounds upon each goal. Besides that, there are lights inside the dome, giving better visibility to the players, and the scoring unit is also automatic. The overall measurement of this table is 58 x 51 x 33.75 inches (W x H x D). The weight is estimated to be 159 pounds.

  • It is a high-quality product.
  • The measurement and weight make it weight for the basement.
  • It has sturdy built.
  • The bubble hockey table is expensive.

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3. Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table

Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table

This bubble air hockey table offers 2:1 moves to the players, meaning players only must turn the rod to the middle to push the player around.

The rods are great on the wrists and guarantee that players won’t be hurt when playing the bubble hockey game.

When I saw this in my relative’s house, I found it attractive. When I started playing, it was a good and entertaining experience.

With rods in the player’s feet, it’s easy to analyze how it won’t be damaged during gameplay and that the tournament can last for a long time. The electronic scoring is side-mounted and offers infrared scoring that ensures accuracy and reliability. Besides that, the nylon bush in the rods moves and controls conveniently for the players.

The measurement of this table is 36 x 52 x 51.75 inches. The overall weight of the table is estimated to be about 280 pounds. The overall gaming experience of the game is highly rated because the rod in this table has an ergonomic design that flips the player to 360 degrees with a simple flick of the wrist. Overall, it is a product worth purchasing.

  • It is sturdy.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • The table has an infrared scoring system.
  • The bubble top hockey game is more expensive than others on the list.

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4. Hathaway Breakaway Dome Hockey Table, Blue

Hathaway Breakaway Dome Hockey Table, Blue

With a dimension of 41 x 52 x 36 inches and a weight of 145 pounds, this handy hockey table is all you need for your rec room. The table’s surface is sturdy and smooth-paced, offering hassle-free hockey gameplay.

The hockey table game with dome has a poly-sealed construction with a high-gloss finish making it aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. It is one of the best cheap bubble hockey tables on the market.

The pucks are designed not to stop working at any point, giving way to a professional gaming environment. ABS material is used for body construction and is tightly connected to the rods.

Besides that, the outer side of the game is hand-painted and gives off a shiny look. Players also praise the easy-grip handle style, making the gaming experience much better and smoother.

Moreover, the rods are chrome-plated and help maintain the figure balance while moving on the playing field. The bubble hockey table contains a nylon bush design that offers a powerful impact with a pacing rod playing action.

Besides that, the LED scoring system in the table updates players with the current score of the session. Moreover, the company proposes 3 months of an extended warranty, allowing players to claim company assistance in case of damage.

  • It offers swift-moving gaming figures.
  • LED scoring system.
  • It has easy-grip handles.
  • It is very tricky to assemble.

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5. Shelti Slapshot Bubble Hockey Table

Shelti Slapshot Bubble Hockey Table

The Shelti Breakout dome hockey arcade game table is the best-selling product in the online marketplace. It is equipped with cutting-edge tubular-shaped rods as well as nylon bushings.

The Ergonomic Design of the rods and bushing offer smoother pull action. The dome is created from unbreakable material and does not scratch or chip.

The producer included fast-action players and swift-moving rods for the design. Rods are closer to the bottom of the table than the company’s other models. That lets the players make a 360-degree turn with every player. Still, it requires a 180-degree handle turn to make it easier to control than other models.

The table also has an electric scoring system installed on the corner of the table. You can also hear sound effects activated when a goal is scored. Besides, the table has four sturdy legs instead of a pedestal base. Lastly, the weight of the table is estimated to be 280 pounds. As it has more extensive measurements, it might take up larger space, making it unsuitable for narrow and small living spaces.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • It is unsuitable for small spaces.

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Buyer’s Guide For Best Bubble Hockey Tables

When choosing a new bubble hockey table, users must find a good-built product with features that increase the gaming experience and a design that works for the available space.

However, suppose you’re not acquainted with this air hockey table. In that case, you’ll understand the various aspects to look for and how these tables function.

Scoring System

The manufacturer provides a couple of choices for the scoring system, such as electronic or manual. When it comes to electronic scoring systems, the players experience more accessible gameplay.

They can keep accurate track of the score. Models with such scoring systems are more expensive than the alternate system. On the other hand, manual scoring systems permit the players to track the game closely.

With this scoring system, the Carrom Bubble hockey table is inexpensive, but you may find it hard to stay on top of score changes if you indulge in a game.

Playing Surface

One of the essential characteristics of any hockey table is the playing surface quality. A sleek surface offers the puck to glide around the table. However, gaming tables crafted of high-quality materials may charge more but are intended for swift playing action.

Unlike a traditional air hockey table, the dome does not contain a perforated surface or a robust blower system. As a result, air moves through the holes in the surface.

With the absence of a blower system, players can notice that the hockey tables are cheaper and easy to maintain.

Timer and Sound Effects

The bubble hockey machine contains an electronic scoring system that might also offer a timing feature that calculates and tells every player about the time they consume to make the shot.

These bubble hockey tables may also offer unique sound effects activated when the goal is scored.


It is crucial to consider the dimension of the dome air hockey table. Because the table is heavy, you need a lot of space to accommodate the table. Therefore, before you seal the deal for a table, ensure the available space in your home.

Players need to evaluate an extra two to three feet of space on each table end. The carrom stick tables come in various sizes, ranging from kid-friendly models to full-sized tables that you can find at a local arcade.

Design and Durability

Whenever you purchase any gaming table, robustness is an essential factor. The hockey tables take much beating during use, so players should buy one that has tough built and contains premium materials.

Tables made from poor-quality board material are affordable but do not last.


The domes are one of the features that make this table unique. However, if you buy a low-quality table, you get a dome prone to scratches and marks.

Find a table with a dome made from a chip and scratch-resistant material.


Bubble hockey tables are costly. However, most of them are constructed like tanks and can withstand heavy use over a long period.

Make sure that you set aside extra money because many models from brands sell the model in thousands of dollars.



The best bubble hockey table provides players with an entirely new way to enjoy one of their favorite sports. Even loyal air hockey fans love playing on a table hybrid of foosball and air hockey.

Although it can take some practice to learn how to play this game, you’ll be hooked once you try. Learn about the 5 fantastic bubble hockey tables available in the marketplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do tables with an electronic system need to be plugged in?

No, the scoring system gets current from the battery that can be replaced with a new one once the charge end. The rest of the bubble hockey game is played manually.

How do I look after a bubble hockey table?

Clean the hockey table every week if you are a regular player. Use alcohol and a washing cloth to remove dirt, debris, and germs from the bubble hockey table. The table is very sturdy and does not wear down quickly.

Can I change the players on the bubble hockey table?

The hockey players are attached to the rod with screws; therefore, you need to unscrew the players. Once unscrewed, you can replace it with new players. Usually, upon purchase, the company gives extra players in case of damage.

What size bubble hockey table should I buy?

This factor largely depends on the space available at your house. If you live in a large home, purchase a more extensive model as it would allow you to have ample space for movement and storage. However, if your assigned room is small, purchase an easy-to-adjust table.

What is a full-size bubble hockey table?

The average measurement of a full-size hockey table is estimated to be about 53 inches in width, 38 inches in length, and 17 inches in depth. The full-size bubble hockey is highly capacious and heavyweight with additional features.

How heavy is a bubble hockey table?

The average bubble hockey table weighs between 130 pounds and 280 pounds. Each manufacturer offers various models with different weigh and dimensions of the table.

How do you resurface a bubble hockey table?

You can use the sandpaper method to resurface the carrom hockey table. The instruction comes in the guidebook available for each table model.

How long do bubble hockey tables last?

As bubble hockey tables are well-built, they can last for years without breaking, chipping, or scratching. Take good care of the table and clean it regularly to make it last.